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  1. 2.5c in Tenby now and heavy sleet. Looks like a lot of precip to come. With the cold air digging back in and some evap cooling this could turn out alright... Sent home from school at 1.30pm... Pembs CC call... let's see if it was the right one.
  2. Not holding out much hope for SW coastal areas... already 4c in Milford/Tenby/Angle (Met O)... -7c in mid-Wales. Temp forecast to drop later in day as the cold air kicks back in but doubt it'll be enough for any laying snow in this area. I'll be very happy just to see some of the white stuff falling from the sky. Looks like central southern Wales should do quite well out of this. Good luck all.
  3. Heavy snow here atm. Beginning to settle again.
  4. Great webcam for Pembs folk... https://www.folly-farm.co.uk/webcams/giraffe-webcam And you might get to see a giraffe. Win/win.
  5. Probably The Valleys. Again. Actually, looks like that could be the stuff for SW England.
  6. Yes- very different to Meto predictive radar; much more widespread and sig. further north.
  7. Moderate settling snow here. Nothing for years then two snow events in a couple of weeks: incredible!
  8. Just driven through moderate snow shower between New Hedges-Kilgetty-Templeton... 2.5c there. Awesome! Few flakes blowing around in the wind in Tenby, bit of rain too. Bit warmer down by the sea, 3.5c here.
  9. Spot on in this location last time... when many models showed a sig. reduction in precipitation for SW Wales, HIRLAM was correct in showing significant and prolonged snowfall. GFS precip also very accurate from a couple of days out. Now the EURO4, that was miles out for here!
  10. HIRLAM model pretty keen on bringing some snow across S Wales on both Sat and Sunday... https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/hirlam.php?ech=19&mode=1&map=400 Found this model to be very accurate for this location a couple of weeks ago... Crazy weather for the time of year... Spring is going to feel amazing when/if it ever arrives!
  11. Snowing at Rosebush in The Preselis this afternoon. Sleet/wet snow Kilgetty just now. 2.5c and raining in Tenby. Weird up The Preselis: mainly green apart from 5/6ft drifts down every hedge!
  12. Yes- Tenby a sweet-spot for snow! Not often you can say you went sledging on The Green, waded through snow drifts on Lower Frog Street and skied through the fields to New Hedges! Now roll-on spring proper.
  13. Guess so. Still at/below freezing here... the icicles have stopped dripping!
  14. Hammering it down in Tenby, again... Proper big, old-fashioned flakes, too!
  15. Moderate snow now in Tenby. That stuff to the south of Pembs has backed eastwards and seems to be looking to link with the precip over The Valleys. It's just sticking straight to the coating of ice everything is still under! Awesome SPRING weather!
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