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  1. SussexmarkyMark

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    You beat me to it! Very, very weird !
  2. Light snow falling in this part of Brighton
  3. Ah. You're about 4 miles west of me. That probably accounts for it
  4. Where in Brighton are you? Still dry here
  5. The most today? Really?. We had a short period of moderate snow in this part of Brighton, giving an additional covering at about 7 this morning
  6. I'm very close to the seafront in Brighton. Not seen a flake in the last hour. The wind however is strengthening. Radar seems to show no northwards movement to the precipitation to the south of Brighton in the last half hour.
  7. But I think that is forecast to move north towards Devon and Dorset, hence the warnings down there. East and North Kent will probably continue to do well as the front interacts with the easterly wind. Will also probably drive snow towards London. Not much at all for most of Sussex.
  8. Pretty much stopped here on the coast. Is that it for the day? Looks like the usual parts of Kent are having it a bit heavier
  9. I'm not expecting very much, unless this front re-invigorates itself. Most of the yellows and greens have gone, and back-edge approaching south coast.
  10. SussexmarkyMark

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    And apparently they are going to show hourly forecasts for 14 days hence.....
  11. SussexmarkyMark

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    I note that one of the 'improvements' the BBC are offering is a new online 14 day forecast. Having followed the models on websites like this for the last 20 years, and seen how inaccurate forecasting becomes beyond about 5 days, I think they're asking for trouble, as people will start complaining about poor forecasting.
  12. And starting to settle on cars and flower beds
  13. SussexmarkyMark

    Model Output Discussion - 1st February Onwards 12z--->

    Ah yes, it brings back memories of spending the night of the 11th March 2013 in my car on the M23, north of Brighton. I'm not expecting that quantity of snowfall tomorrow, but the charts as posted by Dr Astro above, do suggest a risk of some sort of snowfall.
  14. Although the weather type radar is showing as rain/sleet .....
  15. I don't post on here very often these days, because my technical knowledge is not sufficient to enter into conversations with those who use complex reasoning to justify why they believe certain outcomes are more likely. I prefer to look at charts in a more simplistic way which often seems to be the best way to see what the most likely outcome is. Whilst many have used the charts to justify talk of unstable northerlies, complex features and polar lows, bringing the risk of heavy snow and not just the 'wishbone' effect, with very low temperatures, the more simplistic view suggested that for many this wintery spell would not bring anything significant. For many over a large swathe of Southern England, we're still waiting for the bitterly cold weather to kick in. Firstly we were told it was going to happen on Thursday - temperatures were around 5 or 6 in many areas - then we were told it's going to be Sunday - here are today's forecast maxima from GFS: Once the cold is 'set in', the forecast maxima are as follows: And then we have this for the end of the week: So, this chilly period of weather, initially accentuated by the wind, remains pretty much as it is now for many areas, and there doesn't seem much chance of any significant snowfall either. I'm sure further north it has been colder and there has been lying snow, although how much to widespread low-lying areas, I don't know, and indeed there has been the occasional light covering down here, but if overnight snow, doesn't even make it to lunchtime, with daytime temperatures of 4 or 5c, it's hardly a major cold event and the outlook for this coming week just looks like more of the same to me