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  1. Latest update from the Us Hurricane Centre ... close to our shores! https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?start#contents
  2. Who said there was not enough Cape for tonight ? Amazing prolonged lightening... several strikes a second really special storm we are witnessing Sussex coast is ablaze !!
  3. Amazing sight of spectacular lightening and low thunder over the sea from Hastings .... non stop flashing !
  4. Constant lightening and low thunder viewed from Hastings pier more intense over to Bexhill .. amazing!!!
  5. Not even a decent storm to look forward too.......... what happened to the Met Office warnings for the next few days ? High pressure falls in next week so no exciting stuff!
  6. Looks like we are in for some inclement weather over the next 4 days even Met warnings ... strong winds and moderate rain ... Anyone interested ?
  7. I am a really big fan of the Met Office but mid term forecast say 15 days out has been abysmal (forget 30 days out really no clue the which is fair enough ) ...... despite huge increases in computing technology they failed to pick up serious movement of low pressure systems pouring out of North America to skittle any chance of HLB
  8. Heavy sleet in Oxted 0.5c but wet wet wet ............ shame must have come close to some settling snow
  9. Patchy rain so far this pm ... pathetic snow cover in East Surrey .. all mushing away ...1.8c
  10. Amber warning suddenly gone for the South West and Wales ..... the radar is showing the main band heading east?
  11. oh no massive dump of rain around Oxted... flash flooding thunder and lightening very .............. hope the Godstone beer festival is still on
  12. Hi all Mizzle stuff all day .. settled on the hills above Godstone ... hope for a reasonable fall overnight!
  13. The Radar now shows that huge mass heading North to SW England and pivoting west ...looks like only glancing blow to the west of our region .....pressure has plummeted maybe we can get showers...
  14. Sorry that little snow action has happened to the West of our region ,,,,,, we have had around 5-8cm on the Kent/ Surrey border ,,, local school in Godstone shut for the day ,,,, now looks like our NE streamer has run out of gas .. suspect that snow activity will be light this evening and overnight ...
  15. Oh Dear ... that have lost the plot on the Muddlers thread ..... only takes a few to ruin it all I have had enough but still interesting week ahead ...
  16. I cannot believe the Met Office have taken off the wind warning for tonight's low pressure system ,,, we are still expected to get severe Gales with 50 mph gusts .. They were determined not to give it a name as well.... not sure of their reasons
  17. Weather warning from the Met Office for Monday in the south must be due today as well .... looks a very potent storm indeed
  18. Well, the Met Office just updated yellow warnings for the East and South East right up to Wednesday maybe our cold spell still has some legs…!!
  19. Very muted in our forum today… media and met office forecasts are really underwhelming .. seems to be some local light sleet and snow to come but naff all of any significance to come in the next 4 days .. Its grim up North though!
  20. Loooking at the Met Office pressure chart for saturday ,the troughs and the strong North winds seem to be to the west of the UK ,, welcome views on thIs set up uphttp://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/surface-pressure/#?tab=surfacePressureColour&fcTime=1422662400
  21. Temps slowly rising here in Godstone Surrey @2.5c… dew point a little to high,,,
  22. The week ahead weather forecast was to stay cold but looked very much like rain events to our south although it could be marginal at times ..
  23. Wow…. now that is a set up….. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/surface-pressure/#?tab=surfacePressureColour&fcTime=1419638400
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