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  1. Agree ..just seen  the Matt Hugo tweet,, some back peddling indeed!  ..it seems the Greenland block forecast has weakened and the jet will not be diving so south .. seems to me that the  so called dead Atlantic is alive and kicking ..I would avoid the Model thread as there is much mass slicing of the wrists!! .. they never learn that showing charts even 7 days out is pointless waste of time 

    In  a way I am glad ..the last dagger we need  as a Country is a spell of wintry weather as we battle to get so many people vaccinated .... 

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  2. Yep its all gone the shape of the pear in the MAD thread ... the latest UKMO run and their  extended forecast has put a dagger into the chance of any severe wintry weather  certainly in the next two weeks.. the obsession with SSW is most peculiar ..not sure most of them  understand how it works ...not he banker it was supposed to be!1 ..back to climatology

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Mapantz said:

    45 minutes ago, forecast says 47mph between 9pm and 10pm. It's now updated and dropped to 41mph. To be fair, it isn't that bad, but as I said before, it seems to drop by quite a margin as each hour passes by.

    It was showing 68mph just a few days ago. That's dropped to 63mph, around 3am. I'll wager a bet that I don't get above 50?! :santa-emoji:

    Highest gust so far is 37mph.

    I will have a bet that you get well over 50 mph... still on it'd way and its packing a punch!!!..£1?

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  4. The model thread is now full of useless clueless know it all 's ... whats happened to all the Pro's who gave solid guidance and advice regardless of the type of weather .sorry some are still there such as JH and Nick ....John must hold his head in despair!! The potential flooding and heavy rain forecast this week  barely gets a mention 

    The coldaphiles and some of the constant posters need their own thread 

    I am done !




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  5. Oh Dear ! The model thread has really imploded There is a collective throwing in of the towel almost to a man and woman ...the scandi high yet again smashed up by the Atlantic has led to mass hysteria

    personally I like to enjoy all types of weather and model watching but the coldaphiles have ruined the thread  

    Anyway I shall enjoy the rain and mild  sw winds ! 

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