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  1. The latest Met office forecast does bring a degree of marginality on where the border between snow and rain for Sunday is.... South East of the South East!......hence Mr Murrs concern ....I think!
  2. watch the Met Office 10day trend ... now they do know what they are talking about
  3. Well the most balanced view I have heard today .... excellent summary and explains all the options and of course the fine margins but all to play for
  4. I suggest you all view the Met Office 10 day video that has just come out ..as usual very balanced ...cold for sure from Sunday for us ..how much snow?...of course depends on fine margins ...a relieve from the madness engulfing the model thread!!
  5. agree not sure why we in the SE have a yellow warning for rain tomorrow as it looks mostly dry albeit drizzle ...we are set yet again to miss all the action .. maybe just as well as we roll out the vaccine programme..maybe the METO know differently over the BBC ECM
  6. I am surprised and amazed that the posters in this thread seem to have no interest in the weather over the next 3 days ..it looks certain now we will be having a major weather event in terms of rainfall and potential flooding I would have expected lots of worried posters interpreting the charts.. but no still chasing fantasy cold events 8-10 days away ....
  7. Really disappointing from BBC for the SE weekly weather update .. we miss all the rain action this week then we go into a drought from next weekend onwards !
  8. I have just watched the Met Office 10 day trend video ... great explanation and charts of the atmosphere... still a strong chance of wintry weather next depending on the dip of the jet stream ...so much more clarity than some of the stuff on the MOD chart ..I swear if I see another day 10 chart with BOOM on it I will kick the cat!
  9. Agree ..just seen the Matt Hugo tweet,, some back peddling indeed! ..it seems the Greenland block forecast has weakened and the jet will not be diving so south .. seems to me that the so called dead Atlantic is alive and kicking ..I would avoid the Model thread as there is much mass slicing of the wrists!! .. they never learn that showing charts even 7 days out is pointless waste of time In a way I am glad ..the last dagger we need as a Country is a spell of wintry weather as we battle to get so many people vaccinated ....
  10. Yep its all gone the shape of the pear in the MAD thread ... the latest UKMO run and their extended forecast has put a dagger into the chance of any severe wintry weather certainly in the next two weeks.. the obsession with SSW is most peculiar ..not sure most of them understand how it works ...not he banker it was supposed to be!1 ..back to climatology
  11. Lost the will live oops sorry to weather watch the models !! I'll come back next Monday to see if the uppers have got colder ....I think Mr Murr has chucked the towel in again ....... 10 day met trend video is so disappointing ....cold rain from the East!!!
  12. Thanks Paul ..looks like the SE is not back in the hunt for Snow for the next 5 days ... the forecast for a NE flow tends to favour our region although some on the MOD thread suggesting the uppers are still to warm but some say its looking good........waiting the updated forecast from the Met with interest Enjoy the seasonal feel ..its lovely outside
  13. Very disappointing to see that little feature dive into France and miss us completely .. never seem to go the other way !Agree with other posters hard to see what the next snow chance arises ..as usual they think its in the next 5-7 days in the Model thread .. so I will keep my eyes open .Media forecasts are playing snow chances down as well
  14. A very 'what mega cold spell'? appraisal from John Holmes .....nothing super cold or extreme just normal winter fare ..the model thread is sure starting to wobble ...again !
  15. I will have a bet that you get well over 50 mph... still on it'd way and its packing a punch!!!..£1?
  16. Storm Bella will smash into SE England tomorrow night between 12-3am .. massive dangerous storm ..amber warning from the Met Office ..will be the weather rstoury of the year
  17. Just thinking that this thread is so obsessive about cold it failed to notice a major storm about to hit our shores ....discuss
  18. Some talk on here about the Met Office and conspiry theorys to cover up the true weather that be coming.. what a load of rot . remember they are a commercial outfit and make a great deal of money offering detailed forecasts to all sorts of organisations
  19. The model thread is now full of useless clueless know it all 's ... whats happened to all the Pro's who gave solid guidance and advice regardless of the type of weather .sorry some are still there such as JH and Nick ....John must hold his head in despair!! The potential flooding and heavy rain forecast this week barely gets a mention The coldaphiles and some of the constant posters need their own thread I am done !
  20. Oh Dear ! The model thread has really imploded There is a collective throwing in of the towel almost to a man and woman ...the scandi high yet again smashed up by the Atlantic has led to mass hysteria personally I like to enjoy all types of weather and model watching but the coldaphiles have ruined the thread Anyway I shall enjoy the rain and mild sw winds !
  21. Oh My Dear Met Office had did you fail to forecast one of the wettest March days in a long time ... been stuck on the A22 at Caterham the main storm drain has blown into the road .chaos
  22. Wow take a look at your Barometers my has plunged to 983 in less than two hours ........there be a storm coming ..there be !! So why has this one not got a name ? reckon we may see an Amber warning soon?
  23. wow the storm moving fast in a NE direction ..we just got a glancing blow in East Surrey.....
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