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  1. Another huge but quite quick storm in Yeovil! Swear lightning has been going on all night though...
  2. Has been pretty horrendous for the last hour or so here in Yeovil. Torrential rain, loads of lightning and massive crashes of thunder. Still rumbling and flashing now...think more is heading this way as I type. Stay safe all x
  3. Constant lightning, loud crCks of thunder and quite heavy bursts of rain here in Yeovil now!
  4. Lots of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder coming up from the south right now...feeling very warm and it's very still in Yeovil! Think we are in for a rough couple of hours...stay safe x
  5. Evening...what's my chances seeing anything in Yeovil tonight or tomorrow please? It's been very warm this evening and the wind is blowing well with a warm feel to it...
  6. Currently very dark coming in toward Yeovil from the south...a few flashes of lightning and rumbles can be heard too...nothing showing up on any radars though! Starting to rain a little too..
  7. Any chances of Yeovil, South Somerset seeing any storms later?
  8. Absolutely hammering it down here in Sherborne...winds howling around the house and garden too... Heading to weymouth tomorrow to get some pics. Stay safe all x
  9. Awful here in Sherborne. Popped outto get something from the carboot and as I opened the boot door the wind came underneath and nearly knocked me out! Stay safe all x
  10. The sirens have sounded in Portland...Chiswell Beach! About10pm this evening I think...
  11. Wow...at about 4.45am this morning was woken up by torrential rain, horrendous wind and very loud thunder and lightning...lasted a few minutes! Never seen or heard anything like it!
  12. Anyone here know what the weather will be like in Ash, Somerset on Saturday afternoon/evening please...family get together for bonfire, fireworks, chilli, jacket spuds, hot dogs and hot chocolate! About 30 going!
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