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  1. Griff, I've been confused for the last 13 years on this forum.... Appreciate the input btw.. 👍
  2. Or he maybe he's Darren Bett's love child?? ?? (Only joking) Merry Christmas, thanks to everyone who spends the time writing some really interesting and informative posts.
  3. Absolutely! low visibility, high winds, towering cumulus and snow... plenty of... Brest Metar: LFRB 011130Z AUTO 05016KT 1800 1400 R25/P2000 R07/1500U SN BR OVC007/// ///TCU M01/M02 Q0987 TEMPO 1200 SN OVC006 BECMG 06015G25KT
  4. Soz, Just asked our 'in house' forecaster as to what she thought of the GFS and its output.. This is her response: 'It’s tricky regarding the uncertainty, there are some signs that the GM is perhaps the outlier to the majority of other solutions at the minute for later in the week, hence some of the uncertainty! The GM wants to fragment the ppn moving NE across SE England through Friday and it’s this which is slightly at odds with other output so at the minute the chief has been making modifications to GM output, but like I said still a few days out.' Anyway, back to
  5. Probably been posted before, but gives a great visual perspective. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/10hPa/orthographic=27.36,52.67,157 P
  6. I’m supposed to be landing an A320 in Belfast on Monday night. Timing wise, do we have any estimate? Cheers
  7. On our A320's we say a tonne of fuel per half hour of holding. Not much fuel used in the descent (N1's back at idle), starts to drink it when in the hold. A fairly heavy aircraft won't be thrown around like an empty A320, which can sometimes feel like flying a crisp packet on a windy day!
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