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  1. GFS upgraded winds this evening for our area, although some other models not making so much of it. Also lots of rain to come.
  2. Looking nasty for areas of Yorkshire and Wales due to rain from Dennis. Also now looks likely most areas will see some very strong winds at times. From County Durham down to north of London, wind gusts could touch on 70mph inland. Later on overnight the southwest could get a pummelling with another round of severe gales transferring east across the southern England.
  3. There’s still an Amber warning for rain in the southeast on Sunday. I think Wales looks to be worst affected - 100-120mm possible over the hills and Wales will also get the strongest winds, gusting 70-80mph along the coast and over the hills.
  4. It’s been amber since yesterday, they haven’t updated again so far today
  5. Like this from latest GFS up to Sunday evening?
  6. The winds aren’t going to be the main story - 60mph max inland and 70-75mph on the coast is standard winter storm territory. The rain may well prove more significant in flood prone areas simply because of the amount of rain we’ve had all autumn and winter.
  7. Dennis - although it’s all originating from the same area of low pressure throwing off other lows.
  8. No doubt it’s a monster storm...... out in the Atlantic. Standing by what I said on page 1 - nothing too out of the ordinary for us in winter.
  9. Really don’t get the Met’s decisions sometimes. Yes there’s higher confidence for this spell of windy weather at the weekend but it doesn’t look like anything exceptional, yet we’ve been warned 4 days in advance. Compare that with other storms that are named at the last minute, or not named at all... some of them have packed a real punch. I know they do a difficult job and it’s hard to get the balance right but I am surprised by some of their decisions.
  10. I was in Pocklington, East Yorkshire when the squall went through. It was insane... easily the most impressive I’ve seen. Rain sideways, visibility truly shocking. Afterwards, the run-off from the hills left a torrent through the streets. Quite extraordinary as weather events go.
  11. There’s been a lot of focus on the wind for this event but it looks like the rain and flooding will be a problem too. River levels responding rapidly in flood prone areas - e.g. Hebden Bridge.
  12. Getting very breezy out there now and rain just started lashing on the windows. Time to try and get some sleep!
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