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  1. Looks like Hull is about to get pasted. Know how difficult it is to get snow there so enjoy it folks!
  2. Just being clipped by the batch of heavy snow coming off the moors. Great start to the day.
  3. Only a few miles down the road from @vizzy2004 but here there’s a patchy covering that’s struggling to cling on and we have sleet in all but the heaviest bursts of activity. Lots of dripping noises off the roof too. Was great to watch in the early hours when the heavy stuff was falling and sticking.
  4. I stand corrected. Proper heavy snow shower just now. Time for bed (maybe)!
  5. Had a light shower of graupel here so far - seems to be the best we can manage these days. Got the faintest of coverings out of it though
  6. Haha same, I'm at work tonight, finish at 3am so might do a little snow hunt depending on what's going on then
  7. Latest Met Office video forecast looks decent for overnight with showers piling in off the North Sea...
  8. 6z Euro4 is a bit better overnight and tomorrow for snow accumulations over a wider area........
  9. Good luck to all of you down there, nice to see you getting some excitement from the amber warning! Best we've managed where I am is the tiniest of dustings so far this year so I reckon you'll easily beat us later today. Enjoy - particularly those of you who very rarely get the white stuff!
  10. The app is showing snow overnight for me and the text states "wintry showers" overnight and tomorrow. They also have a yellow warning out for snow and ice stretching down the east coast. What's your location?
  11. Latest Hirlam out to 1am looking good for showers in most parts of our region overnight.... Looks like anything falling overnight will be snow. Then tomorrow there's potential for increased shower activity but this becomes less wintry with snow confined to hills by the end of the day - if Hirlam is correct:
  12. Got down to -6.0c here, coldest night of the winter. Models looking good for some overnight showers heading in from the coast, might be our first proper chance of a decent covering.
  13. I think you've made a good case - we'll let you stay! -2.4c here now, gradual downward trend continuing over the last few hours.
  14. It used to be the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire thread didn't it, if I remember rightly? Or was it Yorkshire and NE England?..... I guess you'll never be able to do a split that works perfectly but living in the eastern half of our region I enjoy reading the snow reports from W Yorks (although often get a tad jealous!)
  15. Should just be the Yorkshire thread - I think we're big enough to deserve our own!
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