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  1. This is my view over to the northwest (Thirsk direction). Very dark and angry in the distance.
  2. Think the southern end of it is just going to clip/miss me as it pulls away north!
  3. We had a brief storm last night that developed out of nowhere and brought torrential rain and a few big rumbles. Then I got woken up about 1am by flashes from a storm which was way up off the coast of Teesside but I could see it lighting the clouds up from all the way over here, quite impressive. Here's hoping for more fun and games today!
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if it sparks off more activity to the west of it as it moves northwards, you may get lucky
  5. Yep, looking on the radar appears to be developing on the western side
  6. Looks like you're in the firing line for the area developing to the west of the current cell that's heading north, Pit. Not so much of a bust now? ?
  7. Cell sparked off around Nottingham area, hopefully a sign of more to come later this afternoon
  8. GFS upgraded winds this evening for our area, although some other models not making so much of it. Also lots of rain to come.
  9. Looking nasty for areas of Yorkshire and Wales due to rain from Dennis. Also now looks likely most areas will see some very strong winds at times. From County Durham down to north of London, wind gusts could touch on 70mph inland. Later on overnight the southwest could get a pummelling with another round of severe gales transferring east across the southern England.
  10. There’s still an Amber warning for rain in the southeast on Sunday. I think Wales looks to be worst affected - 100-120mm possible over the hills and Wales will also get the strongest winds, gusting 70-80mph along the coast and over the hills.
  11. It’s been amber since yesterday, they haven’t updated again so far today
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