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  1. Cold Winter

    Storm Diana - 27th & 28th

    Arpege is known to over-do winds a little but what concerns me is the difference from the previous run to this one coming out now, which suggests max gusts ~120km/h (=75mph) across a large swathe of inland England and Wales... and it’s happening in the middle of the day. Could be some disruption.
  2. Cold Winter

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Gust of 86mph in the last hour at Capel Curig, Wales. Not unusual for there but think it's the strongest gust on land so far.
  3. Cold Winter

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Very breezy out there this afternoon, blowing the potted plants about and all the leaves coming down are making it look very autumnal. Nice weather if you don't have to go out in it!
  4. My hunch is that the Saturday/Sunday system will edge steadily southwards on the models, ending up affecting Northern France & the south coast - but that's only based on similar things which have happened before. Remains to be seen how strong it'll be - anything varying from very weak to very powerful looks on the cards at the moment, but again, I'd be surprised if the GFS isn't over-doing it somewhat.
  5. Yes, looks like it on satellite. Hopefully a decent evening before then.
  6. Had a belter of a shower half an hour or so ago, and now another setting in. Drifting during it, with poor visibility... think it was almost worthy of the ‘b’ word!!
  7. Looks like I’m about to hit the dry spot
  8. Radar looking good now. Somehow I still manage to be in line for the slightly lighter stuff, but glad I’m close enough to the coast to get some. Hoping it carries on this way (or better) through the night!
  9. The beast needs to roar otherwise I think he’ll need to be put down at this rate. Had around 8cm this morning. Can see it physically melting away in places. If it stays sunny for most of the afternoon I doubt there’ll be much left!
  10. What fell here earlier seems to be melting fairly rapidly. Not surprised given that the sun is a bit stronger by the end of February.... though I am surprised that given the severe depth of cold we apparently have, it’s happening as quick as it is.
  11. Didn’t do well overnight, around 1-2cm at most. Then got a really beefy shower an hour or two ago, quickly followed by another, and now the grass is covered and there’s about 8cm on solid surfaces! Perfect start to the day.
  12. Love the way people pin all hopes on the Look North forecast. Unfortunately it’s not updated to include latest radar so isn’t going to be 100% accurate in this scenario. If you look at the radar now, it all seems further west, so areas likely to be worst affected include central/western parts of North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. it is possible that it could pep up a bit on the eastern side, which is what I’m hoping for, otherwise I’ll be disappointed!
  13. If you haven’t noticed they are slightly busy at the moment. Expect they’re leaving tomorrow’s amber warning update until this afternoon so they have more model data. Would be very surprised if it’s not at least updated before tomorrow.
  14. Yes it does seem to be rather ahead of schedule!!
  15. There is falling and lying snow for Yorkshire on the ICON 12z .