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  1. Local fields still very wet small becks still full and running fast and that blasted wind non stop again not gusts just constant blowing feels colder today
  2. In Normanton West Yorkshire virtually no rain at all today so far not getting over the tops
  3. Meant to say ask any thoughts on the rain timing tomorrow?
  4. Hello Chester zoo tomorrow with the bin lids any ideas on weather expectations tomorrow please? Looking at BBC showing rain early doors!!
  5. Northern England not doing much better to be honest 1 fall of snow since March 2018 BFTE and that went overnight (W York’s)
  6. Very windy and pretty wet over the tops, pretty much no lying snow anywhere on route, a bit on the tops between Huddersfield and Halifax, a couple of very heavy hail / sleet temps around Oc
  7. Oh well driving to Burnley am tomorrow so may see some of the white stuff over the tops!!
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