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  1. No offence Don you were giving up earlier in the week, throwing the towel in! Models are fed information as are all computers is it not the weather that has been poor?
  2. Watching the showers North / North East coming in dying is hard work I'm following the ones from the Middlesbrough / Thirsk / York line and they just run out of ppn
  3. my eyes still seem to show NE/SW but even so still traveling over more land so yes dying out
  4. ha ha no point never get snow that deep here (R8 looked good through the snow) saved a fortune with my BMW rear wheel drive (dreading some proper snow)
  5. Radar showing showers turning back to Snow (reds) from Sleet (greens) Lets hope they really get going as temps have started dropping back down again and give us a bit of a covering for tomorrow morning at least
  6. just had my first decent shower as per the radar.... PANTS .......waste of time temps to warm now, maybe later on tonight but to warm and no strength second decent shower, heavier and longer but still PANTS
  7. Nearly of yesterday's and last night's dusting of snow has gone, last of the icicles on the shed nearly dripped to death Still awaiting first decent shower, again going back to yesterday's weather that's a winters day, not today for me!!
  8. Not as cold as yesterday, no fog today Bit of a dusting overnight everywhere white
  9. That is pretty much exactly what I have said above to a degree I meant to say any showers in the North Sea (not just the ones in the NE currently) I was looking more at the overall direction they would come into Yorkshire Also noticed a few popping up south of Lincolnshire just need them to fill in between the 2 area's
  10. I will be keeping an eye on the showers going into the North East at present They seem to be moving slightly SE to NW If the low down South starts pivoting the angle of the shower should change with the flow to E to W then NE to SW coming in from the North Sea I think the above is correct in my view, please if wrong let me know help me out!!??
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