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  1. If you think you may dislike someone....walk a mile in their shoes...if you still believe they're a git, at least you're a mile away...and have their shoes. 

  2. lol....good on you mate..saved a few pennies there .....so happy me team went up...financial ruin awaited failure imho.
  3. They go into hibernation Arty......search inside haystacks ..you'd be amazed how many banterinos fall out..... bit like anything I say ....tell mods I said anything and a cluster will appear like the Spanish inquisition lol ...this time I only started a hurrah for QPR winning a thrilling final .....first post in months...got closed lol....there's a thread for championship winners apparently that I missed ............maybe I need to change my toad avatar.
  4. wasn't that keen on having a celebratory conclusion of season thread closed ..heyhoo ..obey the pedantic and simply say.. yay ...here ..pffffffffffffft nick Must have had a bet on Derby hehehe
  5. It's Thursday,poor day...everyone cheers Friday but today I'll cheer for good old Thursday.

  6. Thought I saw a UFO today..watched it for ages...when I got up to find the camera I realised it was a ladybird on the outside of the window :(

  7. The search for PG tips continues......

  8. Bless the inventor of aircon

  9. chillin' is on the billin'

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