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  1. Nothing in the forecast for Northants yet again so giving up on this winter now for any snow round these parts. Congrats to those that got more than their fair share this year enjoy it whilst you can before it all melts next week. Won't be follwoing this forum anymore. Take care and stay safe.
  2. Warming up on Sunday all the snow will be gone across the whole Midlands by Monday/Tuesday it's time for a reset in any case
  3. One of the crappiest winters so far for these parts absolutely load of crap
  4. Looks like nope - still swearing all for Northants again what a surprise we get the rain though when forecast you can guarantee that
  5. Sod all in Northants nothing all season. Some of you lot should be more grateful for what you had rather than whining that you didn't get a top up!
  6. Load of crap for Northants (yet again like last year) complete non event and to make matters worse all we got was rain
  7. Sod all in Northants both yesterday and today. Usual story though, we were in the amber warning zone yesterday too.
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