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  1. GFS has been preety accurate recently, so I am hoping it's right this time too! Sorry storm lovers, give me a blizzard anyday.
  2. No notable warmth here yesterday with a top temp of 20.5C. Last night was mild though at 13.0C. Not looking forward to the possible very hot and humid spell about to arrive, and even less to the thunderstorms that might accompany it.
  3. A quite dreadful prospect if, like me, you dislike and find hot humid weather difficult to tolerate. I'm certainly hoping for a down grade and no repeats for the remainder of summer. If we had dry continental heat those type of temperatures are more tolerable, but the humidity is stifling.
  4. Cloudy and grey, no wind and very mild at 14.2C.
  5. Gone very dark and dull here after a reasonably bright day with a temp of 16.7C, so rather cool really. No rain on radar, but looks as though it will pee it down any second.
  6. Got away with comparatively little rain here yesterday. Iwas hoping for a good soaking for the garden too. It mostly ended up being a drizzley day with the odd spell of light rain. Quite different to the north of the region. At one point it even looked as thought the sun may break through. This morning we have sun and milky blue skies, with a temperature of 12.6C.
  7. Proper summer weather today, 22.5C. Sky now going a bit milky but still lovely and warm.
  8. It is very unusual for this area. I am just 97asl. We have not had such low overnight temps in early June for at least 12 years - the time I have lived here.
  9. Another chilly night at 2.6C. Currently 10.2C and sunny. I noticed that Shobdon, our nearest weather station some 5 miles as the crow flies, dropped to 1.1C the night before. Ridiculous.
  10. A lovely day with a top temp of 16.7C. All the grass is being taken in the surrounding fields, and we have had several red kites cashing in on the vermin bonanza! I think they fly in from Rhyader in Wales.
  11. An amazing low of just 1.7C here last night with a touch of grass frost. In 12 years we have never had so many chilly June nights.
  12. Beautiful day here with a top temp of 16.8C. Very pleasant for outdoor stuff and lovely to sit in out of the gentle breeze.
  13. Maxed here yesterday at 19.6C so still no 20C yet this year. Had a cold morning at 2.1C. In fact, we have had a run of cold mornings recently. Currently bright with milky sunshine, 12.2C.
  14. Quite cloudy but bright here. Dry and winds have subsided, 10.0C. At least most of next 5 days should be dry and bright, and perhaps mid to upper teens, so a big improvement. I know it's cooler than originally forcast, but still better than of late, and personally I prefer upper teen temps to those in the 30C range.
  15. Currently gusting at about 40mph here. Far windier than yesterday, but dry with the odd flicker of sunshine.
  16. That looks very impressive for late May. In the relatively few times I have been up the Scottish mountains at this time of year, I have never seen as much snow.
  17. I know you have posted about this before Lauren, but it's clearly very frustrating. Do you have a good garden centre near you? Somewhere like a Wyevale who have trained horticulturists. If you take an affected plant along they will help identify the culprit and offer a possible solution. I have done this once, and they were very helpful.
  18. I think some zoos will give it for free. Marwell near Winchester used to. Very smelly apparently, but makes fantastic manure.
  19. Just had the first strawberries a couple of days ago. Delicious. Asparagus going well and stuff in the garden generally taking off. Sweet corn up. Trying the mini sweetcorn this year as they are meant to be good in stir fries. Pak choi ready for picking. A fantastic veg that grows so quickly, seed to finished plant in 6 weeks. Gerkin decided to develop wilt just after planting out, but fortunately I kept a spare. Current one looking healthy with 2 baby gerkins. We pickle ours and use some as fresh cucumber.
  20. With the exception of today, quite a decent few days with temps abouve 18C. Today was disaapointingly cloudy and cool 14.5C, but it was dry.
  21. Another chillly night with a low of 2.4C. Looking good now with clear skies and sunshine. Should beat yesterday's high of 14.6C.
  22. Saw my first hornet a couple of days ago. That seems very early. Mayflower (hawthorn) still not fully out which is very late for these parts. Saw a magpie dive into a hedge and emerge with 2 sky blue eggs in its beak. It promptly ate one and dropped the second when it spotted me. By the time I got downstairs to inspect the dropped egg, it had gone. Guessing it may have been a robin's egg.
  23. Nothing here yet. A few squally showers. Looks like better action is currently east of here.
  24. It is still very light here at 9pm, and there is still light in the sky at 10pm, enough to be able to find your way around if in an unlit area. Should be lovely light evenings until at least 9pm for the next 2 months now. Great vidoes WH, thanks for posting.
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