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  1. Diesel currently 120.9/L around here.
  2. I know you have posted about this before Lauren, but it's clearly very frustrating. Do you have a good garden centre near you? Somewhere like a Wyevale who have trained horticulturists. If you take an affected plant along they will help identify the culprit and offer a possible solution. I have done this once, and they were very helpful.
  3. I think some zoos will give it for free. Marwell near Winchester used to. Very smelly apparently, but makes fantastic manure.
  4. Just had the first strawberries a couple of days ago. Delicious. Asparagus going well and stuff in the garden generally taking off. Sweet corn up. Trying the mini sweetcorn this year as they are meant to be good in stir fries. Pak choi ready for picking. A fantastic veg that grows so quickly, seed to finished plant in 6 weeks. Gerkin decided to develop wilt just after planting out, but fortunately I kept a spare. Current one looking healthy with 2 baby gerkins. We pickle ours and use some as fresh cucumber.
  5. Saw my first hornet a couple of days ago. That seems very early. Mayflower (hawthorn) still not fully out which is very late for these parts. Saw a magpie dive into a hedge and emerge with 2 sky blue eggs in its beak. It promptly ate one and dropped the second when it spotted me. By the time I got downstairs to inspect the dropped egg, it had gone. Guessing it may have been a robin's egg.
  6. It is still very light here at 9pm, and there is still light in the sky at 10pm, enough to be able to find your way around if in an unlit area. Should be lovely light evenings until at least 9pm for the next 2 months now. Great vidoes WH, thanks for posting.
  7. Very nice selection TM. What are you growing in the middle pots, celery or coriander, or perhaps somethign else? Are those leeks or onions in the lower right corner?My strawberries in thepolytunnel are turning red, so I'm hoping to have a few by the weekend. Seems incongruous have red strawberries and potential frosts.
  8. I don't count mine, but I always seem to get more than I thought I would, and they often seem very close to each other. Maybe each seed does produce 2 seedlings?
  9. Took a bit of a chance last night and didn't cover frost-sensitive plants. Low was 2.1C at around 4am, so got away with it! Going out for some grass cutting now before the rains come tomorrow.
  10. Sounds like you are doing everything right, so a bit of a mystery. I do find spring onions difficult and mine will germinate and stay small for ages, but they do eventually grow properly. Are you being impatient? The only time I find stuff like leafy salad and rocket grows slowly is when it is too hot. Not necessarily too dry, just hot and too much sun. A tip for coriander is to semi-crush the seed in a pastel and mortar before planting. Improves the germination rate and the final yield.
  11. HC john Innes compost should be fine. I've grown tons of tomatoes in it. I am at a bit of a loss as to why your toms are struggling.
  12. They are rather formidable looking. I don't think I've ever found a snail that large in my garden here. Let's hope the extra copper helps. Good luck!
  13. Could it be the compost? Have you sucessfully grown other seedlings in it this year?
  14. I'm not a tomato expert, but I do grow them every year. It sounds like yours are too cold. Considering you live in Scotland, they should really be either inside or in a greenhouse or polytunnel. I keep mine inside the house until they look big and strong in 3 inch pots - about 6 inches tall I guess. Only then do I put them into the polytunnel. Your porch maybe sheltered but I expect it is too cold. You could always try bringing them indoors onto a sunny windowsill for a week or so.
  15. Rise in oil prices not yet come through to heating oil, but price at the pumps is slowly edging upwards, just a penny every week or so. Prices at the pumps now about 4p/L higher than their minimum.
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