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  1. Those saying "snowing north of the Downs", let's just say the radar is claiming that there's snow in Redhill, but the old and trusty "naked eye" can't make out any precipitation whatsoever right now!
  2. That must be some showers before the main course tomorrow... but I'll keep the curtains open to see what they do in this part of Surrey none the less!
  3. Well I tried to get a timelapse during the storm earlier over the Hampshire/Dorset borders but seems my camera ran out of battery before the rain fell. Pretty clouds though. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152099977746837&l=670693666080099649
  4. Look at what's written and the matrix for both warnings. The amber warning has slightly lower wind gusts in the warning and is an amber warning because the likelihood is higher. The yellow warning is at the bottom of the matrix for likelihood because the wind speeds are higher. It's still a possibility so worth them putting the warning out.
  5. Ah, that'll be what's dumping a lot of rain on me right now then. No thunder right now mush, will let you know if anything makes it over the sound of the FSU - Clemson college football game I'm watching.
  6. To be fair the rain we've got isn't exactly biblical, even if it is fairly heavy.
  7. So I'm just sitting here at 2ish am, casually chatting with one of my best mates in Colorado when a bright flash lights the room. My reaction: WHAT ON EARTH? Is the power supply in Verwood that bad that the flickering is that noticeable? Mid rant, I hear a huge crack of thunder. So yeah, thunderstorm in East Dorset happened I guess?
  8. Looking at whether BN20 will see any storms this weekend... (in Eastbourne for one weekend only)

    1. Coast


      Wait and see!

  9. Somehow managed to get shingles, oh the joy!

    1. Bottesford


      Oh dear that ain't good.. don't touch your eyes whatever you do!

    2. Coast


      Get well soon!

    3. DiagonalRedLine


      Hope you get better faster than a bolt of lightning.

  10. Guess which clever idiot is going from Dorset to Nottingham this weekend? After Nottingham getting the storms earlier this week and Dorset this weekend. They're taunting me...

    1. Harry


      Nottingham might not be shabby for Sunday :D

  11. butler_son


    I'm a staunch supporter of breakfast and all it stands for but I struggle to eat in the mornings. At the moment it's a couple of waffles with maple syrup in the week, then the weekend will usually be sausage and bacon with barbecue sauce in a French stick or American style pancakes (with either blueberry, banana, strawberry, occasionally added choc chip) with bacon and maple syrup. Can you guess I like maple syrup? If I can't be bothered, then it's a banana (it was this morning).
  12. Hoping for more strikes tonight than the French Civil Service.

    1. jtay


      Are you not getting wet now b_s? It looks like something's building down your way.

  13. Ahhhh Coast get yourself up to Nottingham to go to their brewery tap, The Organ Grinder. It's such a good pub! I was sceptical about Blue Monkey when they first emerged while I was at uni but they've won me over, a whisky barrel aged Guerilla I had at The Organ Grinder was loooooovely.
  14. So when does the Azores High start getting squatter's rights?

  15. I got given a shot of tequila last night.
  16. Can confirm it was hot in Bournemouth today.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      29.7 celsius's worth of heat. Good to see you back in here mate.

  17. butler_son

    5th July 2013 010

    Ahhhh this signage! More used to seeing it on the A22 but still.
  18. Will it be hot in Bournemouth? ;)

  19. I'd heard of them, looking at that they look like they're at the beginning of being a good brewer (they have a nice balance of keg and cask by the looks) and aren't afraid to "break the real ale mould" so to speak. I might go to that next Thurs, asking around some mates.
  20. Rare that eastern Dorset is a sweetspot for a heatwave but that's looking like the case in the next few days!

    1. Coast


      Could you be seeing the first 30°C of the Summer?

  21. Does anyone here do much "street photography"? It's something I'm interested in getting into after a little experimentation to date: The first lot were taken at Caen market, the last 3 were taken in Bournemouth. I'd be interested to know people's opinions.
  22. I'll see about that when I'm (hopefully) up in September!
  23. So AFC Bournemouth are hosting a friendly against Real Madrid. I'm interested, but not £55 interested.

    1. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Disgusting the way fans are exploited nowadays.

    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      The way to protest is not to go, or show any interest. There will probably be enough 40 year old star struck types though, unfortunately, to make it worthwhile to charge the prices.

  24. Was browsing the top 10 most watched videos on that VEVO thing on YouTube and noticed something curious - one of the top 10 wasn't English or Korean (thanks PSY). So I gave it a listen and...it's good fun! http://youtu.be/hcm55lU9knw
  25. Gorgeous as usual! I'm a big fan of dessert beers like that, weighed in at 11% that one, there's one by Hardknott Brewery up in Cumbria in a similar vein called Vitesse Noir that is beautiful too. Best beer I've had lately was from this: http://www.bristolbeerfactory.co.uk/product.php?product=12%20STOUTS The Bristol Beer Factory 12 Stouts of Christmas 2012. The imperial stout aged on Jack Daniels barrels was divine (got given a couple of free bottles on the brewery open day at the start of December). On that note, it's well worth a beer lover's while to go to Bristol for a Bristol Beer Factory open day, couldn't believe the hospitality at the one I went to. And Dark Star Espresso is gorgeous Coast! I don't think even super experienced homebrewers do all grain! I know a guy (he's married one of my close friends) who's done loads of homebrewing in Colorado (he does custom brews for people's events too) and he only does partial mash.
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