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  1. bowled 12 overs straight through in about 29 degree heat and 50% humidity. And what did you do today? =]

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    2. ajpoolshark


      15 on saturday in the staffs league, 8 on a sunday...took 2-29 last sunday but knackered my back taking a diving catch, was supposed to play today, but facing 28C temps, my back decided to give out again! :)

    3. butler_son


      Ah nice one! Should point out that I'm a quick who opens the bowling, not a spinner! Got 6-17 earlier this season, remember each wicket vividly! Glad my body's not fallen apart this season...yet!

    4. ajpoolshark


      same here, although at 39, I'm not as sharp as once was, still quite nippy though, good thing is that the dry weather is producing fast bouncy tracks, so reliving my youth with the new ball somewhat...lol