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  1. light/moderate sleet/snow falling here in a very gusty cold wind
  2. light sleet/snow falling here now in Westmoor -
  3. just back from a short stay in Faro (Portugal) weather was lush - burnt bonce(happens every time) come back to a weather warning for snow on Monday - nice
  4. a few flakes still falling here, had a couple of heavier showers earlier this morning - judging by the radar and the forecast this could well be the last day of falling snow this season, (unless the Easter cold blast occurs) - its been a much better winter for us coldies compared to the previous few years hope winter 2018/19 is as good if not better than 2017/18 - hopefully with a nice warm summer in between
  5. Heavy snow falling here again, I must admit it is blizzard like here now can hardly see the houses opposite
  6. had some decent snow showers this evening, has not amounted to much just a nice dusting, I've quite enjoyed this late taste of winter so far and there is still a window of another 12 hours or so for more snow - so enjoy -
  7. belting down here - heaviest so far
  8. what's falling is now settling - some places will get a decent covering tonight
  9. nice pics Doc its looking a bit like that here now
  10. snowing here now from that shower just east of me NE12 looks like a nice lot of showers to come just out to sea
  11. Just got out of bed - and its snowing
  12. rain here too, was not expecting to be on the hunt for snow again this late in march, however I am expecting to see a bit of the white stuff a bit later this evening . all in all should be an interesting weekend ahead
  13. Beast from the East part II coming to lamp posts near you this weekend, for a possible 5 day run can't wait