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  1. nice wintry scene in Westmoor with light snow falling
  2. took the missus out for a early meal tonight, just got in from Gosforth in a taxi and the roads are treacherous - take care if your out driving nice covering here in West moor & the radar looks good for another dollop
  3. got a light dusting here from that shower that passed over and its stuck
  4. light snow falling in West moor - my 1st snow report of the winter. get in!!!!!
  5. cheers for the reminder, I was stuck in a meeting at work and missed it, didn't see it falling
  6. Least we've got something to look out for tonight might get to give my first snow report of this crappy winter!!
  7. cold, wet & windy with a few bits of sleety stuff mixed in here in Westmoor - hopefully might turn to snow a bit later
  8. what a c**p winter so far - hope its going to deliver this coming week so I can post some snow reports - which I have not been able to do all winter so far
  9. back from a short break in Jersey earlier - even though it was warm there, it felt good to arrive back in the warmth of the toon - and England into the next round - its coming home
  10. turning into a very nice summer so far after a very interesting winter - like it. now if England could only go and win the world cup mmmmmm!!!!!! - now that would be a good summer
  11. light/moderate sleet/snow falling here in a very gusty cold wind
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