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  1. snow continuing to fall heavily here
  2. snow is heavier now with bigger flakes and is settling
  3. Light snow falling here in Westmoor
  4. Heavy snow falling here now from this shower just about stopped here now - nice while it lasted, might be a bit more interesting tomorrow night, if the warnings are to be believed?
  5. just start snowing moderately here after a light dusting earlier, from a westerly too!!!
  6. its sleety with some wet snow mixed in, started as rain earlier
  7. most of todays snow has remained and its turned very icy out there now, be interesting to see whats showing on the radar currently will fall as, if and when it reaches us?
  8. still snowing here seems a bit heavier now, and is still settling, looking at the the radar there is still m,ore to come. I went to bed last night thinking I might wake up to a bit of a wet sleety morning, what a pleasant suprise this has been
  9. still snowing steadily here, settling nicely bigger flakes
  10. Snowing lightly here in Westmoor, and settling.
  11. might get a light covering from it, the few flakes that fell before seem to have settled on cold surfaces - it looks icy out there
  12. might be a little more on the way looking at the radar