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  1. 1 - could by city heat effect being normally warmer than the surrounding countryside could this affect (not sure if this is the right word?) into the sea? 2 - can features such as big piers, cliffs ( e.g.Tynemouth priory sits on?) deflect surface wind up vertically into the air? 3 - A flock of seagulls flapping their wings I am just making total random guesses, I think at the end of the day its just pot luck 🙂
  2. The sky has darkened here and looks good for snow, the light snow is continued and getting slightly heavier
  3. Impressive how the "blob" has grown 6.00am on right, 9.10am on left - come to daddy
  4. Nice! - wasn't expecting this trough to hit us this early, nice top up & snowing nicely now❄️
  5. wonder where that line(trough) out to sea will be tomorrow morning, could bring a suprise for some, its edging closer on the radar
  6. a light flurry here at the moment, its been one of those days for me, just missing most of the beefy ones either just south or north, probably just going to miss the next one too
  7. Getting a light flurry here, that could be it for now, could & should have been a lot better for us this spell, but a lot better than last winter. oh well onto the next chase
  8. Light snow falling here getting a glancing blow from that shower just slightly to the North of me
  9. had a bit of a look at 06 GFS - its putting a fight up to maintain the cold, some pink areas are reappearing on the snow risk chart for this Friday, something to keep an eye out for
  10. woke up to heavy snow earlier with a nice covering - nice to see radar up and running again
  11. Aye looks that way, some big showers knocking about, hope everybody catches one coz they have been impressive so far
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