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  1. Well its sunny here and its snowing on and off as well so not much melting this time. All other snowy days it did melt in no time.
  2. Same here, heavy flurries on and off and the loose snow on surfaces blowing in wind too. If we got persistent snow from streamers we'd finally get reasonable accumulation.
  3. Heavy snow up here in Oldham East now and a very driving wind. Very nice.
  4. Looking at how stern the easterly flow is progged on the models, the depth of cold uppers and the embedded troughs I am going for 30 cm in Oldham East (with drifting)
  5. Up late today. The couple of inches we had in the early hours has pretty much all melted away. That has been the story of this winter, a few cm here and there with rapid thaw.
  6. Not much snow. Just tiny ice pellets and the odd flake. Certainly not rain but nothing notable.
  7. Thanks, I'd rather it did something substantial being slap bang under the red echos as per radar lol. Edit. It is snowing now. The odd flake blowing about so fingers & toes crossed for a good dumping by morn.
  8. Still pretty much dry as a bone here. Snow to my north, rain to my east. Unbelievable.
  9. According to the radar I am now slap bang under the red echos yet it's barely even any drizzle. Just a spot.
  10. By the looks of the posts on here. The Oldham east area is doing poor compared to all the other areas dotted around here. Usually the other way round 😃 The snow we've had melts quick. Kind of reminds me of past winters as a child in the 80's when snow fell often but quickly melted, on /off through winter until we finally got pummelled with up to 8ft drifting later in the winter. Just to add, we only have a slight dusting of Graupel here this morning.
  11. Hi all. Previous heavy snow melted quickly. Last night gave us a bit of a covering and its not long since started with very heavy DANDRUFF 🙂 We've been spoilt this winter already with the number of snowy episodes but no classic depths we are normally used to seeing up here on the edge of the pennines. 👍 I'm just one of those who likes getting snowed in with road closures. Turning to proper snow now.
  12. Heavy snow here with large flakes. It's sticking too. Very nice.
  13. Erm I did not authorise this site to sign me in with facebook and I cant delete the post >> Craig Cragz Hughes
  14. Still snow on the ground from the previous minor snow showers we've had the past week or so. It goes to show how cold it has been even on the Sunny days with clear sky's. Dandruff is dusting us over nicely 😄
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