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  1. How can you know its a good call a month in advance may I ask?Interesting times at the moment with more and more runs showing height rises to our north, this is bound to affect our weather pattern in some way- Get the general pattern first- Then the details after. Hopefully we see the 12z runs continue the theme and bring forward the height rises. The models havent got a grasp on the final pattern yet and wont for some time yet. The important thing is these runs keep appearing and gradually get closer- as are the Northern Hemisphere anomaly charts that J.Holmes posts here. They are pretty imp
  2. Unless you have a crystal ball then you cant really say that for certain either. But I agree re the 12z's, this will be far from sorted on todays runs. Plenty more changes to come I feel.Dan
  3. Higher heights over svalbard, low in atlantic is also slightly further south and west. The whole pattern seems very slightly further west. Dan
  4. Yes thats very true- straight source from siberia, the perfect source considering the mild continent at present too. I also like the lack of depth to that low to our south on the +144 UKMO chart, perfect for sliding under the block.This has developed at a pace I dont think ive seen before, hopefully we can continue with the Upgrades and keep all the models on board.Edit : There is also a lovely Northern Italian low on that UKMO chart!Dan
  5. That GEM run is fantastic! Almost reverse zonality with a band of high pressure to the north and lows to our south driving easterlies out into the atlantic... and this is within the next 10 days, very interesting.Dan
  6. Looking like the Steve Murr GFS backtrack to the ECM is underway, were not there yet, interesting developments though. We need everything to move a little more to the west in next few runs now...UKMO needs to be onside too. Dan
  7. My interpretation of the UKMO is that on the +144hrs chart this is where the lows in the western Atlantic are heading> The high is unlikely to sink after this.. doesent even really matter when we have such disagreement at +120hrs anyway...
  8. Magnitude 7.4 - FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS, ALASKA 2011 June 24 03:09:39 UTC My link Dan
  9. Hey, Not looking good so far, different depths been reported though so I think we will have to wait for some confirmation. Hopefully there isn't much damage caused by this, its the last thing the people of Japan need now! http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif Dan
  10. 6.7 Magnitude earthquake of the coast of Honoshu, Japan. Depth 12.4 Miles Hope there isn't a tsunami!! Dan
  11. Alright man, Are you snowaddict over on IWN?

  12. Thanks for the birthday greetings

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