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  1. sudden switch to a much warmer climate seemed to happen after 87,and that cold spell.Im talking UK here,and winds dominating from the South West have become the common factor since,reason why so many milder than normal winters since 87,whats to say we cant have a sudden switch back to winds dominating from the North instead. Wind direction has it ever been factored in this global-warming debate,thats why the UK warmed up so much last 30 years,dont need a doctorate to know that! Endless winters of mild SW winds,is global warming the reason,or just a trend,now in reverse?
  2. Anything to make it higher then,why are they not using the last 30 years instead
  3. how is the cet for this year still above average,when look at the met office stats ?? https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_info_mean.html
  4. Thought this wasnt possible anymore,prologned period of below average temperatures,with all this global-warming being rammed down our throats!! Lots of head scratching going on in various companies at the moment Normally is weeks with temps above average ,with the odd day below average,complete reversal since April.
  5. This forum is strange simetimes, I thought it is a weather enthusiasts forum, but half the time its full of posts moaning about how cold it's going to become in April or whenever, or its too hot in summer etc,. You would think people would embrace it when we get these extreme rare conditions, like upper air below minus 10 in April, but more people seem to moaning about it!!,
  6. I can remember 1975 in late March as an 8 year old waking up to snowfall on the ground and settling everywhere and covering the blossom on the cherry tree in the front garden,ah the memories of childhood.Miss those years.
  7. so temps still going to about 9c Monday according to bbc so not actually that colder after all,hype about nothing then,seen colder temps that that in april before with higher upper air temps,bbc not underplaying this because its cold weather approaching?
  8. This depth of cold is unusual for January now,, nevermind April! must be odds- on some records are broken next regarding cold temps and maybe even snowfall!
  9. Colder upper air temps then the disappointing feb cold-spell,as we head into April,one day we will get Arctic northerly in early January!
  10. Wrong thread this is the model discussion output not the moans and groans thread. Amazing weather at the moment going from unusually warm weather to unusually cold weather in the span of days with chance of warm weather records being broken then could be cold weather records being broken. Fascinating model watching again after dross for 6 weeks,
  11. Could rival April 1917 for cold at this rate if the gfs verifies,lets hope the ECM follows the gfs
  12. Watch this incoming cold spell gather momentum in the days ahead,of course if it was in the depth of Winter we all know it would get watered down to a one day Northerly Toppler
  13. poor winter in these parts again,hopefully when its safe to travel we can get our snow fix again:)
  14. so why is the high slipping south instead of moving to scandi with the low pressure over scandi dropping South which would setup easterly,which is not going to happen.
  15. Only in uk can the deep cold nearly always miss us,looks prime at just 3 days ahead then some how the high slips South over UK and game over AGAIN.
  16. looks good until that high slips south, at day four and back to usual crud,why cant it move to a favourable position for cold weather to move in,plenty of cold air to tap-in to still,so disappointing again,can see why nobody is posting,the cold weather hardly ever hits!
  17. Another pathetic Winter coming to an end,all that chasing cold then when it actually arrived it only lasted a week,and wasnt that severe compared to previous cold -spells,before the mild weather finally broke through and will probably last weeks now. If thats the best winter can offer now,then probably not worth chasing cold weather in the Winter anymore. Signing out on another letdown for the vast majority of cold-weather fans away from high ground in the North and the Scottish Highlands where nobody can visit to enjoy the snow.
  18. Minus 5 and sunny is miles better than 9 degrees and wind and rain crud we now have. How can you possibly prefer this type of crud weather is beyond me and most people I would imagine!
  19. Typical once mild takes control like now it will most probably last weeks unlike cold where just about a week is the best you can expect. Another February where it looks like almost certainly it will have a ridiculous mild spell of weather in their, let's hope the models pick up on something much colder for end of month into March at least..
  20. Nothing special at all this cold spell,when you compare it to previous cold spells,and as soon as mild takes over it will probably last weeks and be exceptional mild. Its certainly true cold spells are nothing like they used to be.
  21. Hopefully back in freezer,if gfs is correct,just hope we get some snow this time here to go along time with the frozen ponds and icicles I have seen this week.February,such a joke of a winter month is has become in recent decades,that cant remember last really cold February we had in UK.
  22. Lets hope the gfs is correct in putting the UK back in the freezer,it was first in picking out this cold spell despite wobbling nearer the reliable timeframe,so lets hope its got it correct again. The ECM is crud and and can do one ,we dont want those type of set-ups at this time of year,eats up valuable time where decent snow and cold is still possible. Still its been useless in fl this Winter GFS has beaten it hands out in that department,lets hope its current output is also miles off reality too.
  23. Mild taking control soon,so expect weeks of that,but of course with cold about a week at best it seems before its blown away by low pressure,even if you have huge block of cold air sitting over whole of Europe still the low presssure can win out. Rubbish climate for decent cold and snow im moving to Fargo ND, SAT2/13 -23° /-32° Bitterly cold with some sun 0% SUN2/14 -23° /-31° Plenty of sun, but frigid 0% MON2/15 -20° /-27° Mostly sunny and very cold TUE2/16 -17° /-22° Partly sunny and frigid
  24. More downgrades,no mention of snow showers coming in from the East again,expect the chance of any cold spell returning will be also removed.Once mild takes control in the UK thats normally cold chances gone for weeks or months.
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