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  1. When the latest date 70f or 21 c been reached,might be in threat here seeing gfs want to bring colder air back,ok fl at the moment ,with charts people would be screaming at in the winter months. where is everyone another Easterly about the third one since end of feb,and nobody talking how significant that is . very poor that posters just give up posting,because it rarely snow in spring,yet last week of April is a know cold spell. only Sumer Sun and frosty bother posting all year round Respect u guys
  2. Summer Sun is a mild ramper ,if you hadn’t noticed lol ,hoping mild will win out ,even if charts are showing -20 hpa arriving.Does it throughout the year though ,so at least he is consistent in his mild ramping
  3. Yes Frosty it's interesting we keep seeing these repeated attacks from Scandi/Siberia .is this still being caused by the SSW. at end of Feb? Seen more in the last few weeks than the last decade,very unusual. Shame most posters disappear in early spring to witness it.Respect to you and Summer Sun for posting throughout. the year.
  4. could be a cold year,about time too ,this pattern looks locked in,next winter could be mega for cold.about time
  5. wow how can it still be so cold in April,won't it suddenly warm there soon.
  6. always a chance it could setup in the correct position to bring North Easterlies from the pole. well hoping anyway for one last chance of snow the last week of April Is a known cold period too.
  7. high pressure over scandi again in a weeks time?chance of one final cold blast,if it sets up in a favourable position,seen it before . And where has everyone gone in any thread,just posting in the winter if cold or snow is showing,then nothing .very poor
  8. still the models want to develop high pressure over Scandinavia again,in a weeks time,depending exactly where it settles ,could turn warm,or another very cold blast for the time of year.certainly interesting to see repeated high pressure cells in that region.Will that trend continue throughout the year. And how sad all the posters dissappear,or only post if cold is showing,pathetic really ,no point having a forum after March
  9. Amazing when it rains we are slap back in the middle of it.Snows it misses us lol
  10. Indeed.When it’s rain we get hit in the middle of it . yet when it’s snow it goes to the west of us like last two cold spells,can’t make this crud up Yes I’m still annoyed by how our region missed the heavy snow this month.
  11. Yes indeed some warmer weather soon maybe.But still some ensemble members touching the minus 10 line,which is incredible really for this time of year ,when some recent winters over the last 20 years we have barely seen it touching the minus 10 line in mid winter!Hopefully this colder trend continues next winter
  12. Met office still going for a wintry easter holiday
  13. Still time for bitter air to return to the U.K.,wouldn’t take much of a change to see it over us.
  14. That’s incorrect.The last two cold spells the models upgraded the cold as it got into the reliable timeframe,maybe the same will happen this time ,when the cold spell gets into the reliable timeframe,which it isn’t yet. Wouldnt take much of a change in current pattern to bring bitterly cold air over all the U.K.,much to the annoyance of the mild rampers in the forum