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  1. le hopefully the prologue of a prolonged cold and snowy winter.We are most certainly due one Frosty .Lets hope the weather gods agree
  2. looks like only a topper i’m afraid,turning very much milder again after next Sunday according to the latest bbc forecast.They have extra model data i presume to come to that conclusion ,over a week away ?
  3. that we get a proper decent easterly in the depth of winter months not march like this year and 2013,imagine how frigid it would have been if it had happened in early jan
  4. yes frosty could be some early season snow for hilly areas soon,is this the winter that finally delivers
  5. Some lovely weather on the cards for the foreseeable,but chilly nights. No sign of a raging Atlantic yet,that can happen as we head towards October The golf season continues well in to Autumn this year Go Tiger And looking like great weather for Ryder Cup starting Friday .
  6. Still had one of the coldest starts to March since records began
  7. Horrible day,don’t know how people prefer this normal type of British summer weather to the lovely hot weather over the past few months.Models backed away from hotter weather this morning too
  8. Same as the met office models then.They think good chance of hot spells again this month,summer NOT over then despite what some would have you believe!
  9. Same here just a few heavy shower ,one rumble then nothing.Any decent rain on the horizon?
  10. Seemed to break up just before it reached channel coast ,just a few drops in the end.Pathetic
  11. Looks like Met had it too Far East,they said their was uncertainty in their forecast earlier.Poor to be wrong just a few hours out though I think?
  12. Something big growing from France,heading this way,possibly
  13. Regional forecast says temps back to average for weekend ,National says feeling humid at weekend.Always a difference between the two I notice.Also they have an error as they are showing only the uk’s highest lowest temperature yesterday for the UK and the regional values.Why no highest maximum temperature yesterday ,happened before too.
  14. Sounds like my kind of winter,and I think the summers are nice ,not too hot perfect for golf.Going to retire there I hope ,in the future
  15. Winters are normally rubbish ,hardly ever cold enough for long lasting snow .Maybe once in a blue moon we get a decent cold snowy winter.dark by 4pm and usually wet and mild and windy is winter in U.K. HORRIBLE