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  1. Yes most probably.Bar the odd occasion most winters are mild and damp. A rubbish climate in the winter,but not too bad in the summer as it rarely get too hot. The UK is probably one of the worst places to live in the Northern Hemisphere if you are a fan of cold and snow,because of its location at the eastern edge of a vast Ocean,where the sea water rarely falls much below 10 c .
  2. This gfs run shows why FL is pointless,complete opposite from the o6z run. Forgot the silly season is upon us lol.
  3. But in our fast moving climate ,nothing stays the same for long never mind 3 whole months.It be very rare for that High pressure to stay in exactly that location for 3 months in a row,if it even forms their,anyway. So I would take that forecast the same as any long range seasonal,not worth taking much notice off. Anyway I’ve got a hunch this winter is going the other way,Cold. Already cold in far Northern Europe in October ,maybe something is really brewing,because even up there,it’s been ridiculously mild in the Autumn months these past years. Then the unusual severity of the Snow that hit North Dakota recently. Perhaps we will finally get a winter to remember.
  4. It would be nice if the backend of the Operational runs from the models at the moment were the sign of things to come for the Winter ahead,just for a change.If you like cold winters of course! We know what seems to happen once Winter happens,perhaps this year will buck the trend,and we are looking towards a blocked and cold winter with HLB taking control for the season!
  5. Ecm lturning cold too,after a couple of nice warm days at the end of the week.Looks like the high is going to retrogress at the end of the run. And it does at the end.Sp cold start to November looking likely now.
  6. Yes a nice Arctic blast keeps showing up in the ensembles ,some of the UK's coldest winters had one notable cold blast in the autumn BTW!
  7. Still looks like some sort of Arctic blast is on the way ,eventually,but with a massive pattern change possibly on the way,it's little surprise the GFS is making a complete pigs ear of how we get there..Latest run just looks a complete mess
  8. So hopefully things drying out in a week's or so time and some kind of Arctic blast after that looking likely. Not uncommon in October but hopefully the NH profile won't return to type as we head into D J F,we can live in hope,for once
  9. How that low didn’t undercut on the 10th and produce a severe snowstorm is unreal.This forum would have exploded if that had happened recently
  10. But in October for a change,maybe this year we will get the reversal of what usually happens during DJF the above chart,the most hideous chart if your looking for snow during the winter
  11. I wish just once we could heavy snow falling and laying onChristmas Day make the day absolutely perfect,never happened in my lifetime.
  12. Hideous,and I notice high pressure belts lurking to the South as we head towards winter,ready to pounce in 6 weeks time and stay their to spring? Dont bet against it happening again.
  13. i was born early 70s so I grew up as a child thinking snow was quite a common theme,as we seemed to get at least one decent fall of snow every winter and cold lasting at least a week,then after that amazing cold spell of 87,it felt like someone flipped a switch and said’ sorry that’s the end of any decent snow and cold weather for the next 30 years or more,’and they were spot on! Now the High pressure belts to the South seem to control the weather in the winter months,consistently,then magically disappear when too late,at least here for any meaningful snow and cold.
  14. Everytime recently when their has been HLB in the Autumn,the following winter has been dire,regarding cold weather,so maybe this time if we have very unsettled weather and no HLB during this Autumn ,like what the models are showing currently,we will get the HLB blocking in winter instead for a change.!
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