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  1. Hope we get some decent thunderstorms, it's been a while since we had a proper storm
  2. High pressure dominating over Scandinavia, well what a surprise its happening again outside of the winter months. You couldn't buy charts like that throughout the whole winter season just gone, and countless others too! So annoying the repeated patterns keep happening year after year, could be some hot weather again fairly soon.
  3. Wish it was winter type charts showing up consistently now on gfs.Look at that blocking over NE Europe.Could be a hot summer if it comes to fruition,as the continent is warming up nicely.
  4. Gfs and ecm miles apart in the longer term ,but they and UKMO both underestimated the Northerly in the shorter term,with another pool of very cold air hitting Scotland again mid-week. So anything is a possibility going forward.Im going for cold weather to persist throughout May,and not because I went for a cold CET for May or anything ?
  5. Gfs following the ecm run of a day ago with cold weather winning out with persistent winds from the NE and intense blocking over Greenland ,never in the winters months ,but hey ho
  6. Wonder if the ecm will show that really cold blocked scenario again from a day ago. Wonder if the ecm will show that really cold blocked scenario again from a day ago. The forum would be going into meltdown if this was winter,but you can still get decent snow in May in the Highlands,look at the dramatic change about to happen in the next 12 hours.Think we will get repeated attacks from the North then a more prolonged cold weather spellfrom the NE ,not unusual for May
  7. Surprised the bbc been so keen on this Northerly,we all know how fickle Northerlies are especially the timeframe when they started banging on about it.Now fast forward to today and the ukmo they use for their forecasts shows it toppling in 24 hours .
  8. Why is the o6z gfs run nearly always wants to push cold spells away quickly,seen it do that many times before.The 12z run is so different it’s an utter joke compared to the 06run.
  9. Gfs trying its best to flatten the Northerly as quickly as possible,with the coldest of air soon cut off,but it’s way off yet,be interesting to see which model was closest to the final outcome as we approach the weekend.
  10. INCOMING from the North on UKMO winter finally arriving in May ?
  11. Wow chance of seeing snow on my birthday? Seen ECM do this plenty of times before then drop the idea as it moves into the reliable timeframe.
  12. Looking at current charts it’s going cold for may 9.6c 78 mm
  13. Yes end of ecm would be amazing for winter,one day it might happen again.... Spring skiing in the Highlands in May if ECM is correct.,can have the occasional bitter May up there with plenty of snow.
  14. We must be heading for the warmest year in the C.E.T series. Crazy how every single month has been above average. Its going to be an extremely hot summer if this trend continues...
  15. Perfect winter charts showing in Spring again.How predictable is that. If the end of the ECM run verifies,then I wouldn’t rule out snow for anyone. Towards the end of April has had several notable snow events in the past.
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