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  1. It was showing bitter easterlies for days and days and now look at it,another model I shall not be looking at again
  2. yes the models show LESS cold weather for weekend then much colder again.
  3. not to what we were seeing a few days ago,now it’s Atlantic driven weather ,cold Zonal if you like.Hopeless for the majority on low ground
  4. well this ECM run is a thriller isn’t The high pressure in the atlantic going nowhere it seems
  5. definitely the end of the hunt for easterly in the short term,on ecm.All those wonderful looking charts with very cold upper air and heavy snow shower etc,just shows you unless easterly gets down to about plus 72 hours, then just think it WONT happen
  6. Yeah ice cold, uppers are miles away from what was being shown a few days ago, from gfs this run is great for the Scottish ski industry though!
  7. How exactly its been forecasting cold for weeks now?
  8. Good so bitter north easterlies and heavy snow showers arriving for Feb, by the sound of thar update, just get next week over then its BOOM  looking forward to sledging in the downs in just over a weeks time. WINTER 2018/2019 took your time
  9. That's not the actual chart though, it's just the mean of all the runs put together. Never been a fan of means, could be miles out.thats 11 days away,
  10. Back to chasing 10 day charts that show nivernia, but never verify. This has been the winter of chasing shadows, games nearly up.
  11. Wow long reply or what. I cut the rest out The simple question I and many would like to know is why if the weather is Zonal Atlantic driven the models can quite accurately forecast several days ahead without too much trouble, but if the weather attempts to come in from the other direction, it causes no end of confusion in the models. Look at the past few days for example. Why should the direction the weather comes to us affect the accuracy of the weather models so dramatically.
  12. Another week going to go by without any meaningful snow and still no solid northern blocking. Think the ec46 and other models forecasting HLB throughout 2nd half of Jan and Feb which has been showing since early December are looking like going bust in their forecasts
  13. Looks like we will end up with a big northerly instead. Oh well
  14. So close you can't rule it out with the back tracking going on this morning. Terrible performance by all the models whatever the final outcome.
  15. And ecm trying again lol. So don't rule out we might get it still