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  1. amazing how many times the UK just misses out on extreme heat or cold for that matter with it staying on the other side of the channel in France etc,maybe just once we will hit the jackpot
  2. well some places have had their warmest June day for 40 years so don't know how you can say we haven't had extremely high surface temps,when that is exactly what we have had !
  3. i thought it wasn’t going to go above 30 c reading this forum a couple of days ago.Peole reading too much into what a computer says again lol
  4. really oppressive on the coast here,around 25c and high humidity
  5. well the models were correct that Northern blocking would become the dominant feature this year,just a shame they were 4 months out in their accuracy,they went for D J F and it’s been from April onwards . Watch it all disappear for the winter though. Shorter term could be some very warm weather for next week,bring it on.
  6. really is so typical of our wretched climate,we all hunt for months on end during the winter for northern blocking,then when spring arrives ,we hardly have any westerly days ,and perfect charts if you were looking for cold and snow in the winter. Been like this for years and years
  7. One day we will get this setup during the winter,no sign of it warming up yet,and could be heavy snowfall in the highlands midweek. Amazingly clean air,great for photography.
  8. ecm hitting at something very much colder again at the end of its run,maybe once one of these cold charts will verify
  9. Really need Northerly airstream to give lying snow at this time of year,but nice that some seen snow flakes and MET office wrong again,as no mention of any SNOW falling from the sky in their forecast today !
  10. let’s hope so Frosty.This easterly is a waste of space,it’s too late now to bring any significant cold or snowy weather,could have put money on it arriving too late in the season. looks fairly blocked for the next two weeks,with easterly winds dominating the scene ,now we are out of the cold season
  11. Remember the background signals for the winter gone, how did that pan out Complete opposite wasn't it in the end.
  12. Not much mention of it anymore it seems,even the met only mention a chance of a hail shower now in far kent.So even they can’t seem to get the forecasts correct 3 or days away ,when they said wintry showers yesterday.You wonder why they still bother with these extended forecasts, when even 3 or 4 days ahead they can’t get it correct. Need an Arctic blast on Northerlies now for a chance of snow,last week of April is known to be a favoured time,so hope yet.
  13. even met offers mention chance of wintry showers at weekend.im heading upto the downs Saturday then ,should see a few flakes at over 700ft i think ⛸
  14. The gfsp has been poor all year.Im surprised you even mention it lol. It seems to have a cold bias all winter ,but was less cold regarding this easterly ! Although it finally more or less agrees with the other models with bringing colder upper air temps for weekend .And this will be the new gfs ? Chance of snow showers for the weekend ,amazing we chase for 6 months and we finally get our reward in April
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