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  1. Stunning here in the centre of town apart from the nagging breeze. Agree regarding winter - bring on the +20c days now!
  2. On the flip side when it hits 30c this summer here and they are stuck under a rain band we can all have a good chuckle
  3. Looking forward to warmth now in all honesty. At least with a hot spell downgrade the temps may only reach 25c instead of 30c - not exactly a disaster. Winter in this country is just a constant battle with everything on a ll knife edge - I'm worn out!
  4. To be honest I would have thought a milder USA E. Coast would be a much more favourable proposition. The severe cold they have had in the last few years has just fired up the jetstream!
  5. Just in response to Crewe - we had the warmest July day on record last year and a very hot July in 2013. I think people remember things when they were a kid as being all rosie.....is it not the fact you were a kid, could play out and had few responsibilities.
  6. In all fairness it's not worth following any op past +144.
  7. Not sure why it's too late.....we had two weeks of winter left the last time i checked and March can still deliver early on.
  8. Wow......The ECM is in a particularly good mood. Let's be honest; it's the model you want to see showing this as it verifies best.
  9. To be honest I just don't see it. The showers currently affecting East Anglia are prominently rain and that's in a cold NE airflow. I think the peak district may see snow; but low lying central areas will surely be rain. Looking at how this winter has panned out I don't expect any surprises.
  10. Not expecting much if anything here. This has the hallmarks of a Kent event and sod all anywhere else. A keen NE usually fails to deliver here as the showers die off to the north of London.
  11. Think people have started to call it a day. To be honest it is pointless commenting on the GFS when it shows a completely different outlook 6hrs later.
  12. I disagree. They only seem less accurate because of greater hope being placed in the medium range due to nothing showing in the reliable.
  13. To be honest I see little but cold rain and wind......maybe some wet snow in the north to low ground. Some individuals continue to bang the drum for narnia but one gets the sense they are only trying their hardest to make a mediocre output tie up with their previous predictions.
  14. Must admit; I'm getting model fatigue now. Think I preferred the old days when I didn't even know what the GFS was. I would read the five day forecast and if something wintery popped up it usually happened - no wild goose chase. Actually looking forward to warmth and light now. Wind and rain is good for nothing!
  15. To be fair Chris a SSW does not guarantee cold for the UK. It all depends on how the northern hemisphere sets up after the warming - we could still end up mild.