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  1. Hit a low of 19.3c overnight. Expecting 33c today given yesterday and starting temp.
  2. 30.9c here - think we will probably hold steady now....maybe a chance of going over 31c.
  3. Sign of the times I think. To achieve a 100f on a one off plume day given how the month had been up to that point is quite something. I think our climate is becoming increasingly continental. I think high and low temp extremes are possible in the near future.
  4. One for future weather nuts! Below average July but with a 100f temperature recorded as well.
  5. I think the 1991 figure was 37.1c at Cheltenham. 2003 was the first time the UK broke 100f.
  6. I would have thought 40c would be a possibility under such a set up. But this is likely to go the same way as a -20c run we see in winter! A watered down version likely, maybe similar to the setup tomorrow.
  7. I don't think we get anything other than that these days! Not looking good, could easily end up second lowest on record.
  8. Never dip much below low double digits here during July / August. Usually start to see our first 6/5c temps very and of August and early September.
  9. Yes, seems summer came in April / May this year which were glorious here. August can easily be a forward extension of autumn and it seems we are in the middle of a typical solar minimum summer.
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