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  1. I feel ready for some warmth now. A good seven day cold spell following on from a chilly at times January has been enough of a fill for me.
  2. No way - it will be coastal location. Either somewhere on the south coast or even the North Wales coast possibly.
  3. When we do we expect to see the convection start to fire in the SE? Later this afternoon?
  4. Think it worthy of an amber? They issued one for parts of Yorkshire early this morning.
  5. Sounds good for my locale in NE Surrey. Any chance this could mimic what was seen in 09 & 10 in terms of totals - possibly 25cm in some spots?
  6. I am past caring now. Enjoying this spell and will then happily look to spring and hopefully more of a return to a normal life again.
  7. Looks to already be some good convection building which could drift through South London later this morning.
  8. Starting to really build in the estuary now, looks like it will blow through into South London - start of the famous ENE streamer?
  9. Just went out for a walk - saw a couple of polar bears and a few brass monkeys! It is frozen out there, that wind! Snow is in drifts with scoured sheet ice on the rest of the surfaces. Hoping for more snow to cover the ice and provide a walking surface!
  10. In all fairness, it was never showing much potential for Brighton? You will only ever really get hit from a channel low and that has not been in the forecast. If I lived on the South Coast, I wouldn't even bother looking for snow as it is nearly impossible for you guys sadly.
  11. The automatic forecast is trash. Just look at the radar - we are -0.1c here now.
  12. Do you think we'll see that much here Nick? Just heavy dandruff currently. When are you expecting accumulations to start?
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