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  1. In all fairness they never really beared any good though, just a few ok charts in FI. I think it has been such slim pickings that such charts in a regular winter should not have been heralded as the second coming. Smells of desperation, this winter is clearly going nowhere.
  2. ECM is just flat westerly, too much residual energy to the south of Greenland. We end up with a sausage shaped high stretching from Newfoundland to Iberia.
  3. Yes, better indicator than the models! I think there are some signs though, the movement of the PV more towards Siberia is certainly encouraging.
  4. Lack of low heights over the med though, I think we will just end up with a sceuro, trough out west just hitting the block and the UK in a no man's land S, SW, SE alternating flow.
  5. No harm in a little bit of hope - Keep Calm and Carry On. This winter is turning into the weather equivalent of Brexit though.....stuck in a rut and not going anywhere fast. Maybe come February we will get a sudden cold resolution.
  6. Nope. Just goes to show that even when the weather is mundane, we can still see something unusual and a little out of the blue.
  7. Just read this on the BBC - 18.7c in Scotland on the 28th. 3rd month of the year to record a new max record. New maximum December temperature recorded WWW.GOOGLE.COM Provisional data suggests temperatures hit 18.7C at Achfary in the Scottish Highlands on 28 December.
  8. I think even in the poorest summers you would still get a few days where it would be warm and sunny enough to whip out the bbq. Not sure you can say the same for the sledge in a poor winter, especially in the south - more likely to need the waders!
  9. Yes, but at least 30c does occur every summer. Most winters we are chasing shadows and up with sod all.
  10. Looking to summer already in all honesty. Down here we always get at least a few days of +30c even in a poor summer year. Cannot say the same for snow and ice days!
  11. Pretty happy with how my forecast is panning out - looking like I nailed December!
  12. I was under the impression it was the winter following the minimum that is usually coldest (or has more chance of being). We saw this with the last solar cycle to an extent.
  13. Over amplifies over this area and never seems to pick up on short wave spoilers which usually emerge first in GFS.
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