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  1. If everyone had that attitude we would still be using stone tools.
  2. I live in the North Downs and it is still fairly rubbish for snow. You get better shower activity in Kent than we do. We saw snow in the 17th Jan; but it was literally a 2cm job that had melted by mid morning.
  3. Don't forget the following: "The GFS 6Z is always the warmest run of the four" "One for the shredder" "It's the GFS vs. ECM and UKMO and I know which one I'm backing" "The 18z has been down the pub again" The runs become living entities during winter! Haha.
  4. Air temp got down to 5c and ground was at 4.1c when I stepped out the door at 7am. Heating was fired up for an hour this morning as some rooms had dropped below 16c.
  5. A few frosts and a few centimetres of snow will be a vast improvement on the last couple of years!
  6. Not put it on yet. We moved to a new house in July....so it will be interesting to see how effective the system is once we turn it on. Currently at 17c - 18c; will wait until we drop to 16c before firing it up. Should still be enough heat during the day, especially with sunshine to keep it a couple more weeks away.
  7. Stunning here in the centre of town apart from the nagging breeze. Agree regarding winter - bring on the +20c days now!
  8. On the flip side when it hits 30c this summer here and they are stuck under a rain band we can all have a good chuckle
  9. Looking forward to warmth now in all honesty. At least with a hot spell downgrade the temps may only reach 25c instead of 30c - not exactly a disaster. Winter in this country is just a constant battle with everything on a ll knife edge - I'm worn out!
  10. To be honest I would have thought a milder USA E. Coast would be a much more favourable proposition. The severe cold they have had in the last few years has just fired up the jetstream!
  11. Just in response to Crewe - we had the warmest July day on record last year and a very hot July in 2013. I think people remember things when they were a kid as being all rosie.....is it not the fact you were a kid, could play out and had few responsibilities.
  12. In all fairness it's not worth following any op past +144.
  13. Not sure why it's too late.....we had two weeks of winter left the last time i checked and March can still deliver early on.
  14. Wow......The ECM is in a particularly good mood. Let's be honest; it's the model you want to see showing this as it verifies best.
  15. To be honest I just don't see it. The showers currently affecting East Anglia are prominently rain and that's in a cold NE airflow. I think the peak district may see snow; but low lying central areas will surely be rain. Looking at how this winter has panned out I don't expect any surprises.