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  1. Radiating Dendrite

    Winter 2018/19

    Eyes down.......two fat ladies!
  2. Will be hail - it has been low 20s with Thunderstorms there today.
  3. We got down to 2.1c yesterday morning. Leaving the house today at 6am and it was 1.9c. Couple of ground frosts in the bag.
  4. 10.2c and 63mm please.
  5. 2nd place - happy with that. Knew it couldn't last, May - July was fantastic. A more average August was a welcome relief though for me and the garden.
  6. https://en.tutiempo.net/climate/europe.html This is a great resource for station data.
  7. Just wanted to thank you knocker for your posts. I check your updates daily and find them informative and reliable. Keep up the good work!
  8. We have finished on an average of 20.9c here for the month with the average maximum being 27.1c. Will be a long time before this month is bettered.
  9. Still expecting a warm month, but not like the two just gone. Will plump for 16.7c and 43mm.
  10. Radiating Dendrite

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 26/03/2018 onwards

    18.50 and it is still 30.3c. This last 6 weeks will be talked about for years to come. My last sub 20c max was the 17th June and ive not seen rain for 40 days!
  11. We have one for snow and rain is fast becoming as rare as hens teeth! When will we next see rain? Let's get over excited about some blue blobs showing at +316 on the GFS!
  12. Radiating Dendrite

    Sunday 8th July weather observations

    Hit 31.2c yesterday and hit exactly the same number today about 20 minutes ago. Temp has dropped back now and is currently 30.1c. Strewth!!!
  13. Can't take the chance - paid a lot of money to have the new lawn put down. Giving it a good soak every three or four days late in the evening. Anyway.....enough about my grass problems