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  1. That low is too far South. A Genoa low sits over northern Italy. A Sicilian one is going to give us sod all.
  2. I've given up searching FI. Ive seem pretty graphs since mid November showing the next cold spell at 10 days. Here I am, yet to see a snowflake.
  3. But the other thread has serious model analysis.
  4. 1. We do not analyse zonal to the same extent, so changes are not picked up. 2. Larger margin for error with zonal.
  5. Narnia has been painted numerous times by the models the last few days and not even deep into FI. A chart going to pot at 96hrs compared to 300hrs is a lot harder to take.
  6. Yes, but then it all ends up going down the toilet by the time it gets to 96hrs. The start impact is doing sod all for us when spoiler shortwave suddenly show up.
  7. Best run of the internet era? Surely it is up there...
  8. What are we going to see at 10pm once the GFS has been on the booze! Incredible charts - completely crazy but even a watered down version would be great.
  9. Yes, hopefully a little more margin for error come the evening run.
  10. As i was saying, 168 is a great chart. Very nice run.
  11. ECM still lovely, but not quite as peachy as the 12z at 144. Think we will get a nice 168 chart though.
  12. Confused - if that pattern was further west we would benefit. I was predominently referring to pressure patterns anyway.
  13. The models tend to have an eastward bias as shown with the slider over the next couple of days. At one point it was sliding down the coast of Norway. Im sure the pattern for next week will be further west given known model bias.
  14. Fantastic ECM up to 192 this morning! Such a pleasure to see the sight of low pressure in southern Europe.....fuelling our easterly. The Alps will continued to be buried looking at this run (as we will hopefully).