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  1. I'm not a huge summer fan but even I'm clamouring for the first pleasantly warm spring days now. You just know it will go annoyingly and pointlessly cold late March and early April though
  2. I think this non-descript week may just help 2019/20 clinch the title of worst winter I've ever had the misfortune to experience, unless February pulls a miracle out of its backside.
  3. Well, there certainly won't be any water shortages this summer in the UK!
  4. Pretty much every aspect of that is wrong, impressive!
  5. It ACTUALLY feels like winter this morning. Blimey. Who'd have thought it.
  6. December 2010 by a country mile, I genuinely don't think we'll see a month like it again. A good second is December 2015, the warmth in that month was extraordinary.
  7. I think that's partly why this winter has been so awful all round. If we can't get snow, a cold high pressure would be nice as at least we'd get sunshine. If we can't even get that, then at least be stormy - something interesting. This mild, drab rubbish suits nobody.
  8. If you're unhappy with the moans about this winter, I suggest you steer clear of a thread dedicated to moans about this winter.
  9. If we're going to have mild dross, it might as well be record breaking mild dross. Much like I hate heat in the summer, if it's going to be hot, be interestingly hot. Just looking at ensemble plumes is pretty dire viewing, even the lower percentiles barely drop below average throughout the EC and GFS runs. Councils are saving a fortune in gritting costs I suppose...
  10. Reading University posted a photo of the daffs coming up on campus the other day.
  11. Certainly in the realms of the worst ever winters for sure. At least 06/07 had a belting snow event in February though. Thankfully it's impossible to beat 13/14 in terms of snowlessness though! Can't get less than zero
  12. A frost would be nice! Attempted to go for a walk in the sun, absolute mudfest out there. Wake me up when Autumn ends.

    1. Dami


      sun? you had SUN?

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Gorgeous afternoon here!

  13. We're certainly falling apart a bit. Managed to get to Barnsley on Boxing Day, my first of the season, we got absolutely battered. Leeds could turn us over on Wednesday.
  14. Well isn't this winter bloody awful?

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    2. NUT


      Yeah it's crap. Only thing that's happened is the Rain so far we've had the frost...................but virtually all of that happened during Autumn

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Omg stop moaning .... winter has just begun ! 

    4. Allseasons-si


      And ends in April🤣

  15. Still lurking occasionally! But yes work has been difficult for the last few months so precious little time to post. I keep meaning to.
  16. Latest EC is very concerning for North Carolina. Has the eye going right over the Outer Banks. I know it's 5 days away but there is still a very real possibility of a US landfall.
  17. You can't force people to have fewer children but for the sake of the planet there needs to be options considered to at least slow population growth. It's the elephant in the room when it comes to climate change.
  18. I'm sorry but what is the point of VAR? It's supposed to weed out mistakes by useless refs like Mike Dean, not back them up! Waste of bloody time. Obvious pen not given.
  19. Daniel James should be given a solid 8.0 for his theatrics last night.
  20. A thoroughly pleasant day today it has to be said. Another washout tomorrow though!
  21. Fair play for bringing up this thread again despite it going wrong, many would just let it slip away
  22. It's looking increasingly likely that the back end of August will be reasonable with "useable" weather. Bank holiday weekend prospects currently look good, which they would be as I'm on 12 hour shifts for each of the three days.
  23. No you misread, B87 said average high, not overall high.
  24. A soaker for Buckinghamshire I should have added!
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