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  1. Loving seeing the return of single figure minima on the horizon!
  2. What a lovely day. Sunny spells and slight warmth are a perfect combination at this time of year.
  3. As mentioned above, when was the last time we had a properly rainy day? As in frontal rainfall rather than localised deluges? It must be months. It seems as though most of our rainfall comes from sporadic convective events as opposed to regular, steady rainfall recently.
  4. It was an EU decision to bring that in rather than a UK one.
  5. January is far more enjoyable if we actually get wintry weather. But I can completely understand why some find unsettled, gloomy Januarys particularly difficult.
  6. The smell of petrichor as the rain moved in last night was amazing. Lovely fresh feeling today.
  7. As someone who burns very easily, I disagree!
  8. While the day time maxima drop off significantly after today, the nights look to remain warm unfortunately. Would prefer it to be the other way round!
  9. I'm loving the lowering of the sun in the sky, day by day. We're lucky to live in a location that experiences such rapid changes in the seasons like that, in my opinion.
  10. Unusually oppressive night for September. Not pleasant.
  11. UKV has some parts not dropping below 19C tonight, might have to dust off the A/C.
  12. In which case, use the ignore function for repeat "offenders".
  13. I don't know how many times that this has to be pointed out, especially considering that it's in the title, but moans are allowed in here. If you don't want to read moans, don't read the thread. It's really not that difficult (well, to most). Meanwhile, this is probably the nicest week of the year by some distance in my opinion. Far better than the July heatwave! Note I said better, not hotter.
  14. The hot spell in July was unpleasant. This is far more enjoyable.
  15. This is a nicer day than anything summer offered up. I love September.
  16. Just a reminder that we have a thread to discuss Autumn here: If your post has disappeared from the summer thread, it's probably because we've moved it to the Autumn one!
  17. I don't think you notice it as much in the depths of winter as it's dark for 16 hours of the day anyway. The gloom is far more noticeable at this time of year.
  18. I'm really struggling to remember such a prolonged period with virtually no sunshine. I can recall a couple of cold, foggy Decembers, but at least that added some festive feel to the weather.
  19. Just a reminder that we do have an Autumn thread to discuss the current season!
  20. I look forward to another Autumn/Winter of bizarre inconsistencies with storm naming. It's always good entertainment!
  21. You weren't jumped on with narky comments. You were challenged for suggesting that it's piece of cake to move abroad. Perhaps the fact that "a number of people" challenged you suggests what you said was rather silly? Just a thought...
  22. It's been around the mid-teens day and night, but we've had virtually no sunshine for a week now so there's nothing to warm the house up.
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