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  1. In America for the royal wedding, yippeeee! Won't have to endure the nauseating BBC coverage :D

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    2. lassie23


      tell them that the only people who are interested are them and the media

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      I'll tell them the royal family doesn't really exist and it's all a big conspiracy. They love nonsense conspiracy theories.

    4. Mokidugway


      I wouldn't worry nick they're doing a good job of destroying th monarchy anyway :drunk-emoji:

  2. Premier League Discussion

    You clearly haven't been to watch West Brom play recently.
  3. Premier League Discussion

    So do I, their Facebook page is comedy gold. It's even funnier when the fans of whichever team they're taking the mick out of go into a tantrum.
  4. Premier League Discussion

    Paddy Power does it again!
  5. Folks, since we've had one instance of it this afternoon, just a warning. One of the biggest bug bears on this forum from moderators and other members alike is those who post off topic posts in here with a disclaimer of "Sorry mods, off topic but...". There are no buts about it, just don't post it.
  6. Premier League Discussion

    Did Liverpool have a lap of honour again like the last time they drew at home to us?
  7. Premier League Discussion

    So into the drop zone we go and I'm wondering if we'll ever get out of it.
  8. A few days up in Inverness. I bloody love Scotland. Great country and great people. 

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    2. lassie23


      very eager to give folk a Glasgow kiss

    3. Mokidugway


      Had many a night out in Glasgow  great fun , beats London  hands down for friendliness :drunk-emoji:


    4. lassie23


      london, best city in london:cc_confused:

  9. No, metres. To be honest tomorrow is looking very, very limited for snow potential now. There will be a lucky few but for the most of us it will either be dry or rain.
  10. It's rapidly turning into a horrid slush fest out there now.
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Well, that's the title race over...
  12. I was having problems uploading photos earlier on my phone. PC no problem though.
  13. Oh as a general guide they're fine, in fact, the Beeb and Met Office ones are better than most. But don't take the hourly ones too literally. These apps are driven by raw model data, with little or no human input. They tend to cover a fairly broad area so to rely on their forecasts for local weather on an hourly scale is not advisable. Like I said, for an overall picture, it's fine. But for a "Will it snow at 9am?" kinda view it's not the best.
  14. Word to the wise folks, don't take the BBC/Met Office/Any other app's hourly forecast too literally. It's a one way ticket to a heart condition otherwise!
  15. It's slowly fizzling out over the next few hours. You'll still get snow but not enough for any meaningful accumulations.
  16. Until tomorrow that's it for any measurable snow.
  17. GFS has had a mare for this. All the models struggled but the GFS did the most.
  18. I'm sorry I got to that point and that was it.
  19. Milf sector Beats a mild sector I guess!
  20. I think that's conservative. Frost hollows in this part of the world could get even lower than that, would not be surprised to see a -15c in the Midlands.
  21. Welcome to the forum! Do you mind popping your location in your profile/signature? Just so we know where "here" is
  22. Not necessarily. This is jumping about all over the place each run.
  23. The concrete has still got the relatively warm soil underneath it. Not so much of a factor now but certainly for Autumn and Spring snowfall it can make a huge difference. Only makes a degree or two difference, but that's all it takes!