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  1. Nick L

    UEFA Nations League

    So the "Leagues" have been announced with England in the top league, A, Scotland in C and all other British Isles nations in B. But the format is mind bogglingly complicated... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41580638 One of the stranger features is one of the bottom 16 nations in Europe is guaranteed a place at Euro 2020
  2. Bit of a weird spell at the moment, humid but not particularly summery. Looking forward to the much fresher blast next week to mix things up a bit.
  3. Nick L

    Premier League Discussion

    He'll be gone by October and let's hope that's the last we'll see of him in English football.
  4. Nick L

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Opposite of the PL where the big boys get away with murder...
  5. Nick L

    Arizona Monsoon 10/08/2018

    Probably my favourite shot of that night.
  6. Nick L

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    I bloody love The Championship, utterly mad! Shame the prize for winning it is a return to the snooze league! Just bought my ticket for our match against Stoke and I can't wait.
  7. Nick L

    Arizona Monsoon 10/8/2018

    10th August 2018 overlooking Phoenix, note blue power flash to the side of the bolt.
  8. Yeah weird place. Never flown into/from there myself but have picked people up from there.
  9. It's all about personal choice at the end of the day. Tanning can and does cause skin cancer, much like drinking can cause liver problems, eating too much causes obesity/diabetes etc...people just need to be sensible.
  10. Big warning though! Many of the super cheap fares DO NOT include bags. Nevertheless, they are still relative bargains even with bags added. Got my return to Denver for £477, direct including bag, and I just saw it is now another £10 or so cheaper. When booking, make sure you choose economy, not economy basic (or w/e it's called) if you want to take a checked bag.
  11. Nick L

    Premier League Discussion

    Good. Abysmal referee.
  12. Nick L

    Arizona Monsoon 2018

    A handful of photos from this year's Arizona chase, the first chase I've actually bothered with my camera!
  13. Just about cool enough for jeans for me today. Windows still wide open at home, making the most of fresh air.
  14. Yep, tanning is not healthy at all.
  15. Nick L

    Arizona Monsoon 10/8/2018

    Thanks! I've added several more into the Arizona Monsoon thread in the Storm Chase section. Sadly, this is a reduced quality version.
  16. Feels so Autumnal today, loving the change from June and July.
  17. Nick L

    Arizona Monsoon 2018

    Nah not next year, I'll be stateside for 4 weeks through May and June so won't have enough leave! It's great though. A far more sedate pace to the usual storm chasing and Phoenix is a cracking place, plus Arizona as a whole is beautiful even without storms.
  18. Nick L

    The cashless society

    Don't really use much cash to be honest. Contactless is so convenient.
  19. 2019 storm chase flights booked...

    1. Daniel*


      Eager? Guess you save coin..

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Bargain direct flights to Denver (under £500) so had to take them!

  20. Come back from Arizona to find things a little greener and so much more comfortable compared to when I left. My flat is below 25c for the first time since god knows when, happy days.
  21. Back from my Arizona chase! Got some stunning lightning pics to upload. Now the long 9 month wait until I next see storms :(

  22. Mid way through the Arizona storm chase, temperatures regularly into the mid 40s but biblical lightning. Also a beautiful part of the world.

    1. Daniel*


      Anything 40 odd a no go for me..

    2. Mokidugway


      I'm in Arizona in three weeks time looking forward  to some flash flood chasing around slot canyons 

  23. Currently in Dublin ahead of flying to Phoenix tomorrow for the Netweather Arizona monsoon storm chase!



      The heat is on but with spectacular pay back?

    2. Wiltshire_snow_lover


      Good luck, Have fun

  24. Nick L

    Possible new UK all time record

    Up to 34.1c now, hottest day of the year looking probable, July record possible but it'll be a stretch.
  25. Nick L

    Possible new UK all time record

    They're doing their usual infuriating tactic of "this was our initial forecast and we will stick to it". Even their own model is back into the low 30s!