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  1. Des Coleman has lost his job on BBC Weather for brandishing a fake gun in a road rage incident...

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Aye- and unfortunately in today's climate you often seem to get punished at least as severely for being innocent as for being guilty!

    3. full_frontal_occlusion


      Innocent he may be. However, he did seriously breach his contract by using his live TV news slot to make a personal protest against his upcoming court trial. That in itself could be seen as an attempt to sway the course of justice as potential jurors may have seen that little outburst. Innocent he may be, but the BBC are fully justified in their decision.

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      According to outlets he "deliberately put the wrong temperature up on his weather map then told viewers they should not believe everything in the media"- one can debate as to whether that was a serious breach or not (as it didn't make a direct reference to the case, only implicit). However he seems to have accepted his punishment with good grace, so it all seems okay.

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