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  1. This weather is utterly horrid...muggy, dull and mild. Bring back the cold!

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    2. weirpig


      No sun here  awful,  Doctors are prescribing James Blunt tracks as a pick me up.

    3. lassie23


      roll on errr...... the new ice age, although that even gets pushed back like cold in the models. It was due to start next year but it will now start in 1000 years time.:cold:

    4. Spikecollie


      I got back from work at just before 16h00, on the way back it became foggy and started to drizzle. But, I said "sod it" I'm going out for a cycle ride! It was lovely, right up into the clouds, gentle mist on my face and being well waterproofed and wrapped up I was very comfortable. It was 10c, so not as cold as latter days. The misty ambiance is very very different and quite awe inspiring, even though we can see it as the weather "doing nothing much"!

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