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  1. Latest EC is very concerning for North Carolina. Has the eye going right over the Outer Banks. I know it's 5 days away but there is still a very real possibility of a US landfall.
  2. You can't force people to have fewer children but for the sake of the planet there needs to be options considered to at least slow population growth. It's the elephant in the room when it comes to climate change.
  3. I'm sorry but what is the point of VAR? It's supposed to weed out mistakes by useless refs like Mike Dean, not back them up! Waste of bloody time. Obvious pen not given.
  4. Daniel James should be given a solid 8.0 for his theatrics last night.
  5. A thoroughly pleasant day today it has to be said. Another washout tomorrow though!
  6. Fair play for bringing up this thread again despite it going wrong, many would just let it slip away
  7. It's looking increasingly likely that the back end of August will be reasonable with "useable" weather. Bank holiday weekend prospects currently look good, which they would be as I'm on 12 hour shifts for each of the three days.
  8. No you misread, B87 said average high, not overall high.
  9. A soaker for Buckinghamshire I should have added!
  10. Proper soaker of a morning, nearly 10mm here already.
  11. The Met Office used to have a page detailing their definitions for things like light/heavy rain, light/heavy snow etc. etc. Does anyone know where I can find it?

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    2. jtay


      Here you go Nick --> https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20101209182435/http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/corporate/library/factsheets/factsheet03.pdf

      Is this what you're after? I've downloaded a copy, if you have any issues accessing it.

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Nice one, thanks!

    4. jtay


      No worries. There are others in the series, listed at the end of that doc. Just change the number in the URL, i.e. 02.pdf for the Thunderstorm definition doc, etc.

  12. Only if it's frosty! None of this modern 20c Halloween nonsense. I'm starting to get Autumn vibes now though for sure. The unsettled spell will accelerate that along.
  13. Latest EC has gusts of 55-60mph across swathes of southern England on Saturday morning. Could be nasty.
  14. It certainly feels like the peak of summer is long gone now, especially with the unsettled outlook on the cards. Not complaining too much though, I'll take anything over the heat we had the other week.
  15. All extremes of weather result in death and destruction, that's why they're called extremes. Whether it be the 2003 heatwave or severe winters, all have their problems. But enjoying extremes won't make them less or more likely to happen so what is the point of this silly debate?
  16. Temperature-wise has been lovely the last week or so, but the lack of sunshine is crap.
  17. An hour of daylight lost in southern England now. I am looking forward to it not getting light until post-6am I have to say. 6-7am is the ideal really.
  18. I loved the rainy weekend. And the flat is now at a comfortable temperature.
  19. I'm sorry, but any site used in official readings should already be deemed fit for official use. It should not require extra checks just because it might have a record resting on it, standards and checks should already be stringent enough. If they're having to check THEIR OWN SITE to see if it's fit to be giving data, just because there's a record at stake, then frankly that's poor form for a globally renowned institution.
  20. If it's not a suitable site then I'll ask the question why are they even bothering to receive data from it? I think it's fine.
  21. Yep I suspect that's part of the issue. They've had some embarrassing gaffes and blunders on social media. My favourite was when they shared a photo of a "tornado" that was clearly a contrail shadow
  22. Well that's all well and good...but why make a big song and dance on social media at 4pm on the day about falling short of the record, when they knew it would take days to verify? Sod social media and do your jobs properly.
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