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  1. I'll be in Arizona in August so I need to get used to heat!
  2. This is pretty exceptional though to be fair, it's just about tolerable for me.
  3. I do like spring for the variation, and it never really gets warm enough to be uncomfortable.
  4. Maximum temperatures were -5c in places last month...
  5. Now why can't all summer heat be like this? Lovely!

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    2. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      All I've done these last 2 days is sneeze. My head's banging and my already pathetic tolerance for heat is sorely under strain. I don't know how you southerners do it. I would have topped myself long ago.

    3. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85


      Seemingly everyone else: CpWYfeyWEAAXgJl.thumb.jpg.2018b7f673025f6759efe06ab3be9f6a.jpg

    4. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      When I was out, I was surprised how I tolerated the heat as it usually makes my joints swell and ache a lot.  It is a lot cooler indoors, I have got my cardigan and dressing gown.  I might have to out again to get myself warm.

  6. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Incredible temperature graph from Oklahoma...0c to 38c from morning to afternoon. Also note the very low dew points, some nasty fires in that part of the world at the moment.
  7. Ava, Oklahoma started the day at 0c. It was 38c by afternoon. What a climate.

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      That's way too hot for me!

    2. reef


      How do you even dress for weather like that?! Scarf and coat in the morning, melt regardless of what you have on in the afternoon!

  8. Tour 2 2018

    Just a month from now I'll be sipping pints in my hotel at Heathrow, hopefully this thread will liven up a little!
  9. Now where are my shorts...

  10. Premier League Discussion

    Who are you looking forward to playing most in the Championship next season?
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Surely this has to end any talk of Hart going to Russia, let alone being number one?
  12. Premier League Discussion

    You cannot seriously tell me this is the first time you've seen Peter Crouch?!
  13. "It's cold in my back garden therefore I know more than the experts!!!"
  14. Oh no I agree, I cannot stand those who get all high and mighty for having a "healthy lifestyle". I'm lucky in a way that I never tan, only burn, so never get complacent with the sun from March to September and slap on the sun screen.
  15. And talking of things that aren't good for you, I intend on spending the majority of Thursday in a beer garden, looking glorious.