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  1. The fact it has completely changed from the previous run means it should be met with scepticism.
  2. Might be a new variation but it's simply another flavour of wintry!
  3. Honestly, what are people on about with the cold being delayed? The serious cold was and still is expected to arrive Sunday/Monday. There are a few wobbles either way at times but it's not being delayed.
  4. Such is the depth of the initial cold, even for most areas in the south any precip will still be as snow on that out to the end of the week.
  5. Like chionomaniac says, it's a little more messy, but in the end it turns nice and unsettled. About as stable as Donald Trump. -20c 850s over the North Sea!!!!
  6. It baffles me how some are managing to find negatives in the current output. It is not being delayed, no idea where you're getting that from. If you can't enjoy the current output then you'll never enjoy any winter synoptic set up.
  7. Can't say I know of such a thing unfortunately, if anyone does it would be useful. The figures I quoted are a rough rule of thumb!
  8. Yep, already been seeing daytime convection over land in the last week or two, and that's without the aforementioned ridiculous lapse rates. Will certainly be a learning curve for how the models deal with it.
  9. Untrue. They have access to the full UKV suite, the 1.5km Met model, like we do at MetDesk.
  10. While that's true to an extent, it's not exactly bone dry as it is... The EC is usually fairly keen to kill off shower activity as it trundles inland. Will be interesting to see the shower activity on the UKV and Euro4 over the coming days.
  11. Could get my first ever blizzard and on my birthday too. What a present that would be!

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      Lol bits fall off in cold weather :sorry:

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      lassie23-downgrades if it will shut the Model thread up-that thread is getting as unbearable as toys being thrown out of a pram.

    4. Nick L
  12. I'm not a fan either so far, but early days, and hopefully they will listen to feedback. However, based on the BBC reaction of "we're right, you're wrong" when they were presented with the criticism then I don't hold out much hope.
  13. That's a completely separate debate entirely though, Pete. I was just contesting the opinion that just because the Met Office are our national forecaster, the BBC should stick with them come what may. If the BBC deemed them to be sub-standard and not providing value for money, damn right the Met Office should be dumped.
  14. Completely disagree with your second point. The Met Office should not be beyond reproach, they're not invincible. I don't think people realise just how many public services receive forecasts from private providers, if the Met Office are not up to scratch then they should face the same consequences as any other company would. Just because they happen to be a nationalised forecasting agency should mean nothing. However, I agree, the new graphics are poor.