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  1. It's not that warm today but jee whizz it's muggy.
  2. Most people don't like mine so tough I think accents are becoming more diluted because people are moving and living elsewhere more than they used to. I've lived down south for a while and my accent is being polluted by southern blandness...
  3. This humidity is utterly draining

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Just one week until Autumn folks :D

    3. iapennell


      Cloudy and quite cool where I live in the North Pennines. However the midges are out in force! 

    4. alexisj9


      Dp here now 19.9, still sunny, with small banks of alto cumulus coming over every now and then. Temp still relatively low at 25.6, pegged by sea breeze I think.



  4. Large tornado on the ground near Indianapolis, only a matter of time before a major city over there gets flattened :/

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      It's only a matter of time. The monster that struck El Reno (which, bizarrely, was given an EF3 rating) was perilously close to hitting Oklahoma City. Fortunately, a second supercell rained into the tornadic one's updraft and killed it. Oklahoma City has been very lucky, but Moore just to the south has had incredibly bad luck. Somewhere like Chicago or Dallas could conceivably be devastated.

    3. alexisj9


      Basically it's based on damage done and not on strength and size. I guess rolled cars = EF3, had it hit town which thankfully it didn't, would have been EF5 easily.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yeah and that's what I disagree with to be honest. It is out of kilter with other scales like the Hurricane Categories.

  5. Yeah the high temperatures have mitigated the humidity issues today, but now it's cooling down you'll really begin to feel the humidity!
  6. Well it depends what you mean by happen. In terms of storm intensity, it's not likely to be much more active than we're seeing now. This cluster of showers will continue to trundle northeastwards, producing a few rumbles here and there.
  7. I think anyone expecting big storms is going to be disappointed.
  8. There's simply a layer of very dry air not far above the surface, so any rain that does fall just gets evaporated. Having said that, it has just started raining here.
  9. Can see virga from my office window from a passing shower.
  10. Can't recall anyone saying it's amazing. Many people like myself have said it's decent, and many agree. It's certainly not the misery fest some are claiming it to be around here.
  11. Great addition that, it's invaluable on Radarscope in the states.
  12. Yep wouldn't call this dry heat myself. You'll really notice the high dew points tonight, very sticky night to come once more.
  13. So many this summer. Stay out of the damn sea!