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  1. I did apply for a job on Shetland once
  2. Power cut at work, only essential stuff powered by the generator, sadly that doesn't include the kettle. Damn you, Doris.
  3. Just popped to the shop for my lunch, loads of small branches down, was very wary when walking under trees. Not seen winds like this in the UK for years.
  4. Strongest winds I've seen in the UK for years

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    2. Tamara


      As usual there are regional variations with these wind-storms.  Katie for example last March was stronger south of the M4.

      Thankfully its just windy on the most micro local perspective.  

      However, overall this one has had the largest impacts so far over the larger areas in England and Wales for a little while. 

      To the north of the border, there are often storms as bad or worse than this. That is no consolation whatsoever to the family of the poor lady in Wolverhampton

    3. Dami


      wish me and bubs luck then in 20mins when school finishes, i not not enjoying this at all :(

    4. cheese


      Just a breezy day here - with sporadic rain. But we were never forecast strong winds anyway.

  5. Power just went off for 10 secs here in Wendover, battery back ups had to kick in, generator on standby...
  6. Going back to Dubai I reckon
  7. Landing at Brum perhaps? This is fascinating viewing!
  8. One positive then.
  9. The radar track of UAE17 looks interesting. landing...nah...
  10. Lights have just flickered in the office...Strongest winds I've seen for a long time. Finally some actual weather in this boring winter!
  11. The truth has never mattered to The Scum.
  12. I miss living in Norman, watching these roll in from the stairway of our apartment with a beer in hand. 3 months today will be my first chase day of 2017
  13. They use AT&T and T-Mobile, I also have Three. Can be a little patchy at times but generally it's really good. Would certainly recommend Three over other UK mobile operators.
  14. Would be absolutely amazing. A guaranteed non-league side at Wembley! Although for selfish reasons I want big teams to win both cups this year, want to get the Europa League qualification spots down to 7th
  15. Win-win for Lincoln. They either get an amazing, money-spinning tie at Arsenal, or an incredible chance to make the semi-finals.