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  1. One of the directors at our place has a weather station in Chesham in a notorious frost hollow. It got down to 9.1C and then reached 35.1C during the afternoon. An incredible diurnal range, especially in the summer months.
  2. The ease at which we seem to be recording these extreme temperatures is worrying. Only a matter of time before we hit 40 I think. Easily the worst conditions I've ever had to sleep in for night shifts, utterly grim. Highly doubt it's going to cool down as much as the models suggest tonight. We seem to have flatlined at around 20-21C here under stubborn cloud which is annoying, was hoping it would be nice and cool in my room by the time I get home at about 8am.
  3. It may be partly driven by the UKV which has ramped up maxima for tomorrow in the last 24 hours. Now has grid points of 35C in London for example.
  4. So we get one day of miserable excessive heat and it times it perfectly between me having two night shifts! Can't we just get a prolonged period of mid-20s instead of prolonged crap with one blistering day? Everyone wins then!
  5. Villa survived thanks to a technical error in the Sheff Utd game. Luckiest club going.
  6. Well this is certainly a good day to be at work. Absolutely wretched day out there!
  7. We still get paid at the end of the month though
  8. Yes, that's fine for the reservoirs, but the soils were baked dry by May.
  9. BOING BOING! Can't wait to return to our regular slot last on Match of the Day next season

    1. NUT


      You've got a good manager who knows you might be decent next season (when it starts)

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      We were excellent first half of the season, but after Christmas we've been dreadful. Complete overhaul required. 

    3. cheeky_monkey


      yep plenty of 0-0 bore draws on the cards then

  10. Take it back about not feeling warm, I came back from my lunch break walk a bit sweaty! Should have stuck with shorts today.
  11. Yep, 18-20C is widely accepted as being a healthy temperature to set a thermostat too.
  12. Another very usable day down here. Not the warmest but we do have lengthy sunny spells again.
  13. I just love how varied it is at our latitude. I enjoy seeing the days get longer in Jan/Feb, but I also enjoy the descent into Autumn through late August and early September.
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