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  1. Well, summer was nice while it lasted. Going to make the most of the next few days!
  2. Scotland are destined to be eliminated by being the 5th best 3rd-placed team.
  3. The outlook is summer heaven from my POV. Pleasantly warm days and nights that aren't oppressive. If it stays like this for the next 3 months I will be very happy.
  4. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me! No more heatwave misery for me.
  5. Given in and purchased an air conditioning unit. Bring on the heatwaves.
  6. Just moving things on folks. But to be clear, this is a forum for weather enthusiasts. Guilt tripping for enjoying weather isn't welcome here. If you can't handle others enjoying interesting weather then perhaps this isn't the forum for you.
  7. Well this is just point on perfect summer weather for me. Shorts are out 😂
  8. I'm so used to having to wear a coat that I wore it without thinking on the way to my night shift this evening - was far too warm! Absolutely lovely evening.
  9. Somewhat annoyingly, I think BH Monday will be the warmest day of spring. This May doesn't deserve to have that accolade!
  10. That GFS is my idea of summer perfection! Warm days and cool nights. Yes please!
  11. Rejoice! A bank holiday where I'm not working AND the weather is nice. Says a lot about this spring that we're excited to be scraping into the low-20s, but I'll take it. Will be one of the first days this year where it's comfortable to sit outside in a t-shirt.
  12. Just got back from a few days in Cornwall that was partly ruined by the absolutely awful weather. Two of the days were total washouts, the only dry day was too cold to sit outside in. @Backtrack here's looking at you!
  13. Will be in Bude tonight, looks like it's going to be very noisy. Quite an active October, this.
  14. Says he wants to step out of top-flight football, will gladly have him back at the Hawthorns!
  15. Well we've managed some thunder at least! On the day I'd usually be flying out to the US to see some proper storms.
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