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  1. Berahino not even in the 18 today, yet we refused to sell him in the summer. Utter joke.
  2. Rooney dropped, United 4-0 up at HT to the champions...coincidence?
  3. I think the lack of sunlight also has a part to play. The sun isn't that strong at this time of year but it can still warm a house up during the afternoon. But yeah a wet and blustery day can really strip the heat away.
  4. Well if you actually look at their website, they describe the region as "East of England", not East Anglia.
  5. Windows open all night last night despite being comfortably in single figures, absolutely lovely. I imagine with the wet and windy weather coming up next week more people will be reaching for the thermostat.
  6. autumn

    Last night was the most comfortable one for sleeping probably since spring, gorgeous!
  7. autumn

    I'd love that. Would give cracking autumn colours too.
  8. How about this for a suggestion: We just ban the Express entirely...?
  9. autumn

    Lovely seeing the thermometer in my room read temperatures sub-20c!
  10. Not my call I'm afraid, I'd certainly welcome it though.
  11. I wish we could all stop posting their links on here to be honest. They are nothing more than clickbait and as weather enthusiasts we should be doing all that we can to reduce their publicity, not increase it. I agree entirely with you @crazysnowcatz4. They make a mockery of meteorology and just add fuel to the "forecasters always get it wrong" fallacy.
  12. autumn

    Good, had enough of above average temperatures.
  13. *satire alert*
  14. You're doing better than the b***ards in claret and blue