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  1. Premier League Discussion

    Meanwhile, Sir Gary Megson will be managing us at Wembley next week. Will be a great proper send off for him, didn't get chance to when he was sacked in 2004.
  2. Premier League Discussion

    Probably going to be Koeman. Although I bet Chris Coleman is a bit miffed that he took the Sunderland job now.
  3. Premier League Discussion

    Now being touted to manage his native Wales... lol
  4. Premier League Discussion

    Pulis sacked Thanks for saving us after the Irvine disaster Tone but it was time to go.
  5. Premier League Discussion

    Watford beating West Ham, good start for Moyes...
  6. Yep. Energy traders pay good money for accurate long range forecasts.
  7. I think long range forecasting is useful, but unfortunately it's often misinterpreted or abused/misused by amateurs like the guy in that article. Long range forecasting is all about probabilities rather than saying "this will happen", but you try telling our rabid press that!
  8. I know, hence why I said "sometimes things do go wrong"!
  9. Premier League Discussion

    Don't worry, looks as though you'll get an easy 3 points off us in a couple of weeks.
  10. Today is international men's day, for all of those who complain on international women's day!

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    2. lassie23


      here's to those good old spigot valves:drinks:Well we had world kindness day and international toilet day, so why not men's day. Breakfast in bed for all men:yahoo:Or you can combine it with spigot valve day and all women get their men a spigot:good:

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      I'd like to find the man who started all this nonsense, and whack him over the head with a spigot valve!:shok:

    4. Mokidugway


      There's international international day too :drunk-emoji:

  11. I can't recall ever getting a surprise heatwave but sure, sometimes things do go wrong!
  12. We do but the public only remember when it goes wrong!
  13. Flu prospects this winter

    I wish we could just ship all anti-vaxxers to their own island where they can all happily have a life expectancy of 35.
  14. Premier League Discussion

    He should have been ditched over the international break, waiting for defeats to title contenders is a waste of time. We are in trouble now, let alone in a month.