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  1. Premier League Discussion

    And I also want to add what a cheating little rat Alexi Sanchez is. "he's gonna cry in a minute..."
  2. Only 3 months until the missing data myth gets banded about, this year is flying by

  3. Premier League Discussion

    Well that was frustrating. Should have been ahead first half but didn't bother second half. Come away feeling frustrated and angry. Better than usual, most Pulis matches leave me feeling empty!
  4. Premier League Discussion

    The origins of life? No. How we haven't scored is the greatest mystery to mankind. And this ref is crap.
  5. Premier League Discussion

    The origins of life? No. How we haven't scored is the greatest mystery to mankind. And this ref is crap.
  6. Premier League Discussion

    8 defensive players in the starting 11, excluding the keeper. Sorry but no chance! On a positive note, this is a very nice stadium.
  7. Premier League Discussion

    Fingers crossed he's not Finnished for a few months.
  8. Premier League Discussion

    Our line-up Why have I bothered?
  9. Premier League Discussion

    No chance. Pulis will go for the point (rightly tbh) but we will go 1-0 down and have no plan B. We are 9/1 to win though, 20/1 for a 1-0 if you fancy a flutter!
  10. Premier League Discussion

    7 years since we beat Arsenal 3-2 on their own turf. I am not optimistic of a repeat tonight! My first match of the season and a new ground though so fingers crossed.
  11. I agree with BST in summer. Imagine having GMT in June - it'd be getting light at 3am!
  12. But as usual in this country, no doubt we'll have a committee set up to discuss a change, spend millions of pounds on studies, and then the whole idea will be scrapped!
  13. I really don't like that idea. Certain areas have enough problems with anti social behaviour on summer evenings without it being light until a silly hour.
  14. Fair point. But even under GMT, road temperatures will still be below zero on a cold morning for a good couple of hours.
  15. Being familiar with the gritting industry and the decision making process, unless there has been a complete failure in procedure or sudden inclement weather, roads should not be iced up regardless of time. Besides, road temperatures can easily remain below zero until 9-10am in the middle of winter even under GMT, and in some locations they can remain below zero all day.