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  1. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

  2. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    Awesome from Mexico. But someone please tell Lineker that Germany didn't win the World Cup in 98...
  3. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    Mark Larwenson just constantly sounds like he doesn't want to be there. Moans about not having technology in 2010, moans about having technology in 2018.
  4. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    4 games today, super Saturday alright! Plus I'm off work
  5. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    What a goal. Cannot stand him but what a goal.
  6. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    Finally the World Cup has come to life. Come on Spain!
  7. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    Portugal have to be the luckiest international team there is.
  8. Yep, a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding that one!
  9. May use them for Denver next year, but the only snag is that they fly from Gatwick, a pain to get to for much of the population.
  10. Nick L

    World Cup 2018

    Can't wait until we get 16 more teams in this competition...
  11. I flew with Virgin last year, best flight I've ever been on. The food was genuinely nice, a spicy curry!
  12. The last time we were on an ancient plane with an entertainment system about as old as me. But the worst part was a result of the understaffing. It took 6 hours to be offered a cup of tea. Also, despite it being an afternoon flight, the cabin crew made us keep the shutters down. Nobody was needing to sleep, obviously, but we all had to sit in darkness for 9 hours. I presumed this was an attempt to get us to sleep so we didn't bother the cabin crew. Ended up feeling even more wretched than normal after a long flight. People assume that because they're expensive, BA are better. They ain't!
  13. BA were appalling the last time I flew with them, certainly nothing superior about them but for a much greater cost. Got the misfortune of flying with them this summer. I hope I don't get one of their ancient planes again... Flew with Delta for my storm chasing trip. Far cheaper and a much better service with planes that had actually been refurbished this century.
  14. 10,000 miles and 3 weeks later my first storm chase of the year comes to an end. Despite a very difficult season we still saw tornadoes, numerous supercells and epic lightning. Roll on Arizona next month. 

  15. 5% tor risk on our doorstep. Come on, let's finish Tour 3 with a bang.