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  1. Arrived in Dallas yesterday with temperatures into the 90s and revolting humidity. Let the storm hunt commence. 

    1. shuggee


      Twot!! :closedeyes:

  2. Perhaps I'm just getting too antsy. There should be some marginal chances, but after the goodies T1 have seen it's hard not to feel frustrated. Then again, it was the opposite for me last year. An insane T2 followed by an almost stormless T3!
  3. "Devoid of moisture"... that's not a phrase you want to read in the 4-8 outlook when you're flying tomorrow!
  4. Not looking great on either the EC or GFS right now for Tour 2, has to be said.
  5. All packed, off to Heathrow tomorrow and then Dallas on Friday! :D

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      I'm sure there are numerous on here who will be glad to see me sod off for a while :D

      Cheers! I will try and bring back a few storms.

    3. Dami


      lol nick. have a great time.

    4. Mokidugway


      Watch that Yankee food ,puts the pounds on ,lol

  6. Remember that odds are dictated by the punters! If loads of people are piling money on United to win the league then it would make sense, if very optimistic.
  7. Might have a pre-season tenner on a league winners accumulator. Did you read the story about one bloke who won £60k thanks to Villa's last minute equaliser against Brighton?
  8. Yeah we're on a domestic from Atlanta on Friday. Fingers crossed. Just let us land and then it can be as crazy as it wants
  9. Does seem bizarre for both Manchester clubs to be ahead of them... I'm tempted by that 3/1! The 9/1 Spurs one is good value IMO too.
  10. Landing in Dallas on Friday might be fun...
  11. They use Yukons too.
  12. Aw David you hadn't made a snide comment towards me for a good month or so, thought you had forgotten me. And no sympathy at all for anyone who is stupid enough to go into the opposition fans and willingly blow their cover. I know as a United fan you're not familiar with the experience of being in a football ground, but it's just common sense. I just hope the home fans who passed on their tickets are issued with a lengthy ban.
  13. Hopefully the EU talks sense into President Angry Orange Clown.
  14. Congrats to Chelsea. But lol at all their fans who got "dealt with" cheering in the home end If you go into the home end, you keep yer mouth shut. I've been there before, it's tough.