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  1. Very good signals for November. It's nice to have some early optimism for the fun season!

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    2. AderynCoch


      At least November and December can't be any worse than last year...

    3. lassie23


      Atlantic being blocked at the moment

    4. Dami


      We had snow in Bedford be it at 6am on the 21st November. The Day before was really really cold.

  2. Anyone going to the TORRO conference this weekend? :)

  3. Just imagine if we didn't turn the clocks back. The ever darkening mornings would continue for another 2 months!
  4. Yes, not long now until lighter mornings
  5. Thankfully football has largely moved on, as much as the tabloids like to get hysterical about minor events every now and then!
  6. Snapped up some tickets for the Scotland game before they sold out. Friday night...could be interesting!
  7. I look forward to the chronic misuse of the term "shortwave"
  8. But why? For forecasting purposes perhaps but it will have absolutely no bearing on the winter itself.
  9. Wouldn't say it's crucial, doesn't really have any bearing on what's actually going to happen and may well be completely wrong.
  10. Boom boom!
  11. Bloody hell, I've criticised Joe Hart in the last year or so but he is having a blinder here, keeping us in this game.
  12. Gawd we're awful. Good job we've got Scotland coming up
  13. There was one on my estate last night with a sledgehammer.
  14. I gave in when I got in from work this morning and clicked my radiator on. More because I was cold from being outside rather than my room being cold.
  15. World Mental Health day today. So saddening to see mocking comments regarding mental illness on social media. Still a long way to go.

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    2. Dami


      I'm like you nick, my resting face looks moody and with my old line of work, front end customer service supervising, the number of customers that would say to me, 'cheer up' or 'smile' I swear if I had a pound..

      The man up thing drives me up the wall, Hubs has had a cold for weeks on end, 'but isn't ill' It's not just mental illness that people mock. The younger generation throws the word "cancer' around like a balloon and think it's cool to use it, it is disgusting that such a awful awful disease is used in such a blase manner.


    3. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      The worst thing of all is that there are prisoners suffering from mental illness, rotting in prisons while serving life or even death sentences world wide.  What happened to that honourable virtue of not punishing or not executing the insane?  Out of the window methinks sadly... :( 

    4. J10


      People would never say to someone with a broken leg to shrug it off, and yet they do the equivalent with mental health issues, which in a way are more difficult to fix.