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  1. All the good ones have pretty much gone. Rob McElwee, Phil Avery, Peter Gibbs, now John Hammond. They're being removed for a team of Tomasz Schafernakers
  2. I've been critical of the GFS plenty of times, but I think some are being harsh regarding its cloud forecasts. There are a fair few sheets of thin, wispy high cloud here making the sunshine hazy at times, and going by the GFS there was a reasonable amount of high cloud forecast (all charts in oktas): However, it correctly forecast that there would be no medium or low cloud (GFS is very poor at predicting low cloud, it should be noted): In fact, I'd say it has done better than the EC in terms of the high cloud
  3. If we left it at GMT we'd have absurdly early mornings (light at 3am anyone?) in summer, but if we left it at BST we'd have very dark mornings in winter. I don't think anyone would like either!
  4. Where do you get the frontal analysis charts from, Nick?
  5. I want my hour back

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    2. Mokidugway


      Never bothered much with clubs mostly off getting recked on biker weekends :closedeyes:

    3. Dami


      There was a pub, sadly that got burnt down, that all the bikers would go to, near where I lived. I mean this was a-lot of bikers. Always looked fun.

    4. lassie23


      mornin everyone:lazy::whistling: I thought you were a youngen Nouska

  6. So there's still a possibility of some of my fellow Englishman embarrassingly claiming their Auntie's dog is Welsh when England get knocked out again
  7. "He's not that kind of player..." Funny how this excuse is wheeled out every time this sort of tackle happens.
  8. Severe storm risks in the US for the next 5 days, the season is waking up!

  9. The 10 German bombers song has been doing the rounds for as long as I can remember. It's a pretty pathetic song but come on. @weirpig is right, England fans are angels compared to some of the violent scum you get in other countries. The media just love to bash the English fans.
  10. No, there are qualifiers over the weekend. Proud to have the first Albion outfield player in the starting 11 for the first time in 33 years, and Livermore apparently had a decent game too. Was at work so didn't watch it myself.
  11. Farewell Jonas, a cracking servant for the club who had fallen down the pecking order in recent years.
  12. There were actually three tornadoes on the ground at one point from that storm, was very fortunate to witness it!
  13. I'm on Tour 2 again, just a couple of months to go