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    runcorn, uk (near liverpool) 100m asl
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    photography, football, fishing, basketball, SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
  1. hi everybody here look at these pictures its of blizzards in Scotland/cumbria on the 4/1/07 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=16006&id=523617933&saved

  2. very nice person. how big is barra

  3. ps. whats with the old man pic your displaying??

  4. very nice helpful person thanks BFTP

  5. great info mr D thanks for sharing ... lol i wish we could have that much snow!
  6. lightnin

    Wicked weather!!

    Here you will find all types of weather formations such as clouds rainbows ect from my days out, or just general area weather!!
  7. i can predict that over the next few days temperatures could top 15c although its 3.2c here at the moment i know the clodest temperature ever recorded was minus 37.8c for england in 1970s
  8. very nice person =)

  9. please post your comments on the british snow fall depths over the winter months =P
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