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  1. Friday was the sort of active/stormy/mobile weather I like.

    A wet & windy start.. I went to Berry Head and had torrential showers and gales at first, however these cleared to some blue skies and good cloudscapes while it stayed windy. I had an enjoyable walk in those conditions and stormy seas are always fun to watch too.


    Got home to a pleasant afternoon, with sunny spells and light winds. The countryside looked great in the sun and clear visibility with a backdrop of dark based cumulus. Then a few intense showers formed to my south lit up in the evening light.

    Basically a lot of weather happened in a day.

    In contrast, yesterday and today show the opposite side of low pressure. Dull with light/moderate rain all day. Don't think I enjoy that any more than most people.

    It's the 'everything but the kitchen sink' style of Atlantic weather I like, not slow moving fronts with cloud & rain all day

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  2. 9 hours ago, Mapantz said:

    I don't understand why they are keeping the Amber warning going for places further West? The rain is light and beginning to peter out. It's pretty obvious where the Amber warning should be!

    Yeah, we've had 15.4mm in the last 47 hours. Not really worthy of a yellow warning let alone amber. Although I was never convinced here, I don't want to complain about the initial warning as dynamic situations like this are hard to model/forecast exactly, 

    However, yesterday evening when they extended the warning until 12:00 today I'd have taken the opportunity to remove my area.. it was clear the rain had pretty much stopped here and indeed we've had 0.0mm overnight. Their own forecast had no rain until 12:00 today ironically.

    On the other hand, the area around London-Reading has had loads again overnight, the most in England, and some of that area isn't even in a yellow warning.

    Just feels a little bit lazy or like they aren't really monitoring it in real time (especially as they are based less than 10 miles away from here), or that there's an inertia to remove warnings once issued.

    People around here will think well they got that wrong again.. even though the models didn't really get it wrong.

  3. I haven't minded the weather recently. I enjoyed the warm summery conditions we had, and the recent cooler spell as it was quite sunny here.
    In my records this September was sunnier than August or the last 4 Septembers.

    Might be some interesting conditions this weekend, although I could also just be stuck under a front with light/moderate rain here.

    I'm glad we're getting variety though, because if high pressure goes on and on at this time of year, I can find it a bit boring (harder to get notable warmth or cold at this time of year).

    We're heading towards the time of year where I most like a few wet/stormy lows too (traditional 'Autumn storms'). It's perhaps the best time for it, as there's less potential for other interesting conditions, before they then give way to the cold and snow of winter 🧐🤪

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  4. In some ways it can surprise me how quiet it can get in here with these sorts of charts. Ok it may be less pleasant, but there's more weather to talk about than if it was just high pressure at this time of year.

    Hoping I don't get stuck under a front all weekend but I do otherwise like mobility/variety and I'm finding myself looking at the models a lot more (in part to see potential rainfall amounts here), than if we were high pressure dominated at the moment.

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  5. September can seem a bit boring to me.. can be harder to get high temps (even from high 850s, especially in the SW), and often too early for real Autumnal interest.
    Sometime we seem to get increased high pressure ridging that that just hangs around.. which would have been lovely, and possibly hot, in summer.. but then it just brings near average weather in September and into October when I'm ready for something more active/interesting. It's nice when you do get late warmth though as it is probably the last of the year.

    I have seen some good plume type thunderstorms in September such as 2014 and 2016 though.. and I kind of liked last September, downpour on the 9th, then a sunny high, and then an active end with heavy showers/rain.. Felt like more a traditional transition into Autumn.

    With sea temps near their highest, there is perhaps more potential for heavy rains, and the chance of 'Autumn type' thunderstorms near the coast increases theoretically, but high pressure ridging often sees that go to waste. 

    Given that I prefer summer these days I probably prefer September due to daylight and warmer temps than October/November, even if the latter has more active weather.

    This coming weekend looked unsettled and even had a storm showing on yesterday morning's ECM.. now it seems high pressure ridging just hanging around/building in the south instead.
    Tbh I kind of wanted the unsettled and breezy/windy weather, more interesting for a kitesurfer 😉

    Edit: That's not to say I don't like pleasant September weather, I do and appreciate the pleasant weather and more so than when younger when I was more after the extremes. Although it's still more interesting when it isn't just weeks of mostly 18-20C maxima.

  6. At least we've had varied conditions this August to keep some interest, I guess.. If it was constantly average we'd get complaints of the mundane/samey nature of our climate.

    After all strings of 10C+ above average days like earlier in August have to be balanced out somehow to give our climate averages.

    Today was quite nice here, 18C and mostly sunny. This summer has been a mixed bag here (like you'd expect in a British summer really). Perhaps a little more on the 'poor' side for rainfall/sunshine but not too bad overall and not as bad as some other parts of the country.

  7. Didn't expect a thunderstorm yesterday but had one after lunch. Some very heavy rain with it although not quite as intense as a few miles further south or further east as that feature developed further. About 12mm in an hour and 22.1mm in the manual rain gauge was the daily total.

    About 10 rumbles at least, Lightning was close with some quite bright flashes, and loud crashes. I was working outside in it which was fun lol.


    2 hours ago, Sunny76 said:

    Yeah, I agree. 

    But, why then do other folk ignore this, and only observe the very hot weather, which only lasted for a week.

    Not really sure I've seen anyone doing that or saying that the one week heatwave means summer overall was amazing though?

    I'd probably rate this summer as not far from average here, maybe a touch below, so about 4 - 5 out of 10. That is taking everything into account, including the hot spell, and the poorer spells. We had some pleasant weather in July when it was worse further north (even on the North coast of Devon/Cornwall).
    Sunshine has perhaps been slightly below par though.

    On a personal note, not very good for thunder, except a storm a few miles away on Thursday (that I mostly missed seeing!) which gave 60-70mm to a few villages 5 miles from here, while we had 1mm. In fact it's been quite dry since June (with various light falls of rain/showers, but nothing too significant). Our lawn and the small field behind went quite brown again. Though that will change with showers yesterday, today, and the rain tomorrow.

    It's clear from the Met Office anomaly maps that it hasn't been that far below average here and areas further north have feared worse.

  9. Late report, but we did get a fairly strong storm a few miles away on Thursday which 60-70mm of rain in a few villages (e.g. Feniton), with surface water flooding. It was constant rumbling from here.. but annoyingly, I missed most of it! Drove back through some torrential rain as it started to weaken, got home to hear the last 6 rumbles or so. Only about 1mm here, after the thunder had stopped. So still not really got my storm fix.

    Since then, it feels like the weather has died. Dull, dingy, hazy and still. Especially yesterday evening and so far today. High minima though, 18.8C yesterday and 17.6C today.

    As the chances of any further storm action here appear to be waning, I'd be glad of some Atlantic air to clear this out tbh.

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  10. Had quite a lot of Ac Cas yesterday, with some lovely stuff at Sunset, and a mild level shower over Lyme Bay (third pic)

    Then a brief shower came overhead about 22:40 with a flash and rumble, but it was a one flash wonder (I was looking at the laptop screen of course).

    Just before that, when in the garden I thought I saw a few faint flickers to the north.. so went into the field behind and yep, faint 'atmospheric flickering' to the north every few seconds.. So I then measured the distance to the midlands storms.. about 120 miles 😲 
    I have seen lightning from far away storms but that's the furthest I've been able to detect it from (couldn't see the clouds, it was just presumably reflecting off any dust/haze etc in the atmosphere).

    A low of 16.3C last night, warm for this valley with a clear night.

    A record warm morning, already 25.8C, and a record early arrival of the sea breeze has recently occurred!


    11 minutes ago, Marcus_surfer said:

    I can see flashes here im in South Wales. Clear skies but i see constant flickering here in swansea. Is this even possible!?

    Yup, earlier on I could just about make out the flickering of the northern atmosphere from here in Devon! I measured it as about 120 miles as the crow flies.

    A shower then passed overhead so I couldn't see it anymore, and produced a flash and rumble but it was a one flash wonder.

  12. Turns out the 30C temps have come this far west after all! I noticed yesterday evening the Met Office map looked promising.

    Reached 30.4C here, even with a slight sea breeze. That's a new record for my station (beating 30.1C in July 2018). It's possible that's a degree or so over what an official station would record due to the garden fences etc in this wind direction, but then most of us have similar issues. The shaded alleyway was over 29C.

    Dropped back to 28.2C now as the sea breeze gets more effective.

    Meanwhile on the North Coast of Devon it's 18C with Sea Fog! Just over the border Bude is reading 17.4C!

    Doesn't seem to have stopped the beachgoers! 😆

    I have a feeling they will have expected better.  Often they get higher temps than me in heatwaves due to SE winds, but this summer the south coast has often had much better weather.

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  13. 1 hour ago, matt111 said:

    Not sure if it's been posted already as it's so busy in here but for those of us in the south this may be of interest


    Pretty sure that will be correct as it looks like it misses me just to the east... which, coupled with all the storms to my west this morning, will mean I'm about the only place on the South coast to see nothing! 😂😂

    Think I'll have to think of a name for this storm free area.

  14. Well the eastern most area of convection completely died (the area you might think new storms develop/intensify). Then all the storms in the SW followed. No sun for 3 hours and this band will last a bit longer going by the satellite, but it's convectivey dead. What's the point of that?

    Currently 21.4C with a surprisingly fresh northerly breeze gusting to 25mph.. 

    Met Office forecast: A very hot day. Maximum temperature 32 °C". Hmm...

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