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  1. So.. they've put the exams forward this year so we have less school time, esp, with the royal wedding etc, need better and better grades to get the same type of job, my school expects us to have made uni choices by Oct at the latest, despite the fact we don't know if we'll know all their tuition fee rates by then!, also the tuition fees going up.. when will they stop making everything worse for us students!? Sorry I’m in rant mode about this.

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      At least 2 of mine are before it. I've got so much h/w atm and im only doing 3 AS levels, me and lots of work in a small time space don't go together.

    3. CardiffStorm


      Wait until you get to Uni, then you'll know what hard work and pressure is.

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Mmmm.. Anyway think I already know enough, but then my brother is doing much better at uni than A level as hes doing what he wants

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