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    The best time for a thunderstorm

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    Near Sidmouth, East Devon (a few miles inland)
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    Geography.. i.e rivers, volcanoes etc..
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    Summer: Warm/thundery. Winter: mainly frosty/snowy. Autumn/Spring: Mixed

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  1. And the award for the most consecutive nights above 15C this year (at home in Devon) goes to.. October!

    1. March Blizzard

      March Blizzard

      Some stupidly high October minima...I hope the cloud sods off soon so we can have pleasant days and cool (foggy) nights.

    2. cheeky_monkey


      i spent 2 weeks in Devon in july not once did it go below 15c

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      It did at my house. I am in a valley which gets cooler on clear calm nights so we didn't have more than 3 nights in a row above 15C.

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