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  1. Indeed! I've noticed it a fair bit in online comments too. Another one is associating hot houses at night with humidity even though it isn't humidity that's causing the houses to be hot. I wondered if it was a more common miss-association down here because people living in Devon and Cornwall (especially near the south coast) rarely experience 30C+ air. However at this BBQ was in Reading everyone seemed to be doing it, including some that had lived in South Africa saying 'this is like Durban humidity' lol
  2. A 100% blue sky day yesterday, and despite a gentle onshore breeze and the coast being a few miles away it reached 24.0C, the warmest of the year so far. A summer temperature range adjusted for here where what I consider proper heatwaves are harder to achieve, would be something like: <15C Very Cool 15-17C Cool 18-20C Indifferent (can be comfortable, or feel cool if breezy etc). 21-24C Warm (pleasantly) 25-27C Very Warm 28-31C Hot 32C+ Very Hot (rare, seen at Exeter airport in 76, 83, and 90). Summer average is around 21C. Of course it's subjective, I've felt pre
  3. Not too bad here on Thursday and Friday as we were just about in the shadow of Dartmoor. Sunny intervals, feeling warm/muggy in the sun but cooler at times when there was more cloud. About 21C. Could probably describe it as 'nether here nor there' weather. A few miles to my west towards Exeter, it was more like 23C which contrasted with Plymouth being 15/16C. I can see why some on the south coast were disappointed recently though, some nice days/afternoon here had cloud to my east. Yesterday turned into a stunning day with a max of 23.2C. if I ignore my interest in meteorology or the no
  4. Blimmin Eck, the G7 leaders must be kicking out a lot of hot air down there!
  5. People often focus on the negatives. Sometimes you get cloud under high pressure but sometimes you get sunshine under low pressure. At least it's clear for the weekend, If it was the other way round, people would be moaning how nice it was during the working week only to be cloudy at the weekend.. but when it's the other way round, that's not mentioned and people just moan that it's been cloudy at all. If there was a nice chart showing for 16 days away I doubt it would have been posted either.
  6. The cloud and eclipse is actually working quite well here, in that it thins enough at times to see a silhouette of the sun with a chunk missing without any equipment (although you're probably still not technically meant to look at it).
  7. I'd say it's been about average far this month here, maybe a touch above. Almost fully sunny yesterday. Also had a couple of sunnier days when further east was cloudy. Some cloud and sunny intervals this morning. Tomorrow and Friday looks cloudier but Dartmoor can sometimes break up the cloud a bit here in SW tropical maritime airflows. I notice temps are only forecast to get up to the low 20's here now though. Met Office has 21C every day from tomorrow to Monday.
  8. Interesting temp profile this evening, west is definitely best
  9. Yesterday we saw a min of 1.4C, then it reached 12.4C at 10:13 this before settling around 10-11C in the rain and wind. It would probably have been about the same temperature with that set up in December (although I guess that's not too surprising when you consider the sea temperatures are currently similar to December, they are usually their coldest in late Feb/early March). Max today was 12.8C even with some decent sunny spells, and a heavy shower with hail dropped the temp to 7.2C at 12:15pm. My May rainfall total now stands at 186mm!
  10. The line feature last night managed to split with us passing through a 2 mile wide gap. A fair bit more rain a few miles north of here. Even so, I got 14.6mm of rain. 1.2mm so far today. That brings May's total up to 183.6mm. Quite possibly a record, but not sure (there doesn't seem to be any official stations around here with continuous long term rainfall records that are publicly available..) This is all according to the Davis VP2, though it's been very close to the manual gauge since getting the new tipping spoon mechanism.
  11. You guys ought to quit golf and take up windsurfing, then you'd get a different appreciation for this weather! 😉🤣
  12. Just said the same to a friend lol apart from every October I've recorded has been warmer by mean temp, mean max, and absolute max!
  13. It looked like most showers had missed here today but then a torrential shower with a couple rumbles brought the total to 9.2mm in 10 minutes. We've now had 153mm this month, with 146.6mm from the 8th onwards. Wettest days: 8th: 20.8mm 12th: 25.4mm 13th: 34.8mm 15th: 14.6mm 16th: 31.0mm The 12th & 13th was persistent rain which brought about 57mm in 24 hours (barely stopped raining), with 60mm in total. That didn't cause too many problems, but quite high river levels and some rivers had their usual flooding on low lying floodplain areas. However it left the ground s
  14. Rain seems to have stopped here for now, about 24 hours since it started. Rainfall totals from the Davis VP2 are 57.2mm of rain in the last 24 hours. 25.4mm before midnight, and 31.8mm afterwards. 94.8mm this month. Just need it to warm up and things will grow rapidly. Oh.
  15. I noticed ECM didn't do well even yesterday morning either, interestingly the GFS seemed to do better, been indicating slow moving heavy rain over me for a couple of days. 50.8mm of rain here since mid afternoon yesterday according to the Davis, and rising. 25.4mm before midnight, 25.4mm afterwards! Pretty much 21 hours of continuous rain. Eased off to light/very light rain at times this morning but it's moderate again now as another band has swung in from the NE.
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