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  1. Monday was nice and reached 24.7C - thank you Dartmoor. Yesterday actually a tad cooler due to the onshore SE breeze, but still reached 23.8C and was very pleasant. Reached 23.3C today but now clouded over and back down to 22C. It's a tad annoying we're just too far west for the heat though, the boundary looks to stop in Dorset at the eastern side of Lyme Bay yet again... Will we even reach 25C this August? I suppose the other potentially interesting feature i.e thunderstorms will go just east of here as well, if they occur.
  2. Yeah, those that live in the SE who like heat should count themselves lucky they live where they do in the UK. The highest temperature in August here from 2008-2016 recorded on my station has been 25.6C in 2011.. This August hasn't quite reached 25C (24.7C and 24.6C are the highest). This is due to my location under 3 miles from the south coast (as the wind direction during most hot weather has a southerly element), but this run of no significant high temps in August is unusual even for here. Still, even if it's not so hot we typically get very pleasant low-mid 20's with blue skies at the same time and it feels hot in the sun of course. Though this spell is kind of frustrating, we look like being just west of the heat now while Dorset may reach the high 20's with a light offshore wind. Maybe those who don't like it hot should move here
  3. I don't think he said that it would necessarily verify.. just that as he stated that's what this one run appears to show?
  4. I see a bit of high cloud danger tomorrow looking at the charts, hopefully it doesn't happen too much. My location isn't forecast to exceed 22C by the Met Office while for days on end the heat or anything interesting sits just to the east... that has happened too much this summer! Hopefully that's under-doing it slightly but the GFS has toned down to 23C on Wednesday too, only Thursday when it has heat further west than other models does it shows 27C. It's not been a bad summer here for pleasant/usable weather at times and comfortable low 20's temperatures, though it will go down as quite boring, unless some thunderstorms and a hot day or two can sneak in this week which may bring the rating up a tad. Edit: I accidentally put 'is' instead of 'isn't'
  5. autumn

    Haha, I have this name as I love evening thunderstorms.. e.g. watching an elevated storm drift in with sunset colours and twilight revealing the lightning (sorry off topic lol) That would be alright I guess. Looking at my station data we had a few windy days though nothing too exceptional, may have been worse up north. I liked November 2010, started with near record warm maxima here, then ended with near record cold, with some pretty changeable and active weather in between.
  6. It does seem that way sometimes but I think the verification stats show it above the GFS at day 6, or at least did the last time I saw them. ECM is a bit disappointing for me too.. 15C uppers never even get to my location, then are pushed away by Friday. Although that low then just fills to the west so remaining warm-very warm but that's FI.
  7. Yes, it has seemed they have often teased us this summer. However I think there is also another factor, in that the better runs tend to get piked up on and commented more, or even examined more (me included), even if there's not intended to be any bias, I suspect people can often get an impression of more agreement about noteworthy conditions than there actually is. There are 20 ECM runs, and 64 GFS runs for any particular day (obviously some will be in the very close time frame so generally verify, and others way out in FI, though they are still commented on sometimes). Therefore, usually some of the runs are hotter/more noteworthy than what actually verifies. The UKMO for example isn't very appealing at T+144 tonight for those wanting hot weather Though we await the ECM and indeed this weekends output.
  8. autumn

    I'd also quite like a stormy Autumn, or at least parts of autumn. Not excluding some early warmth and some mellow mists, golden sunshine, and frosts of course. Then if it leads into a cold winter like suggested above that would be about perfect
  9. To add to my post above, sorry if this goes on a bit.. Basically, in winter because the sun is so low in December the change from then to late February is larger in terms of the percentage change in both peak solar elevation (pretty much doubles) and the amount of atmosphere the sun shines through (possibly more than double in December?), compared to between June and late August, when the sun chances from high to still relatively high. Also, in terms of day length, in say June given a clear day and no change in other variables, the rate of temp rise usually slows and remains within a couple degrees of the maxima for several hours, as lapse rates are limited by factors such as convection and mixing preventing near surface temperatures rising too much higher than temperatures higher up (such as 850hpa level) allow. Probably a bit simplistic but a general rule I find. In late August, there's probably enough solar radiation for temperatures to still approach that 'limit' (even if for not quite as long), and maxima to be almost as high.
  10. As I like, or at least find interest in many weather types, I'm kind of looking forward to the windy day Saturday as well as some rain tomorrow, I like a good old blustery day once in a while (even in summer), something to look at and feel, and kind of makes me feel more alive lol With the models for next week as well, it seems we may actually be getting a nice variety of conditions/synoptic now which is nice to see, rather than just continuous quite cloudy westerly between high and low pressure. Well if some of the 20C upper charts do come off that would be something special, and we've hit 35C in early September before While there will be some effect I'd have thought late February sunshine would make more of a difference tbh, as that precludes inversions and increases the near surface lapse rates in such a situation, whereas in late August there isn't such a sort of 'threshold' effect, it's too early for (all day) inversions usually. Uppers of around 10C in April can and do deliver 25C temps or even a touch more under the right synoptic, with similar sun strength to late August.. even the 1st October 2011 saw 30C with 15C uppers (and late March 2012 saw temps up to about 23C and a roughly 15C difference between 850's and surface maxima in places including Scotland). Agreed it's unlikely at this stage though, as it would probably take the more extreme near or above 20C upper runs.
  11. Re the UK climate I think there's more than one meaning when people talk about it being 'diverse' or not. The weather types we can experience are diverse, even if some don't happen that often. We do get a lot of changeable days weather (normally...), showery days, sunny one minute, raining the next etc. But then many temperature especially continental areas can experience this, as well as much larger temperature swings on both day to day weather scale and seasonal scale, with more thunderstorms, snow, severe weather at times etc (perhaps Atlantic storms/strong winds is the one we get more than quite a few places). There are certainly other climates I'd choose over this one, including much of continental Europe and significant amounts of the US and Canada (though I wouldn't want to be land-locked so it will have to be a maritime location - the east coast may do it). More thunderstorms, snow, and sunshine are on my list. However, thinking about it there's quite a few I wouldn't like... many places are too dry sometimes or all the time, or too constantly hot and humid in summer, especially if they don't have air-con (and some places can go months with mostly the same weather even if the seasonal range is bigger). The Mediterranean? nah, too constantly dry/hot in summer, too mild in winter. Then there's the tropics which are generally the same all year (maybe wet/dry seasons), all the arid/desert areas, and various other climates. So maybe the UK is actually in the better half of climates for those interested in weather, just frustratingly close to better climates both geographically and in language terms (English speaking countries). We can't rely on any weather type at any time of year really (many places you can usually bet on e.g. summer being generally hot/sunny), not so here.. maybe that's what some mean by diversity. So not sure I can agree with simply saying our climate is 'dire', even though it can feel like it due to often being frustrating... Anyway, turned into a bit of a longer rambly post than intended. Today started sunny here, then turned quite cloudy/hazy with a light shower bringing the first rain drops for over half a month. Edit: I meant first rain in half a month, not a whole month lol
  12. Looks like a few days at least of above normal temperatures and sunshine for the majority. Even if London hasn't been one of the most above average locations, many places across the country including northern and western areas have reached the mid 20's including up to 27C in the Highlands of Scotland. That is not average for them. Not a heatwave but another warm sunny day here, the 5th good day and the 2nd of 100% sun in a row, so a nice little spell this.
  13. You may get away with it not being too bad mud wise, the ground is very dry down here at the moment. July was very dry with no significant falls of rain, and August has seen no rain since the one significant fall on the 1st. I guess it will depend how much rain we see but I'd have thought it would have to be significant to get really muddy, and looking at the precip charts we may not get quite enough if you're lucky.
  14. 4th good day here, 100% sun with a max of 21.9C. Friday and yesterday were sunny almost all the time, while Saturday had more cloud until lunch time but a nice sunny afternoon/evening. Maximums were 22.7C, 23.4C and 23.2C. Quite cool minima in this valley though, down to 7.4C last night. Comfortable for sleeping.
  15. autumn

    Everything's still green and summery here tree wise as it usually is well into September at least. Sure there might be the isolated branch/tree showing colour if look but that's normal and I don't take that to mean Autumn is arriving or a significant sign of Autumn really. I just hope we don't get a bland Autumn like last year was here (and some other seasons recently), i.e getting progressively more above average, vastly reducing our (already low) seasonal temperature decline, some anticyclonic gloom and lots of SW winds and cloud around high pressure to the south/SE but little of interest weather wise.