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  1. Min of 4.9C last night, coldest since June 4th (4.8C) I have actually scraped an air frost in September before, 2010 at -0.1C (and even a ground frost in August with 3.0C on the 30th in 2010). In contrast 2009 waited until December the 1st.
  2. autumn

    Same here! Although I spent most of those storms in Egham wishing I was back home in Devon..lol
  3. Saw a few distant flashes from that stuff out in Lyme Bay, earlier and more recently, and a couple faint atmospheric flashes from the East Dorset storms when I looked. Sadly that's as good as it's gunna get Another good example of how the ATD always seems to become less accurate and misses lots of strikes at night: Do half the detectors have to sleep or something? Edit: radar removed shows it clearer. Blitzortung often 'over-counts' but not that much. Just curious as I thought it was meant to be the 'gold standard' of UK lightning detection or at least very good.
  4. That is a good point, I did realise that but didn't think/forgot to mention it in my post
  5. I'm also unsure about today.. Euro4 less keen to break things out for the western risk area i.e Dorset until later into the evening/night now (this for Midnight): though it does also seem to be showing lower temperatures than are already occurring. I wouldn't mind some after dark lightning photo opportunities if I do venture into Dorset later though. Then it seems keen on stuff for the SE http://expert-images.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/euro4/2016/09/15/basis06/ukuk/prec/16091606_1506.gif http://expert-images.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/euro4/2016/09/15/basis06/ukuk/prec/16091609_1506.gif (no idea why those links won't embed as a picture like the top one)
  6. I used to have their app with great radar and forecast charts (from the ECM) which I loved... sadly it's only available on iOS! come on Metdesk, please make an Android version (sorry slightly off topic). I was slightly worried about the Met Office precip charts not breaking much out in the West country, though I think it still looks quite favourable overall, so may have a little chase into Dorset or Somerset later.
  7. autumn

    27 and 22 at or above 25C days, while 1975 and 2006 had 25 such days. But yeah this summer summer has still been relatively pleasant/decent here, just not 'interesting' temperature or weather wise.
  8. autumn

    Hmm, cooler southerly wind all day yesterday so only reached 21.2C here, lower than forecast again. There was just today left but that has been downgraded to struggling to reach 20C according to the Met Office map! Notable temps Dorset eastwards yet again then.. another spell without notable daytime temperatures here. Theme of the summer, really. This summer has not been in the slightest bit notable for high maxima in this area, even though there has been a lot of pleasantly warm days. Only 2 >25C days this year! (in comparison 1976, 1983 and 1989 had 37, 35 and 32 days at Exeter Airport, with several other years well into the 20s).
  9. I agree it's a bit suspect but can't agree it's 100% nonsense just because it jumped up and down a couple degrees within an hour. Such things occur occasionally especially near coasts/estuaries with mixing of air from different sources, I've seen bigger variations on both my station and official stations due to this. I posted a possible explanation in the Autumn thread, To go into further details: The slight ENE breeze during the observations would have probably come off the estuary/river, so if a brief change of wind direction occurred to say the SE, slightly hotter air could have conceivably come over the site briefly? Notice how at 5pm, the wind turns ESE and the temperature rises back to 32.0C despite it being about 2 hours before sunset along with a drop in humidity from 47% to 34%, and it's still 30.5C at 6pm. Yet when the wind switches back to NE at 7pm it drops very quickly to 24.0C (yes that's near sunset but it would probably not have jumped downwards that quickly on it's own, nothing like that the day before). This and the more humid air when the wind was ENE suggests it may have a more maritime (and therefore slightly moister/cooler) source. A brief change in wind direction could have conceivably happened earlier in the afternoon between hourly observations. Of course to the ENE is the Thames estuary, while to the ESE is the part of Kent where the UK's high temperature record was recorded. However, the fact that this temperature seems above any other official stations, including several nearby personal sites on Wunderground makes me more suspicious (i.e where did the hotter air come from? A local effect perhaps) Despite this, a couple nearest stations show a peak of around 33C ( 33.8C on one station) between 2-3pm associated with a brief deviation of wind from ENE to SE/S! Relatively 'smooth' temperature curves may suggest a slow response time compared to official sites and/or insufficient observation resolution (I am ignoring any Netatmo stations in the area which are terrible for response). My 'gut' feeling though is that it's a little high and there is something about the site, and a brief wind direction change caused these to affect the reading as well as perhaps a slight genuine increase in temperature. Sorry, a bit of a rambly post but my ideas above seem hypothetically possible to me.. would be interested in thoughts and if anyone thinks it's not.
  10. Haha yep, moved to tomorrow now (and placing me about 5 miles outside the warning lol)
  11. This is confusing, haven't seen any other suggestion of storms in the south this afternoon.. is this meant to be issued for tomorrow instead? http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=warnings&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1473807600&regionName=sw Looks much more like what's expected tomorrow. *Edit: it's gone again so maybe they're changing it! As for yesterday's forecasts the one I saw that correctly mentioned the thunderstorms here was from Carol Kirckwood on Breakfast
  12. autumn

    It's definitely possible, if not common, with some potential reasons mentioned before. I have seen it before both on my station and official stations.
  13. Happened to wake up and can see frequent faint flickers every couple of seconds from those cells west of Cherbourg! Wonder if it's worth going to a high vantage point overlooking the sea soon. I'm even sure I heard very faint thunder, that unmistakable low boom I've heard from storms almost as far but not quite that far. Edit, even more frequent and a touch brighter, like every second atm! annoyingly there's some lower level cloud creeping in the way.
  14. Decided to look west through several clicks on Blitzortung, didn't see anything from most but managed to see a flash from the last one! That's from at least 80-90 miles away according to Google Earth..
  15. Thought I'd look west from here east of Exeter through several 'clicks' on blitzortung from the storms in the Irish Sea north of West Cornwall, didn't see any from most but the last one I did see a flash from!