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  1. It seems we've been unlucky and had a lot of good charts in FI that vanish, but I think the nature of the MOD thread has been part of the problem for some. Seems to have been worse this year IMO. Sometimes even talk of northerlies and easterlies when even the best charts showed the closest an easterly getting was Denmark! but the post(s) didn't specifically say that. No wonder some get too high expectations unless they look at/decide on the charts themselves. Also given the difficulty of forecasting past about a week, when is there ever not some degree of 'potential'?
  2. Late report, but we had light snow for a few hours yesterday morning. Was settling on some surfaces for a while (parts of cars, roofs, grass and the ground in a few places probably thanks to clear spells and frost the night before). However a nearby hill (East Hill) that reaches 247m had a much better small covering of around 1cm or so as it was around freezing. Not especially amazing but nice to see and better than nothing. Max was only 2.8C at home yesterday, today we've had surprise sunshine since 12pm which is better than the grey skies. Max so far 5.3C.
  3. I wonder what it is about this winter? Everything just returns to the default Euro/Bartlett high or if lucky some UK-ish high pressure. Could have done much better just predicting that no matter what the models showed! The 00z GFS shows all that cold getting bottled up near Iceland, you'd think at some point we'd at least get a toppler but nope there's a perfect wall of a Euroslug and systems running over the top to prevent anything.. I'm looking forward to Spring but not sure whether I want spring like temps next week or not. 13C+ may feel nice but knowing our climate it might be 13C until May.
  4. Slight frost this morning with a 0.9C low, but a nice frost yesterday and Monday with -2.0C and -2.7C. Probably colder than anything this 'cold spell' is going to bring..lol Probably not the coldest max of the winter anymore either as Friday's forecast has gone up to 4/5C.
  5. Yesterday was nice although turning cloudier until about 5-6pm when rain arrived which turned a bit sleety. Then in the evening I could see lightning flashes from a thunderstorm probably about 30 miles out to sea. Not bad for February. Min -1.1C at midnight last night. Quite a cold cloudy feeling day today with a considerable northerly breeze, though some very late sunshine. Max 7.6C Currently -0.9C.
  6. Only just got round to replying but yeah I'm not too worried, just was a 'would be typical' type comment. Though actually, if there were cold spells/snaps in March of the sunnier variety with falls of snow here I'd take them, but wouldn't be quite so keen on March 2013 with very little snow but a lot of cold grey weather locally. Then again easterlies or northern blocking could bring a warm flow off the continent with some synoptics the later into Spring it gets. Indeed, if it led to a good summer I'd take it, but then there's also examples to the contrary (could be a mediocre spring and summer)
  7. Tbh, I'm not really interested in an easterly that's not worth it, i.e one with only coldish single figure temperatures or warmed out uppers and a lot of cloud. I did see someone mention March and an SSW late Feb.. Oh great, a cold spring.
  8. Outbreaks of rain with drizzle and hill fog so quite a wet feeling day. 4.4mm so far. 7.0mm here yesterday with quite heavy rain from 2-3pm. More fell on Friday night though with 23.2mm (amazingly for both my manual matched my VP2 exactly! not even 0.1mm apart). Before that, it looks like slightly under 60mm fell from the 23rd November to the 26th January. After a nice Saturday, not so good for at least yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  9. Works for me Mapantz, although not sure about the 0C mins every day after Saturday and sleet showers lol A very cold feeling day, min 1.9C but it didn't get above 2.6C until after 3pm. Grey and breezy. Clearer when I came out of work and the temperature has been rising since 3pm, was forecast to only reach 5/6C but has reached 7.7C. A lot warmer than just slightly to the east and NE, and a bit warmer than parts of Devon to my SW. Quite windy too. Lol if one can't enjoy a weather type much of the population could do without, we can't enjoy snow then I just don't want a return of the dull nothing weather that plagued much of December, would rather a more active period to that. I guess improving the reservoir & aquifer levels so there's little drought worries when the good Spring and Summer arrives (well that's the plan lol) wouldn't be a bad thing. I'd prefer sunny frosty weather to continue (or snow), but looks like we're out of luck.
  10. Haha well having just checked, some places in the SE have had minima lower than Orange's record minimum..
  11. How about this for a temperature difference? Here's it's -4.8C, but about 2.5 miles away in Sidmouth it's +7.3C as milder air has arrived off the sea. No doubt a very strong inversion above me and it's +5.3C on the ridge 2.5 miles to my west at 155m asl. I notice fields on the hill to the south appear to not have frost above a certain level. Might get a sudden temperature rise this morning when the southerly breeze displaces the cold air in the valley (currently just going over the top). We had fog yesterday (just below freezing at first but lanes in the village seemed wet not icy) which did break up around late morning before coming back by 4:30pm. It cleared again at some point last night and now there's none apart from a few thin layers/patches above valley level (possibly to do with the inversion boundary).
  12. Blimey, -5.2C min this morning which is 1.1C colder than the previous lowest in this colder spell. It reached 9.4C yesterday and was 6.4C at 6am so not a cold day. Seems despite the colder clear days and dry air last week, conditions weren't quite so conductive for the temperature falling as far at night. Clear here, though Exeter AP reports freezing fog. Looks lovely outside.
  13. Lol I think you've said that to pretty much every post saying the weather's boring this winter
  14. Stunning last 3 days, sunny and quite cold with dry air for here in January on Thursday in particular (min humidity was 35% with -8.5C dew point) -4.1C on Thursday morning, -3.3C yesterday morning. It rose to 3.2C last night and then back to -0.9C at 7am. Typically it clouded over really with the clear sky just to my NE, always seems to cloud over or be too breezy on what would be the coldest nights here with 'interestingly' low temps (South Somerset for instance has lots of stations reporting -5 to -7C this morning)
  15. Well, the weather's been much better than the forecast a few days ago suggested it may have been. 3 days of full sun and frosts. Dry air for here in January too. Stunning really (even if I've been stuck in work most of the time), and I'd take more of this. Just a shame that once again it clouds over or there's too much wind for would have been a very cold night (20 miles to my NE it's widely -5C to -7C). GFS has also downgraded cold locally. Met Office does give us a clear calm night into Monday, but after it reaches 8C during the day.