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  1. A bit late but we had an additional 8cm or so of powdery snow by Monday morning, bringing the depth on one car to 18cm, possibly slightly from blowing off roofs but it was at least 15-16cm on the coldest surfaces. It was surprising how much it reduced in the sunshine on Monday though.. and yesterday it mostly went apart from drifts/shaded remnants. It actually seemed to drift more than the 1st March locally (though it had a bit longer without the freezing rain), I didn't see it being whipped up off the fields at home then like it was on Monday Morning for a while. Here are some pictures I've got round to sorting. The 1st pic is the start of the main snow on a local hill, at which point I decided it was a good idea to go home. Pictures 2-5 are at home on Sunday/Monday, and picture 6 is drifts on the same local hill later on Monday. Also it was nice beach weather at Sidmouth I'd say this event gave more snow than the 1st March on the best surfaces (but showed the difference with warmer ground/road temps at lower levels) Min of -3.4C yesterday and today with the ground nice and cold now lol.
  2. Sounds lush.. the neighbours can go away with that quite often but don't think they've used it in winter/snow lol I should really go to bed with my reduced sleep last night, maybe after this heavier bit.
  3. Just messing about.. Then a load of snow blew off the roof
  4. Getting heavier again here, niiice Blimey I assume this is weather related
  5. Nice moderate snow although back to light-moderate atm. The heavier line did seem to weaken/thin for here, and then immediately widen again as it had passed though
  6. Light snow has given pehaps 1-2cm of fresh powdery snow since late afternoon, some blowing off roofs etc really easily in the breeze. Settling on some of the lane too.. temp -1.5C. Radar looks nice indeed, pepping up at the front and about to hit! Hopefully it's more reflective of how the radar looks than this afternoon was here, or I'll probably get 0.5cm tonight
  7. Snow has managed to become a slightly heavier sort of 'light' over the last hour or so, gradually adding about 0.5cm on the exposed part of a bonnet where the snow slid off slightly. Seen heavier snow that showed up considerably lighter on the radar though. Temp dropped to -0.7C from -0.1C earlier, so settling slightly more on some of the marginal tarmac surfaces again. We're sheltered from the NE, but there's powdery snow blowing of roofs in the slight gusts we are getting now, like with Beast 1.0.
  8. Well we had some proper heavy snow earlier from around 11:00-12:00 Heavier intensity than 'Emma' although not quite as much on the ground. Covered the lane but has turned slushy since so can tell the road temps are higher. Best depth I can find is 10-11cm on one of our cars, and a few plant posts, and 8-9cm on the lawn. It got lighter after that and has been a light/very light snow all afternoon.. Actually looks better on radar than reality.. Much heavier on the Dartmoor webcam even though radar shows it just as heavy/heavier here..Possibly because it's kind of grainy snow here, or it's drifting with the wind before it reaches the ground. Also a heavier line has been sat about 2 miles to my SW for a while now lol.
  9. Just realising how much melt a bit of weak sun and the temp reaching +0.3C has caused to my delicate 2cm. A shame really as that's a potential (going by the forecast) ice day gone. Ah well, best make the most of today and hope the next lot is heavy enough to overcome any warmth that added to the ground
  10. About 2cm here (apart from on paths/roads that are a bit warm) which looks quite pretty. Didn't sleep too well and probably got 3-4 hours, despite/because I was thinking that I should sleep to recharge for today. Could have slept this morning, but I've been reading the forum and watching that band make painfully slow progress towards here lol. It had better get here soon though, hazy sun here with the temp up to +0.3C (not forecast) and the snow is starting to melt off some cars etc. Finally seems to be a bit more movement on it.
  11. Argh. Quite heavy looking snow has formed over the Blackdowns but I'm in a gap, with moderate snow also not far to my SW for the last few hours (at one point the radar showed us under the edge but we weren't, wind probably blew it a couple miles away by the time it reached the ground lol). It's clearly topographically induced, but hope it doesn't stay like this all night... The earlier little bit of snow that didn't really settle here looked quite pretty on nearby hills, this a sheltered spot just above Exmouth.
  12. Some nice moderate snow for the last hour or so here Big flakes at times too, although it's not settling anywhere much except the moss blobs on the neighbour's roof lol. Just easing off now though. Temp dropped to 0.8C but now up to 1.2C. We had some flooding on the rivers around here Thursday morning with up to 40mm of rain in the Blackdown Hills, so with the snow/freezing rain on the 1st/2nd March there's been some weather this month. Using the lowest total from my snow cores on the 2nd, we've already had 120mm of precipitation here this month.
  13. Heavy rain for about 45 mins after midnight, now 4.6C and sunny (min 2.7C). Yesterday had showers and sun, min -1.4C, max 10.5C. Finally got around to sorting/resizing some pictures I took of the snow and freezing rain. 2nd to last pic is the only example of drifts like that I found, and the last pic shows branches down from the weight of ice combined with strong winds. Also I think I know why this anemometer (not mine) was under-reading!
  14. Actually dropped to -0.6C last night under clear calm spells, funny how they didn't happen during the cold spell lol
  15. My snow had virtually all gone by dawn this (now yesterday) morning Reached 9.7C in some in the afternoon. River quite high for 2 days now, and gradually rose today mostly due to snow melt upstream. Went about the place and up a nearby hill in the morning, was a fair cover in places up there still, seems places sheltered from the wind (woodland and the steep west side of the hill) had more snow left.. as well as drifts of course. Found one small lane with some 6 foot drifts. Some other locations with drifting of a couple foot though not widespread. Will hopefully find time to sort my pictures, amongst the other stuff I've got to do which has been pushed back lol.