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  1. 8.8mm last night with the radar accumulation suggesting we had as much as anyone in the SW. Total this month up to 25.7mm so the grass will green up a bit and remain partly green around here.
  2. 8.8mm last night, bringing July up to 25.7mm. You can see we had as much as anywhere looking at the 24 hour accumulation. Cloud and a bit of drizzle cleared by late morning and it became another nice day with a max of 24.2c.
  3. Very warm one today, 27.1C (and 25.8C yesterday). It's chucking it down now. I seem to be 100% perfectly in the firing line again (like 1st July). Like that would happen if it was something interesting such as a thunderstorm, or conditions weren't interestingly dry (though we are less dry than most places due to the 1st July). Nah, last time was the 3rd March to make sure we lost the snow cover first lol.
  4. June had 0.8mm but it's only been 16 dry days here with 14.2mm on the 1st July and 2.5mm on the 4th. It's pretty dry but the grass isn't brown everywhere, and it doesn't look as brown as many areas on the Nasa Worldview satellite images. I was wondering what it would look like if we hadn't had that rain, might be heading into Dorset this weekend so may find out (if tonight's rain hasn't already greened it up lol). Heavy rain here now, and I look right in the firing line again. If I was near breaking a wet month record everything would dodge me instead.
  5. Evening thunder

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Something this summer hasn't managed, is a 'proper' heatwave for England with 15C+ 850's temps, and widespread temps in the 30's. The kind that's over Scandinavia atm, and remains for the most of the entire GFS run this morning (they only drop briefly to what we've been getting in our hot weather). At times those 850's extend out into the Arctic sea up to around 75+ degrees north. Would be kind of odd if in such a good summer, we can't manage that. Just checked one place, Rovaniemi in Lapland is forecast 33C today 34C tomorrow on the ECM data. Overnight low 22C. Scandinavia/Finland look more likely to be the area breaking monthly/daily records (again) to me based on the models.
  6. A very warm evening for here last night, still near 28C at 8pm, though cooler air did seem to arrive quite quickly in the NW breeze from around 8:30pm Then not too warm a night with a min of 13.2C Currently sunny and 19.2C
  7. Evening thunder

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Probably two main reasons, one being it's one of the most exciting weather types for the enthusiasts but also because some would like rain to water things ( without it being Atlantic driven stuff). Anyway for me thunderstorms are not necessarily separate from sunny weather, a perfect day could be a warm/hot sunny one with clouds building into a thunderstorm in the evening or overnight. It's part of the parcel for many continental climates that are generally considered to get better summers than us. Very different from the rain/wind we often get through the rest of the year.
  8. Reached 30.0C here! at 12:38. Sea breeze has been here since about that time but not doing too much to the temps, bobbing along from 29-30C though it has now dropped to 28.7C.
  9. 4th July with 2.5mm, before that the 3rd July with a brief heavy shower, then the 1st July with 14.2mm. Grass has greened up somewhat. June only had 0.8mm though.
  10. 16.8C and sunny, min was 12.3C. Today should be my warmest of the current few, probably 30C a few miles inland from me, can't rule it out here but what happens depends on the sea breeze. Yesterday was 27.1c, Friday 28.4c, and Thursday 25.1c. Wednesday however, was 16C most of the day and damp with 2.5mm of rain. Only a brief late max of 20.3c.
  11. Probably, because it's been difficult to get temps that high here (Monday was actually my highest temp in 10 years of records, but it had been about time I got 30C), and the charts that would challenge it look like slipping away again (unless I believe the GFS perhaps). Of course I'd have had a higher reading without the unexpected significant rain/thunder on the one day I wasn't here, and more significantly cloud that just conveyed over the sun for 3 hours at peak warmth. I know I'm being fussy but it's just those little frustrating things that often seem to happen here.
  12. It seems the temps have only just touching heatwave criteria, often not widespread, but of course that doesn't affect the media reporting. To me, at least for central/southern England, I'd call this a prolonged very warm-hot spell as opposed to a full on heatwave with temps in the 30's widespread. It's not a heatwave here atm anyway, a little more rain overnight, overcast, rain threatening, and maxima forecast to be just 18C!
  13. Why is the UKMO consistently being less strong with the high with lower 850's, and now further west? Maybe that's why the Met Office are only forecasting 23-24C maxima right out to Tuesday for me.. GFS and especially ECM was giving 28-30C constantly. However the ECM has now downgraded significantly. Looks like my highest maxima of the year will be Monday's then, occurring a day after 14mm of rain to limit potential maxima via damp ground, and the obligatory altocumulus passing over the sun from 1-4pm, clearing just after the sea breeze arrives. And it seems just as the Met Office jump on the risky band-wagon of believing the models out to two weeks, it starts to slip away from us
  14. Evening thunder

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    That's a bit different today, max of 23.2C in a bit of sun this morning but generally cloudy and at times below 20C this afternoon, quite breezy and feeling coolish at times. Forecast to be cloudy with a max of just 18C tomorrow! Things like this, along with the 14.2mm of rain on Sunday, reduce the 'strength' of the anomaly here compared to elsewhere, which often seems to happen in interesting conditions.
  15. Well that's a bit different, generally cloudy, temp dropping below 20C at times this afternoon and breezy for a time making it feel a little cool if anything. A brief heavy shower about 3pm. It did reach 23.2C with a bit of sunshine this morning. Currently mostly cloudy and 19.8C. Rather different to areas further north and east.