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  1. Baught the Net weather extra full subscription for a month to see what it is like and its Brilliant. :D

  2. Hi James

    how are you mate, long time no speak.

    you should go on msn, i have a new email address if you want it.

  3. hi mate im good thanks na i dont have facebook but i still use bebo.

    yh it has been a while since we spoke

    hows your weather been anything extreme?

    do u still go on metcheck? I hardly ever use it now


  4. james

    hi hows you?

    do you have msn still?


  5. James

    do you have msn still

    and hows you?


  6. hey rob hows you?

    Its me Ryan

  7. great thnx mate

    and wot am i up 2. speaking to you on MSN lol.


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