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  1. Hate them and now know how others feel in winter when coldies like me are ramping
  2. Certainly not panic buying! I queued at Tesco from 6.30 and was able to buy most things including toilet Roll. First time for 10 days! No bread though.
  3. Yes, see my post. If they can deal with the internet click and collect should be used only for elderly and thus keep them out of shops.
  4. Shops here even worse than ever today. Tesco has no bread or milk even. Went in 15 mins after opening. There was toilet roll in people's trolley but none left. Not sure about elderly getting first hour. Wont help if there is nothing there. Also families will be sending elderly out to clear shelves if they have been stocked over night. For me supermarkets are now one of the biggest transfer risks and more time is being spent there, in crowds, to find goods.
  5. Toilet Roll has moved from a joke to a serious issue. I went out for three hours today, to 7 shops to help out elderly relatives. Each shop was far worse than Christmas and the jostling and pushing crowds were like Glastonbury. Perfect for catching viruses and I did it 7 times! All the kitchen towels, tissues and baby wipes were gone too and no doubt these will be used and end up blocking sewers or in bins. In both cases adding health hazards. Someone needs to get a grip of this urgently.
  6. Would take GFS FI at the start of January every single year.
  7. Ref. Point 4. Just read the you should not take Ibuprofen as it reduces immune response.Do we or don't we want response.....?
  8. Daily Express. Yes I know if it is like their weather forecasts....
  9. Reports that prisoners to be released so that they are not in crowded risky cells (shut away from sources of virus) but those of the public that won't self isolate to be locked up.....
  10. Yet there are those that blame austerity (the economy) for thousands of deaths and this may also come again once the virus has gone. Maybe not in terms of austerity but as a result of destroyed world economies.
  11. Indeed, whilst normally fit, active and working, my wife and I were both housebound with unrelated medical issues last week. (Also unrelated to COVID 19) The news was on in the background. I was able to take my son on a gentle run on Saturday morning. How much better I felt instantly....out in the real, normal feeling world, in the sunshine.
  12. Looks like typical spring days with large diurnal range. Frosty at times and sunny most of the time, I hope. Possible mist at first. Hope of crisp lying snow is just that but the odd shower....possibly.
  13. Yes, the Chelsea player seems to have had very mild symptoms and guess would not have been tested in the wider population.
  14. Where oh where were these gfs charts in midwinter. Yes I know that Spring relaxation of the PV is largely responsibly for BOOM charts in Spring but why do we have to go through this.....?
  15. Not sure how the tabloids are allowed to get away with their forecasts, especially as the content never supports the headline. They also use "Netweather" maps in rather dubious ways.
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