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  1. Climate Man

    Climate Man

  2. Give it a couple of weeks Karl. If we are still getting output like that it will have some meaning and an early chase can begin. Need some further cooling down first.
  3. Which renders the mean output useless as it is the sum of extremes. Perhaps not useless but not something to hang your hat on.
  4. Yes, just been looking through the output and was going to comment on the Greenland heights- Yuk. Don't worry they will disappear in around 4 months - guaranteed
  5. I remember. God I'm old! Temperatures not unprecedented nor the lack of precipitation. Also the current huge diurnal range is pretty typical for the time of year. However I struggle to remember such a long period with no Atlantic. I sure it has happened a number of times but it just "feels" different.
  6. Its certainly different and could almost be termed climate over that period! I wonder if we are in for a turning point towards a new future associated with changes in the Arctic. Interesting model watching looks to continue but for the purist as very benign in terms of weather.
  7. Let's hope so. Just does not know when to give up. Hope for a safe return in 6 months.
  8. At the beginning of the month I mentioned that residual heights over Greenland may lead to a below average April CET. Still hanging in there at month end. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?mode=0&ech=204
  9. Well the Express say it will be 42 deg F above average in a week. Translated deg Celsius above average to the F equivalent of that temperature.
  10. Residual heights look to hold up over Greenland for the foreseeable on the GFS. Potential for a CET below average for April. Certainly no repeat of last year in sight.
  11. UK weather forecast: 'Insane depth of cold' to end spring heat as -2C to blitz the south | Weather | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK BRITAIN is bracing for an "insane depth of cold" air to strike over the Easter weekend as a forecaster has claimed temperatures could plunge to a bitter -2C in southern England. Ah, added 10 degrees to headline figure. Added an explanation of 850s too. Wonder who spotted the issues....
  12. Brian Gaze and the Express don't know the difference between surface temperature and 850s. Headlines show -12 and highlighted by 850s chart
  13. Most of the output is looking Bartlettesque to some extent or another and will be very difficult to shift based on historic evidence. A couple of days break needed I think.
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