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  1. Go away humidity, please.

    1. Eugene


      Are you abroad too, cause its crisp here

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Looks like you have a "northerly plume" in NZ at the moment- possible thunderstorms for the North Island?

  2. Hillary Clinton goes to Christchurch when it's 9C, raining and with strong southerlies. If she went yesterday it would have been 23C and sunny!

  3. Apparently, aftershock number 1856 of the Canterbury Quake had its centre directly under someones farm yesterday. It was the 9th biggest aftershock at 5.0, 13km deep but the damage to their home was minimal. Further investigations on the fault: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4230460/Canterbury-earthquake-trigger-identified
  4. Maybe they are right, but I think London has many, many things that it should be concerned over ahead of earthquakes. A 5.5 magnitude quake every 100 years?! Oh, woe, that really is no big deal. I think Londonders should focus on fixing the tube signalling systems rather than even bothering to think about earthquakes. Breakdown of quakes in the few days following the Christchurch one:
  5. Aftershocks probably not finished yet. They still think a risk of a 6 magnitude exists, which would be very troublesome. For an illuminating graphic of quakes over the last few days, have a look here: http://www.christchurchquakemap.co.nz/ Makes me think the UK is very lucky in never having to worry about something like this.
  6. Probably. Epicentre was 40km west of the city, and it was a shallow quake. Plenty of aftershocks too. The time of day must have helped. If it had been rush hour, doubtless there would have been fatalities.
  7. I love all integration. Especially involving residues :-)

  8. Well done Nick. Further Maths is an excellent choice. I was one of 3 people in a sixth form of ~200 who took it. I always thought everyone else was missing out! (And still do!)
  9. Sydney Opera House was evacuated a few months ago because of a tsunami warning.
  10. A good one here! Biggest I've felt, mildly scary due to the time that it struck, there was the most shaking of any quake I've felt and also the loudest bang. A large earthquake in Wellington early this morning shook locals out of bed but there were no immediate reports of damage. The tremor, measuring 5.2 in magnitude, hit at 2.10am, GNS Science reported. It was centred 20km south of Wellington and was 30km deep. It was followed by a 4.3 aftershock at 3.52am. Police were inundated by 111 calls from people wanting more information on the quake but had no reports of damage, a central police communications spokesman said. GNS Science duty seismologist Ken Gledhill said the first earthquake was felt from the Kapiti Coast to the top of the South Island. More than 100 reports of shaking were received by the GeoNet website within 25 minutes of the earthquake. The GeoNet website crashed briefly from heavy traffic following the quake.
  11. It was our biggest quake in 78 years. Funny that the night before I said to my flatmate we haven't felt any quakes for a while! He felt it up this way, so did a lot of people, but I didn't. The quake was centred a long way from any populated places, but was felt all across the South island and lower North Island (except in my bedroom apparently!) http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2598128/So...ted-earthquakes The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has received 223 claims for damage following last night's 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Did you feel the quake? Click here to send us your photos and videos More were expected in the coming weeks and months as minor damage was reported, including cracks to wallpaper, bricks and house exteriors, EQC spokesman Lance Dixon said. Most of the claims were lodged in Invercargill, Dunedin and around Otago, but some came from as far away as Christchurch and Greymouth. The damage claims come as the shaking continues in Southland with an eighth large aftershock this evening measuring 5.6, 100 km north-west of Tuatapere. The aftershocks follow the main 7.8-magnitude quake, which struck at 9.22pm, Wednesday, centred 100km northwest of Tuatapere with a focal depth of 12km. The first aftershock, a 6.1 magnitude quake, struck at 9.41pm, Wednesday. It has been followed today by a magnitude 5.9 shake at 1.50am, a magnitude 5.1 quake at 11.41am, magnitude 5.3 quake at 12.24pm and a magnitude 5.5 at 12.44pm, a magnitude 5.1 at 2.13pm and a 5.6 quake at 6.30pm. The most recent aftershock this evening was felt in Central Otago and Southland, according to the Geonet website. GNS technician Matthew Stevens said all aftershocks were shallow at around 5km deep. "They would have been felt quite strongly at the surface," he said. Geonet spokesman Kevin Fenaughty said there had been hundreds of minor shakes, but only major aftershocks - the ones people would have felt - were being recorded on the agency's website.
  12. Just heard that Australia (Charlotte Pass) had its coldest ever April temperature of -13C in the last few days. What is the coldest ever UK October temperature, for comparison?
  13. An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale was felt widely across the North Island today. GNS Science reported the quake which struck at 9.28am was centred 30km north west of Whakatane at a depth of 160km.
  14. NZ went briefly on Tsunami Alert, but not for very long.
  15. Last proper quake in NZ territory: Reference Number: 3047579 NZDT: Thu, Feb 19 2009 10:53 am Magnitude: 6.8 Depth: 62 km Details: 260 km north-east of Raoul Island
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