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  1. http://www.weather.com/news/weather-winter/winter-storm-atlas-forecast-20131001 Winter Storm Atlas looks nasty. A lot of snow so early in the season. Watch these videos. Doesn't look like the snow will last long though: http://www.wunderground.com/weather-forecast/US/WY/Casper.html back to 20c by Tuesday! The extremes of the American weather.
  2. Everything just turned off in my house connected to the mains... this thunderstorm is intense.
  3. Just heard a bit of thunder. Thunderstorms to the east.... and to the west of here looking at the radar
  4. A second death reported. This time in NYC, tree fell on someones home.
  5. Weather Channel just announced first death of Sandy. http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/live-stream
  6. Weather Channel reporting that the storm will push in around 6pm EST which is good news because high tide around NYC is not until 9pm so the effect will not be so strong with the storm surge. The storm is now pushing in at 28mph NW.
  7. http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/live-stream Don't know if this has been posted yet but you can watch the Weather Channel Live.
  8. this is mine:) BT infinity. Super fast. Over 34mbps. That is wireless too. We have fantastic broadband in the Cardiff area.
  9. Going to Cyprus in the morning. From one hot place to another:)

  10. Nice warm week ahead then off to Cyprus next Sunday so 2 weeks of nice weather for me:) Hope to come back to frosts and cold tho!

  11. wooo! passed my theory test for driving. :)

  12. pretty happy with my AS results got to be said, got to resit one business exam. Got a very healthy B grade in Economics !:)

  13. Theres a chance it could cause a landslide thought so I rather it didn't erupt.
  14. Well lets hope that doesn't kick off hey. A massive tsunami and European, African and Americas coasts will probably be the most devastating disaster of all time.
  15. Hello:) Im going to the US in the next 2 weeks. (18th). Im going to New York City. Can someone who can read the north American weather models tell me what the likely weather is after the 18th please. Its important because I need to know whether to buy some warmer clothes or just wear the normal winter clothes I wear in the UK. Thank you
  16. I know this is a long time away in weather terms. But what is the end of February looking like in NYC? Im there for a week from the 18th of February.
  17. Heavy Snow in the northern half of the country of Cardiff. Valleys is going to get blasted. Certainly will be some disruption in the valleys at least. Not so much for most of Cardiff but areas such as Pentyrch might face some disruption.

  18. Cardiff 2nd in Championship again with a game in hand over Leeds:D

  19. -12.1c and heavy snow forecast in a few hours. Here comes a rough day ahead.

  20. 11inches of snow here now in north Cardiff rural area. Im in the firing line for hours of snow too.

    1. Jayfromcardiff


      10 inches here now.

  21. heaviest snowfall I ve ever seen here in the North of Cardiff. I can't believe the size of the flakes. Wales is going to be in for a lot of distruption in the morning with that streamer over the densely populated Cardiff and Valleys area.

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