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  1. Going to Cyprus in the morning. From one hot place to another:)

  2. Nice warm week ahead then off to Cyprus next Sunday so 2 weeks of nice weather for me:) Hope to come back to frosts and cold tho!

  3. wooo! passed my theory test for driving. :)

  4. pretty happy with my AS results got to be said, got to resit one business exam. Got a very healthy B grade in Economics !:)

  5. Heavy Snow in the northern half of the country of Cardiff. Valleys is going to get blasted. Certainly will be some disruption in the valleys at least. Not so much for most of Cardiff but areas such as Pentyrch might face some disruption.

  6. Cardiff 2nd in Championship again with a game in hand over Leeds:D

  7. -12.1c and heavy snow forecast in a few hours. Here comes a rough day ahead.

  8. 11inches of snow here now in north Cardiff rural area. Im in the firing line for hours of snow too.

    1. Jayfromcardiff


      10 inches here now.

  9. heaviest snowfall I ve ever seen here in the North of Cardiff. I can't believe the size of the flakes. Wales is going to be in for a lot of distruption in the morning with that streamer over the densely populated Cardiff and Valleys area.

  10. 4c max in Cardiff tomz acording to the BBC. Is that likely?

  11. brrrr getting cold out, 1.1c at 19:43 and falling!

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