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Tony Gilbert

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    Gosport, Hampshire.
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    I am a site investigator and spokesman for the Tornado & Storm Research Organisation.

    I have also storm chased in the USA many time since 2000. I have worked as guide/ driver for the Silver Lining Storm Tours for the past two years.

    I have made several appearances on various documentaries and news reports acting as a spokesman for TORRO.

    On a personal note my interests consist of forecasting severe weather here and in the USA. I also enjoy surfing, martial arts, weight training and paragliding. Most of all I enjoy severe weather forecasting and chatting with likeminded people on the weather forums.

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  1. Hi Paul, Hope you are out this year again. What are your dates? Maybe we can meet up at some point?

    My dates are 16th to 30th May. Flying in to DFW.

    PS. Closer to the time maybe let me know what your 'Spotter Network' name is?


    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Hi Tony

      Dates are 5th May until June 23rd, will defo meet up this year for a few beers and maybe join us for dinner in a Chillis one night, I know our guests would love to chat to you about storms etc, Paul Kn and Helen met up with us last year and we all chatted and ate one evening. Not long now!

    2. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Hi Paul. Sorry for late reply. Been quite  ill in hospital but am on the mend. Still booked in to go with Dan Nairn who I believe has chased with your tour in the past. Season now looks neutral LaNina. Which is still potentially good news; Better than ElNino. Much like yourself, always have good insight when around storms but crap with tech equipment! Who will be sorting your Spotter Network app? I could co ordinate with him to guarantee at least one hook up together for a beer and chat?



  2. Hi Neil,

       Just a quick text to say hope you are OK?

    Anyway, Did you manage to contact Andy the guy that was sitting with me at the last TORRO meeting?

    Prob can't make this year due to lack of finance though but might be good to stay in touch for next year?

    PS. Hope you have found some personal calm within your personal situation. Was there just 14 yrs ago but you can survive it. Time lessons the hurtTrust me.



    1. nsrobins


      Hi Tony - very kind words thank you. Well I've just received her petition for divorce so I guess we're in the end game now.

      I am chasing this year - going out with my daughter who is very excited about it. She's currently in navigation and chart reading training!

      If you do get a chance to do a week give me a shout - our dates are 21st May to 3rd June.

      And definitely again next year.

    2. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Great to hear your sticking with DIY chasing. I went with my son Ben 16yrs last year. He moaned a lot but was actually quite good with navigation and seemed to have a good angle on the radar. Your chase dates are the best though I do have some concerns regarding El Nino this year? My current work load is starting to look good so I wont completely rule out this year for the last minute chase?

      If things come together I'm sure you would be happy to go in convoy. PS. At best I will only afford one week.

      Neil stay in touch as I have new information on data software and free model sites.

      My email; [email protected]



  3. Hi Paul.

       yes its only me. Hope you are OK?

     Just a quick update for information; There was mention last year that you might have found a good deal for your data? Was this with a USA SIM card or did you rent a MIFI? ....Anyway TBH prob can't make this year due to lack of finances but will be out next year.

    PS. You are probably aware that this will be an El Nino Spring. Past records show potential for an early big outbreak April but not much May?  Often followed by a late season workable outlook from halfway through June to end of July?

    Regards Tony

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    2. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Well gobsmack at how fast you responded, Paul!

      There is no hard and fast rule with El Nino and there will always be severe weather during spring in the USA. So don't fret too much :)

      Paul, do you know the name of this mifi?  ,,,This is quite important for me!

      PS. You probably already know I took my 16 yr old son out June northern States last year late season. We actually got a few really good storms but the road network and people up NE stinK. Fact. Will only ever now chase southern plains early or mid season.

    3. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Will find out the exact name for you Tony, it was different to the flat puck Red Verizon Mifi we used the year before and was a smaller Green device which Ian M topped up from cards at Walmarts which was much easier than finding a Verizon Store.

      Yh saw you guys went out there in June and was surprised we never crossed paths as we usually do!

    4. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Morning, Paul. Yep if you get the name of that mifi would be great. Cheers!

      Last year we flew into Chicago (the hell hole) late season. Long drive west to get into S Dakota which is a great place. Though later in the vacation we ended up mainly Ill, Wisc and Iowa. Interstates were always busy and sometimes at a complete standstill. Much of the topo is as bad as chasing



  4. Hi Paul. Thanks for that. Though whilst I can get to that page through your link it seems strange that this forum is not shown in the main forum listing?
  5. Hi do we have a forum or which forum can I use to sell a weather gadget? Thanks in advance! Tony
  6. Hi Chris, Yes working with SLT provided me with some great experiences and a wealth of knowledge. Though you never really stop learning where storm chasing is concerned! I now prefer to chase with friends or other likeminded individuals. A chase vacation in the USA is also a social event where you can share the adventure with others. Hence the reasoning behind this thread. We are hoping to meet up for pub lunch at some point before xmas. Though I notice this could be a problem for yourself, re distance!
  7. Intro; My name is Tony Gilbert . I live on the south coast in Gosport, Hampshire. Many of you may know me through my regular convective outlooks on the UKWW forum. I'm a member of the TORRO team and have worked two seasons as a professional driver/guide for the 'Silver Lining Tours' in the USA. I also have eleven consecutive years of experience chasing in the USA 'DIY'. About me! Hi All, just wondering who here is considering chasing USA DIY in 2013? A thread is started over on the UKWW forum to see who's taking the plunge. The reasoning here is that you may wish to either meet up at so
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