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  1. I've lurked about in NW for years following discussions and rarely (if ever) commented. Do appreciate the excellent posts by knowledgeable members. Tamara's technical analysis is always a good read, although sometimes complex. In this regard could I ask her if she is able to do a less technical summary at the end - rather like that Gibby does? This would be useful for those (like me) who havn't the scientific grasp others have! Meantime happy Christmas to all. Do sometimes keep off the models over the period and enjoy a tipple
  2. I hope this is not a daft question, but the GFS 12Z 850mb/sea level run suggests a rapid decline of the cold that has been parked over Canada and the north US for ages. Is this significant?
  3. As a lurker here for several years and only occasionally posting - can I say a 'big thanks' to posters Ian, Snowballz, Gibby and Nick for their informative and welcome input into this forum. It has certainly become a really authoritive voice. Long may it continue!
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