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  1. It's only money. The mental anguish caused by summer is far more costly. Only a little over 5 months til the days start to shorten. Here we go again....
  2. Sure you would - but I'm banned from there! That's why I occasionally trouble threads like this.....
  3. No you ain't - it gets everywhere and is very popular with the 'general media', as is lots of other cobblers like celebrity/sport/fashion etc etc. Sign o' the times, I'm afraid.
  4. If only! As for all the climate-change crapola, who gives a monkey's anyway? Seriously - who gives a monkey's?
  5. Opportunistic bleeders that they are..... everything can be put down to climate change - even normality. It's a larf,innit?
  6. laserguy

    Make us laugh

    If you really wanna good laugh to start the day, head off to the climate area and check out the 'worst case scenario' bit. These guys are so far gone they're practically outta sight!
  7. It never really went away here - it still made the most of its lesser time above the horizon. Here's hoping to a cold spring and washout summer to make amends. It's only fair...
  8. Drawing in, in fercrissakes - as in contracting/shrinking/receding. In/out, shake it all about - either way the misery season is slowly but surely in ascension. It seems like 5 minutes ago that the clocks went back. Who knows where the time goes, Sandy?
  9. Yup, seen that happen first-hand - though nothing like to the tune of 'millions'. Maybe I'm destined to be a peasant forever, but I'm happy so long as life isn't a struggle and there's food on the table. Working hard and saving up for something seems to satisfy enough, but that's just me.
  10. Seeing as most of us get by on next to nowt anyway, an £800 win would be very nice never mind 8mil.
  11. Buy a nice house in a nice area, keep a million and give the rest to animal charities.
  12. Thanks - I'm glad that's cleared up. Did my response make sense? I didn't think it was ambiguous - just pointing out that one's sexuality is one of thousands of variables that make us what we are.
  13. Are you deliberately trying to goad me into saying something I might regret - again? I'm saying that heterosexuality is by far and away the dominant trait - like people who do not have Asperger's, for example. I'm not for one moment saying that there is anything 'wrong' with it. What is it these days with everyone wanting to over-analyse and categorise?
  14. The 'cause' of my 100% heterosexuality is that I was born 'normal', in that way at least. That's gonna raise hackles no doubt, but it's not meant to. I was born with Asperger's, along with a myriad of other (undiagnosed) 'faults'. Not necessarily problems - but aberrations all the same. Is anyone 'perfect'? What sort of world would that be?
  15. Thanks - I was going to give you a nudge! I'll do a parti gyle on my next brew and chuck in some chillis. Need to work out a base recipe and which/how many chillis to use. A small batch in a glass vessel seems like a good idea - the Scotch Bonnets I have in my freezer are capable of burning a hole clean thru' anything else!
  16. As soon as all this damn snow melts, I'm gonna burn some rubber whilst I still can.
  17. laserguy

    Xmas rip offs

    Why, thanks! I've been told that many times, but it's great to hear it from a stranger. What a sorry bunch y'all are if someone cannot dislike (shock! horror!) Xmas without being encouraged to shuffle off this mortal coil or be portrayed as some dysfunctional sociopath. When I said the novelty of Xmas morning wore off after a coupla hours, I meant for the kid, not me!! God some of you are so slow on the uptake you're practically glacial. Anyways... sometime between The Big Day and New Year, one of the main news items will be how well (or not) retailers have done out of extracting cash from you suckers - as if anyone gives a monkey's. That's what it's all about. If you think otherwise, I'll see you in church on Xmas Eve.
  18. Nick, would you accept a little advice from someone who's done 'nights' for years? If possible, try to develop a routine where you stay up after work until mid/late afternoon. Wake up just before work and when you finish the ensuing night shift you're as fresh as a daisy. It's great 'cos you have most of the day free. No good if you've a busy social life as your evenings are spent asleep, but who goes out socialising just before a night shift anyway? The day shift kills me - having to go to bed at a certain time, up with the lark and coming home feeling shocking and thinking about the distant bedtime. Summer, with its attendant heat and light amplify the problem hugely. I'm on nights this week - came home at 0630 and did loads of chores before going into town. Feel bright as a button, having a spot of 'dinner' and will be retiring to bed around 3pm.
  19. laserguy

    Xmas rip offs

    Seen that for the last twelve years.... the novelty wears off after about 2 hours.
  20. laserguy

    Xmas rip offs

    Satanism, toad-sexing, The Times crossword and baking non Xmas-themed scones aren't everyone's cup of tea I'd have thought. Xmas would be alright actually if all the build-up and hype hadn't killed it stone-dead weeks ahead of the event. It really is the Greatest Anti Climax of All Time. The dinner is dreadful too - have to go to ma-in-law's, who's idea of cooking veg is to let them all simmer from the time the turkey goes in. Absolutely ghastly but it's one of those family traditions that cannot be avoided, short of being hospitalised or dead. And ye it's all a rip-off designed to extract as much cash from as many folk as possible in the short, but increasing window of opportunity leading up to the day. Thankfully, I don't 'buy' into any of it. Roll on Jan 2.
  21. laserguy

    Xmas rip offs

    Lots of things, lots and lots of things. But I dare say most NW types would find them quite distasteful and unappealing. But Xmas, sheesh. Why oh why do we go thru' precisely the same boring ol' circus every year, as if it's the greatest thing in the whole world evah and has never happened before? It's crap on telly, crap on radio, a glorified Sunday lunch and a day or two off work if you're lucky. Oh, and another pile of crappy cards that need disposing of again.
  22. laserguy

    Xmas rip offs

    Me neither - they're the cheapest sort by far. Some folk still send me 'em, will they ever learn? Why bother anyway - do some people need reminding that it's Xmas or summat? More to the point, why should anyone care?
  23. I don't celebrate the 'return of the sun' - I dread it. As for our food, most of it comes from abroad these days, thanks to the gift of fossil fuels providing transport,pesticides,fertilisers,irrigation etc etc. Let those countries have the damn sun - we don't need it.
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