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  1. Here we go - Friday evening, the students are back, drunken yelling across the road, and the weekend has hardly begun. Guildford is usually a nice town to live in - but not during term time. Why? With these so-called 'future of Britain' youngsters on the rampage and having to listen to their un-asked for rude, derogatory and defamatory comments when its one misfortune to pass them on the street while those of us work pay tax to educate them is not a pleasing scenario.

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      but thats Guildford night scene..i have experienced day and night there, an amazing place really, tonnes of shops and shopping centers, people are nice..daytime is different! once the night scene opens up then it can be mayhem! but thats people that want to get drunk like that then its not funny 0:

    2. Bottesford


      To be honest you're doing well if it's Friday night they've picked as student nights tend to be mid week! Used to be quite a lot of student noise around here apparently as the estate lives on a shortcut between studentland and town. Then the residents association built the 'student frontier' and gated the whole place off 11pm-5am with automatic 8 foot spiked gates so they have to go round the whole estate now!

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