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  1. wishes this summer would get its act together with a severe thunderstorm, heavy & large hail and huge rainfall total in Guildford - when I am around to watch this.

  2. wishes this summer would get its act together with a severe thunderstorm, heavy & large hail and huge rainfall total in Guildford - when I am around to watch this.

  3. wishes he could feel less angry this evening. Listening to music is supposed to soothe temper not feed it. Great listening at full blast on headphones though even if the casing was rattling!

  4. enjoyed working in the light to moderate snow this evening. Depth approx. 2cm around 10 pm. There could be several hours of continued moderate snow to follow!

  5. The flash in the cloud-top to the south at 7:22 pm WAS lightning as a t.storm was reported over Sandown I.o.W. at 7 pm. Coastal shower lightning can often be seen from Guildford in the tops of Cu-Nimbs. This does not count as a 'thunder day' as the discharge was too far away to hear the accompanying thunder.

    1. Mesoscale


      dammit im in nwlondon for two weeks maybe i would of caufht some lightning if I was in southampton

    2. Coast


      Yep, got it in Eastbourne!

  6. R.I.P. David Allen. You will be missed but the legend of your half hour tape compilations will live on and bring much pleasure for years to come.

  7. Ahhh, that's better. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to one of the most demanding piano concertos with 24 minutes of crashing chords and lightning quick glissandos and chromatic scales. Nothing better than Alkan's Concerto in G# minor, Op.39 to let off steam after another stressful day. Wish I could play that work - now that would turn a few heads if I could manage the technical virtuoso requirements!

  8. Weather Warning - I predict that there may well be a violent cold front passing over the Guildford area around 1145~1215. There will be severe gusts, line squalls and torrential rain and possibly hail. This is an interesting set-up similar to Friday 23rd December afternoon. We could see about 10 mm rain in quite a short time.

    1. gottolovethisweather


      Clearing the southeast within the next hour. Some serious squall for sure.

    2. Snowy Easterly

      Snowy Easterly

      if only this was snow

    3. gottolovethisweather


      28th January 2004 was the closest in comparison or maybe it was 29th? Not sure but that event had rain,hail,thunder,snow and gale force winds. I can see why I like the British weather at least on days like these.

  9. I wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my Face Book friends. Here's to a good 2012.

  10. I wish all my Face Book friends A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Have a good one!

  11. Wow! What a cold front! - straight line squall with torrential rain, some small hail and strong gusty wind. Approx. 5 mm rain in 10 minutes and temperature drop from 11.4 deg.C to 6.1 deg.C in half an hour. There was also a sharp wind veer from S.S.W. to N.W. which resulted in the active feature. Quite impressive by our usual standards.

    1. SparkleS


      Was same here about half hour ago! North west, lancashire.

  12. Can I make a request? Is anyone willing to post this and leave it on your status for 1 hour? It is Special Education week & Autism & ADHD Awareness month, and this is in honour of all children who struggle every day, I know 99% of you wont Re-Post this and I Know the 1% that will, Thank you....

  13. Enjoying a bit of music then it is off to work for a midnight start.

  14. can't make up his mind whether to ride tomorrow. Totally knackered after 12hr30m 1000~2230 shift on Sunday (14 miles walking re-fleeting the trolleys), have to set up the repaired HP laptop from scratch and don't fancy this rubbishy weather.

  15. Guildford max. temp. on Monday 3rd was 25.1 deg.C. This is the last in a sequence of 5 days >25 deg.C which would be impressive in summer, let alone early-mid autumn!

  16. Guildford Max. temp.on Sunday 2nd was 26.5 deg.C. One more day of Indian summer tomorrow then cooler on Tuesday but still warm for time of year!

  17. An impressive 26.8 deg.C max. temp. at Guildford on Saturday 1st. This is my highest October temperature in 29 years records and could well be the hottest October day since 1959, 1921, 1908 or even 1895! More to come - yay!

  18. Here we go - Friday evening, the students are back, drunken yelling across the road, and the weekend has hardly begun. Guildford is usually a nice town to live in - but not during term time. Why? With these so-called 'future of Britain' youngsters on the rampage and having to listen to their un-asked for rude, derogatory and defamatory comments when its one misfortune to pass them on the street while those of us work pay tax to educate them is not a pleasing scenario.

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      but thats Guildford night scene..i have experienced day and night there, an amazing place really, tonnes of shops and shopping centers, people are nice..daytime is different! once the night scene opens up then it can be mayhem! but thats people that want to get drunk like that then its not funny 0:

    2. Bottesford


      To be honest you're doing well if it's Friday night they've picked as student nights tend to be mid week! Used to be quite a lot of student noise around here apparently as the estate lives on a shortcut between studentland and town. Then the residents association built the 'student frontier' and gated the whole place off 11pm-5am with automatic 8 foot spiked gates so they have to go round the whole estate now!

  19. The girl you just called fat? she is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this as you're status if you're against bullying. I bet 95% of you wont re-post, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will..♥

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      in my books it dont matter what you look like.

      we pass people in the street who appear fine when they might be getting bullied. and dont judge a book by its cover.

  20. Sitting on Polkerris Beach, Cornwall in thick fog with THUNDER rumbling around since 12:11 pm!!! Things are definitly getting unstable and this was unexpected! Got to walk the coast path back to Par in this! LOL

  21. Hurricane IRENE dropped 6.31 inches (160.3 mm) rain on New York City up to 0800 local time (1300 BST) !

  22. Ah Ha - got it. A work by F. Grofe which I have been after for 20 years! (World's Fair Suite - 1964). Some new music to look forward to after work tomorrow!! The Internet has certainly enriched my music collection.

  23. The Earth experiences 16.6 MILLION thunderstorms per year - here in Guildford we are lucky if we get ONE. Sunday's promise of thundery showers: You've guessed it - another ****** downgrade and there will be nothing. Pity cloudy dross can't be downgraded and we get sunshine for a change!

  24. Summer 2011 - The YAWNATHON summer. Let's hope we get rid of this nauseating high humidity dirge before the demanding shifts of the weekend.

  25. Feeling nostalgic this evening - wish I had a time machine to go back 21 years and re-meet one of the female Cornell Uni - Reading Uni exchange students. Can't beat those Friday evenings in Childs Hall visiting fellow students and having a good beer - and those 'Formals' and 'Informals'.

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