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    Comrie, Perthshire, Bonnie Scotland.
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    Partick Thistle FC, The Blue Nile, meteorology (funnily enough!), astronomy, writing, music, snow - and lots of it!

    Just when I was ready to give up on the Great British Winter, along came the winters of 2008/9/10. Could a new trend be beginning?
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    Winter: bright & frosty/snowy; summer: hot and sunny.
  1. All that thunder has woken me from my estivation... The weathergods be angry... Some screen captures from a mobile vid of this evening's superb thunderstorm around Crieff (from half 9 to around 11ish). The lightning was striking the local hill above the town, known as The Knock. Nature in full and epic fury - a magnificent sight. Back to sleep again now. See you all when the clocks go back.
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    An alternative take on the weather warnings system.
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