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  1. Peak temperaure on Wunderground at the nearest weather station I reference was 35.8C at 14:59.
  2. While the operational output isn't definitively incorrect, the fact that it's a strong outlier from the ensemble spread, and the fact that its trend is to increase temperatures while that of the ensembles is to decrease them suggests that it's unlikely at this juncture.
  3. Dry here all day, apart from a few drops earlier. Sounds as though we're going back to drought conditions in July, just as happened last year.
  4. My ignore list only contains those whose weather-related posts don't add anything to the discussion or that are obviously intended to provoke a reaction, so you're safe!? I sympathise regarding not liking something that someone else (in this case, me) wants to discuss, as I have tried, and failed on more than one occasion to get into football; sadly, I still find myself rapidly losing interest when I try to follow a match. It frustrates me as I don't want to seem like one of those pretentious types who feels superior to those around them due to their tastes being rareified and esoteric, but, just as you can't help finding motorsport boring, I can't generate any interest or pleasure in football. What makes it more confusing is that I enjoy rugby, in particular, union, which is, in the general scheme of things, not dissimilar.?
  5. Another aspect of the posts of some heat lovers that I find difficult to agree with is when they comment that the summer will be ruined if there are more than couple of wet, cool days or it doesn't hit 35C for at least 3 days in the Lake District or something along similar lines, when such events are rare in the UK. I'm not saying that, if that actually happens and you enjoy, it, you shouldn't comment on it, but expecting it seems unrealistic and as though you're inadvertently setting yourself up for disappointment, or, perhaps, that you enjoy complaining!
  6. I have quite a lengthy ignore list - you, however, are not on it!? I'm not sure that the "it rarely happens, so wanting it to verify is OK" argument really works, TBQH. Using my comparison to motorsport, the fact that most forms of motorsport these days are vastly safer than in 'the old days' doesn't reduce the tragedy of a fatality - if anything, it seems worse. I was fortunately not watching the Formula 2 round at Spa last August, but, had I been, I'd have been more shocked and saddened by the violent accident that killed one driver and badly injured another than if such events were commonplace, as they were before my time. It had a profound effect on the sport and raised questions as to whether the part of the circuit on which it happened, which is as iconic and spectacular a part of any circuit as you'll find anywhere, ought to be modified.
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