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  1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway grandstands being evacuated on final practice day due to sferics associated with a line of storms heading towards the circuit.
  2. Sorry, I simply cannot agree with that. He's brilliant under the high ball and almost always breaks the first tackle.
  3. Oh well, I suppose it had to end eventually. Well played Ireland.
  4. I've been rather stressed with anxiety issues recently, and I had to leave it, as I was getting really annoyed. I've previously rated Wayne Barnes as a referee, but he seemed unable to get both sdes t stop messing around and get the game finished.
  5. Yes, Malcolm, a very New Zealand-esque performance.
  6. Bit of an under-par match in Rome, I thought, with the exception of the first French try which was reminiscent of their traditional play from 10-15 years ago. Italy missing as many tackles as they made was always going to lead to a drubbing, and it's probably thanks to handling errors by France that the margin wasn't greater.
  7. Ireland's line-out didn't help their cause either.
  8. Even after upping my entry, I was still a full degree out.
  9. To add to the fact that it's been tried before (though it was the first time I'd seen it) Haskell, in the post-match interview mentioned that Toulouse have used it, though he didn't make it clear if he was involved in that particular match. Given that, it seems odd that he was so confused as to what he could and couldn't do to respond.
  10. I'm not so sure it does, though - if defensive players are in what would otherwise be an offside position, i.e. on either side of the scrum-half and stand-off, they must perforce leave space around the fringes of the tackle area for the attacking side to explot, as England did for much of the second half.
  11. I'd love to hear more regarding his history and approach if you remember it - perhaps via. PM?
  12. May I change my entry to 5.9C, please?
  13. Very good performance by Ireland this evenig, I thought. They withstood the aggression of France's forwards, including in the scrum, and pressured them into handling errors and infringements in the ruck which Nigel Owens was never going to miss. Later in the second half, I felt France lost their drive and reverted to their previous one-pass game, which Ireland seemed comfortable to defend. If England win tomorrow (which isn't inevitable but should be fairly comfortable), it will be a three-way battle for the Championship,
  14. I thought Wales were good for the first half an hour - they shut Scotland out and scored a well-worked try, but, as soon as Scotland achieved parity at the breakdown, the pressure they were able to exert seemed to affect Wales. They were losing posession in contact and Scotland were competing for the ball on their feet. I was most impressed with the quick pass from Hogg to Visser for the final try. As far as I'm concerned, the Scottish RFU must need their heads examining for deciding to get rid of Vern Cotter as head coach.
  15. Indeed Jo; still windy here and heavy rain.