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  1. Absolutely. His tale is also a lesson for those of us who take presciption medication to diligently take it as directed!
  2. Zero rain again here! What is happening? Correction - some, but not enough to make a difference.
  3. There seems to be a reluctance on the part of regonal media to mention the shortage here in East Anglia. Whether the same applies in Hampshire I wouldn't like to say, but it almost feels that the BBC are so scared of the climate sceptics that they think that any mention of rainfall shortage is going to cause a controversy.
  4. ...except if you're in an ongoing drought as we are here. With the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside already brown, another four weeks of dry weather will probably see shortages...in bloody autumn! Certainly, the anomaly outputs Malcolm linked earlier today would support this.
  5. Indeed; he pretty much kept wrist spin bowling going at Test level when it seemed to be heading rapidly for extinction.
  6. Met Office have developed or use plenty of models we don't get to see, IIRC, so it may be the case that they are divided as to whether we'kk be under a ridge of high pressure by next weekend as the main two models show.
  7. What are his thoughts regarding rainfall? If we have a dry autumn and winter, there will be shortages here next summer, and a dry spring will almost certainly see the Cam through Cambridge run dry and standpipes in the streets.
  8. Not easy for me with a disability, and I don't really want to leave Norfolk as a proud Norfolkman.
  9. Worrying, isn't it - we'll be a desert by mid-decade at this rate!
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