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  1. I remember this heatwave all to well, this summer was the first full summer i'd experienced in Devon. We recorded 5 consecutive days of 30c+ here with 32c recorded a couple of times, which looking at now is remarkable as we rarely reach the magic 30c here, only once in 2004 and twice in 2006 since. On the hottest day it reached 33c not sure of the date lol, the week rolled into one but the local paper had recorded 32c on the beach and claimed it was the highest they'd recorded in the bay, but its still the highest temperature i've recorded here in the Uk. Was down the beach from mid-morning t
  2. I remember the 2003 heatwave in April, if i remember rightly it reached 25c here on Good Friday, which for Torbay is pretty damn good. Temperatures last year only hit the 25c mark twice, the highest being 25.7c.
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