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  1. I remember this heatwave all to well, this summer was the first full summer i'd experienced in Devon. We recorded 5 consecutive days of 30c+ here with 32c recorded a couple of times, which looking at now is remarkable as we rarely reach the magic 30c here, only once in 2004 and twice in 2006 since. On the hottest day it reached 33c not sure of the date lol, the week rolled into one but the local paper had recorded 32c on the beach and claimed it was the highest they'd recorded in the bay, but its still the highest temperature i've recorded here in the Uk. Was down the beach from mid-morning till late afternoon as it the heat was too oppressive to do anything.
  2. Well after my April forecast was quite successfull,(though my C.E.T prediction is quite off the mark) here is my thoughts and forecast on May 2008. Summary I think May 2008 is going to be a contrasting month, with a mostly warm possibly thundery first half, then turning more unsettled mid month,(euro monsoon) and much cooler, then slowly turning warmer and eventually drier by months end. Early May May will begin as we all know on an unsettled note, though it will turn milder. Tunring drier and much warmer into next week with the Arzores ridging in, so largly fine warm and sunny, though there is the chance of some scattered t-storms/showers in inland areas in the south. Temps between 16c-23/4c North to South, cooler on coasts. This sunny fine weather continuing into the second full week, before it starts to turn unsettled with the first possible spanish plume of the year, still uncertain, but could turn quite hot espescailly in eastern districts, with the thundery breakdown soon following, but staying unsettled thereafter with lows slowly pushing in from the west as we go into mid May. Mid May Into the middle part of the month and i think it will become changable, unsettled to being with with low pressure slowly pushing in from the west, though it high pressure never to far away. I think there is a possiblity that we could have a cooler spell of weather around this time with north westerly winds and showers for many, temps between 11c-14c and cold nights as well frost possible in sheltered spots in the north. Turning milder and drier for a brief period before again more rain approches from the west, though staying mild/warm. Late May Into late May and still quite changable, with showers or longer spells of rain across most of the uk, but slowly becoming drier and warmer from the south as high pressure builds back in again, warm and mainly dry condidtions are likely to prevail to months end but the chance of the odd scattered shower or t-storm cant be ruled out, very warm closing days. Temps 14c-18c to begin with but warming up to around 17c-23c. So overall a changleable May, with warm/very warm dry spells early and late, with unsettled and cooler conditions around mid-month, risk of cool/cold spell late second week. C.E.T Prediction: 12.9c
  3. Been A while since i've done this after my winter forecast went belly up, but here goes on the new month. Summary: A changeable month, with some cold snaps and very mild even warm spells, warmer later on. April will begin on a very mild/warm note as we all know and turn much colder at the weekend. As the month goes on, it will be mostly cold and showery with some significant snow likely in northern and eastern parts, wintry showers elsewhere, it could well stay quite cold and unsettled for a long period during and into the middle part of the month. Slowly turning milder from the south west, but staying unsettled, becoming quite mild everywhere, but the risk of another breif cold snap. Towards the end of the month, it will turn dry settled and quite warm, possbily very warm in some southern districts, the first 70f of the year possible, before turning slightly cooler and slightly unsettled to months end. Overall after a very mild start turning much colder during the middle two weeks or so before turning much warmer, and drier. CET Prediciton: 8.7c
  4. I remember the 2003 heatwave in April, if i remember rightly it reached 25c here on Good Friday, which for Torbay is pretty damn good. Temperatures last year only hit the 25c mark twice, the highest being 25.7c.
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