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  1. Some decent sized hailstones and a big crack of thunder in and around Garforth about an hour ago unexpectedly!
  2. True... However there's a warning out for today again inland at least and the forecasts I've seen show no storms anywhere near Yorkshire. Hopefully we get something before this all ends!
  3. I'm still baffled as to why we have been (and continue to be) under daily warnings for storms when, as far as I have seen, no models actually show (or showed) us getting any? And with the exception of storm central (Sheffield) I don't think the vast majority of us have seen, or will see anything in the next few days. Please correct me if I'm mistaken!
  4. Us lot in the east had better get a full week of Beasterlies come winter to make up for this travesty! 😂
  5. One of the cells that popped up briefly on the pennines west of Bradford as seen from Cleckheaton about half an hour ago. Closest I've been to anything so far this week!
  6. Saw a couple of flashes to the south about 1:30am but it died into just some moderate rain by the time it got here 😂
  7. Well, no low clouds here, just some patchy mid level stuff that's making for a cracking sunrise
  8. Tropical sunset scenes looking west towards Leeds a bit ago, although minutes later it was obscured by North Sea clag, which is outrageous in August... I expect that rubbish in April and May!
  9. 🎶 Oh tell me why... do we build castles in the sky 🎶 🌩 Surrounded by some of the best altocumulus castellanus I've seen for a long time so must be unstable up there. Remains to be seen if anything results from it!
  10. There been a stream of mid level instability moving from my Southwest to my East for the past several hours. I assume there's nothing forecast for tonight is there? I'm just east of Leeds.
  11. A joke weather forecast missing all these showers! I've left my rabbits out in the garden at home and apparently they've had thunder!
  12. Well just caught the very edge of the best bit here in Garforth, cracking storm to end a perfect summer weather day! 33c and this beauty as it blasted by! Looked apocalyptic as it approached! And 1 very close cg bolt!
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