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  1. Has anyone seen an image of the school he was sheltering at post-hurricane? If not, it's likely there is no Internet coverage there, but if so it may give an idea of how well it stood up to the storm at least
  2. Does anyone have any links to live news coverage feeds of this by any chance?
  3. Is that the hurricane force wind area? It does say they only extend 30 miles from the centre. But it's still like a (upto) 60 mile wide tornado! 🌪
  4. Note the new forecast track (which they say is on the west side of model consensus) keeps it out at sea now so probably only the Bahamas seeing landfall now. But it's looking bad for them!
  5. So much lightning from this storm, the core of the rain seems to have passed about half a mile west after the earlier miss to the east but I'm calling this a successful day, much better than expected and it seems the storms are far more widespread within the warning area than we were led to believe (with some exceptions of course!)
  6. Lots of in cloud forks of lightning in the stuff just to my SSW. Looks on a directish course to hit me. This is a great result today!
  7. Looks like round 3 coming in from the south. Surely this one can't skirt to the east as well!?
  8. It must have missed me by a matter of metres! Hardly any rain at all but plenty of thunder.
  9. Huge flash and shotgun thunder then a long with a spattering of raindrops so big they look like sleet!
  10. Looking south towards Wakefield... And looking southwest towards the south side of Leeds, a very nice tower shooting upwards. Expect this to form a shower soon close to Leeds...
  11. Sharp showers on radar to the southeast of Leeds are elevated by the looks of it...
  12. Are we not supposed to ignore the computer generated app forecasts and concentrate on those with human input, e.g. the warnings/text forecasts.
  13. Oh no, victory snatched away by VAR! I could weep!
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