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  1. Few flakes falling and a patchy dusting here to the east of leeds. Also the radar looks to be filling in with light snow regionwide which is unexpected.
  2. Ice pellets here too now, I'll declare it as 0.5cm accumulation, pretty poor to say it was snowing about 4 hours! This winter is turning into one of frequent anticlimaxes here.
  3. They've been completely useless this past week! In other news it's moderate snow here in Garforth but not yet sticking, needs a heavy spell to set the foundations. Shame the rain is following on behind to melt it all!
  4. This is looking like a downgrade special on the BBC app - not starting until 2pm and rain all the way! I had 6 hours of snow forecast when I looked yesterday! 😔
  5. Morning all, just out of interest, is anyone actually getting anything falling from the sky? I've been under sleet for ages on the radar but it's bone dry still. Perhaps evaporating on the way down?
  6. Heavy snow in Queensbury...
  7. Oh go on then, the radar is looking good, it's expanding southwards. We will see...
  8. One of the advantages of not having a missus is I can just do this! Although my rabbits will be wondering where their dinner is! Currently a light flurry, maybe have to accept defeat on this one!
  9. Its not my altitude unfortunately, I've just borrowed it before I go home to garforth lol.
  10. I'm sat at Queensbury Tesco waiting for it to arrive. Good covering of snow still up here.
  11. Somewhat laughably, after the disappointments for me locally over the last few days, this morning's BBC breakfast forecast, as well as the app, is showing lots of snow showers tonight and tomorrow. Would love to say I won't get sucked in this time, but I will!
  12. On the synoptic it looks like we are north of the surface mild sector but south of the low so we get an occlusion, maybe it's milder air aloft is causing the uncertainty. Would be nice to get a pleasant suprise for once!
  13. A mess, it was the Welsh bloke on about his pink motorbike, but he eventually got to the weather... 10-15cm high ground, 1-3cm low ground, apparently countywide. The graphics were like tigerstripes of rain and snow oriented north south. It looked better than I thought but another marginal one, height would be good if you've got it!
  14. Snowing here in Garforth with a nice covering. But the real interest for me is our local met ffice ffrecast just updated for tonight!!!
  15. Amber warning! 5-10cm,15cm on high ground! Argghhh come on please this time! (West Yorkshire especially for this warning)