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  1. Dusting in cleckheaton so at least I have seen some snow this winter now! Yet to see any falling though so far, today looks the only chance for a while! 🌨
  2. Hmm I seem to be missing the band of showers just to the north, I feel I need to see something today or run the real risk of a snow less winter! Apparently it snowed on the 18th while I was away on holiday but that's been it so far this winter! It does look promising for many of us to see something through the day today so fingers crossed 🤞
  3. I like the clustering at the end... Lots of members bunched below the mean at around -8 and just a few very mild ones skewing the mean up to -5.
  4. I'm going to Thailand on Tuesday for 12 days... I look to have timed it perfectly to miss out on all the fun! 😔 That said, if I had to miss snow, I'm glad it's for this reason! Enjoy it everyone if and when it arrives, I'll be expecting pics on here please! 🌨 ❄ 🛷 🎿
  5. Agreed, there's no doubt in my mind that the cold has been pushed back, even the Met Office long ranger a week ago or so was going for around new year (possibly a few days before) for the cold wintry weather to arrive. And how many on here were saying a white Christmas was a great bet back in mid December!? I'm going to Thailand on January 15th so I'd say mid January is a fantastic punt for the snow to arrive here lol! 😡 😂 🌴
  6. Blimey, looking good all of a sudden this morning. Must be the post-Christmas resumption of them transatlantic balloon data flights or whatever it is lol! 🎈 📊 🌨
  7. I've been away a couple of days... I take it January 7th is no longer when we should be expecting the big freeze? (I saw that date mentioned by a few on here on Christmas eve). It does all seem to be getting delayed bit by bit lol!
  8. I thought any low pressure giving an Amber warning made it a named storm? I may be out of date with that definition though!
  9. Ventured out, paths are beginning to get slippy. Interestingly it's freezing on the lawn as well. Also on the tarp on my rabbits hutch...
  10. Today: Increasingly windy and feeling bitterly cold, with coastal gales. A mix of rain, snow and freezing rain will move in during the afternoon, generating blizzards and icy conditions, mainly over high ground but perhaps at low levels too. Maximum temperature 3 °C. So mainly on high ground is what the Met actually said. Moving on, certainly freezing rain here in Garforth (86m asl) in so much that it's freezing on the bins, metal garden furniture and cars. Not sure about other surfaces yet as there hasn't really been enough falling so far. Anyway, the Amber warning kicks in at 3pm so let's see what the evening brings! It's definitely cold I can tell you! BB
  11. bazookabob

    Hurricane Michael

    There's a video on the previous page.
  12. bazookabob

    Hurricane Michael

    Watching these feeds of the wind as it hits really makes you admire the Hurricane Hunters who actually fly straight into it!
  13. bazookabob

    Model Output Discussion - Autumn 2018

    To be fair, we pretty much had that 3 months ago.
  14. If no Amber warnings are issued, do they de-name the storm 🤔
  15. bazookabob

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    Thanks! That storm was the one that dropped golf ball sized hail on York. It was a Friday evening in late July.