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  1. York storm surely a supercell?
  2. Good downpour and saw one fork of Cc lightning in amongst constant thunder. Thanks God for that! Here's the sun breaking through at the end...
  3. Yes it's kicked off out of nowhere! Heavy rain and rumble approaching. Finally!! 🌩
  4. Looking south from my bedroom in Garforth, East Leeds. Rumbles coming from the grey mass to the right of the anvil...
  5. Fair few rumbles of thunder east of leeds and enough rain to keep the garden happy for a few days (at best). Certainly not the heavy persistent rain that was forecast, more a thirty minute sharp shower.
  6. This is in the middle of the warning area looking northwest to the Pennines/Bradford. Safe to say the warning was much too far west!
  7. Despite being well inside the warning ⚠ at work in Cleckheaton, the earlier convection has waned and SAT24 shows the line of convergence is already well to the east of Leeds and drifting further away. Still feels humid though...
  8. Looks to me from the radar that as the main line of storms loses its lightning activity, there is a second line developing Manchester to the wash area. Could be one to watch...
  9. Anyone got any video of these monsters around birmingham/North Wales for a storm starved Yorkshireman? It's my only chance of seeing anything I fear. ☀ ☀ ☀
  10. Went out for a drive. Got as far as Low Moor in Bradford. Can confirm that as far as west Yorkshire is concerned its rain east of the M1, snow to the west. Pics are of Bradford and Garforth, Leeds.