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  1. Went out for a drive. Got as far as Low Moor in Bradford. Can confirm that as far as west Yorkshire is concerned its rain east of the M1, snow to the west. Pics are of Bradford and Garforth, Leeds.
  2. It's showing one hour of sleet for me And so far it's correct, rain so far. Holding out hope for the heavy stuff approaching given the midlands seems to have had some snow from it. I may head over to Queensbury when it gets light just to make sure I get a final snow fix for the year!
  3. Hmm the updated warning doesn't look good, I'm still in it... but only just! Please not a day of sleet and rain after the potential for all day snow!
  4. Yellow warning issued! Yay come on snow ❄ 🌨 ❄
  5. Hard to say how much snow we had but there is around 6 to 8 inches with 2ft drifts. And there was nothing at all at 3pm yesterday! What an event!
  6. Unbelievable whiteout here in the Leeds streamer. A proper blizzard with gale force gusts. The rabbits are in the conservatory tonight!
  7. Sun came out followed swiftly by... Blizzard!
  8. Agree with comments above, last night was forecast a patchy 1-2cm on low ground which is fair enough. Today is when the action is and its looking extremely promising if you watch the radar loop back over the past couple of hours. Been for a run and can confirm its bloomin' cold out there with flurries getting heavier.
  9. The BBC app shows nothing for me too but the Met office app has constant snow and snow showers from 8am until 4am tomorrow. I ignore the BBC since they parted company with the Met office, they've been clueless! Edit: hilariously, the BBC TV forecast shows heavy snow showers all day and all night for the whole region!
  10. Morning guys and gals, so finally a weekend snowfest (potentially) is upon us. Radar showing that familiar mass of light snow moving west that preceeded the best part of Beast pt. 1 and the Met office update sounds good for at least 30 hours of fun, though I'm confused by the phrase "especially but not predominantly on high ground"
  11. Just come from Castleford where it was raining to garforth where snow is starting to settle! A distance of about 5 miles! 🌨 ❄
  12. Also I need a wee really bad! Got to get to cleckheaton first!
  13. I love snow but I've been stuck on the M1 for 2 hours now lol!
  14. This is another met warning failure... Patchy 1-3cm on low ground? Ha!