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  1. Muffelchen

    Hurricane Leslie

    Fascinating storm: been following it for a couple of weeks and thought it was going to loop-da-loop again but this time it was not to be. Hints of Vince from 2005 too at the end...
  2. Big shower developed suddenly and moved over us but no thunder from it: maybe it's too late in the day....
  3. Kinda weird on radar, it just seems to have petered out just West of Hull bu developed on the S bank. I cannot count how many days I have heard thunder and looked South and it has been black then checked the radar and it has been Scunny way on....
  4. Still rumbling here: started at 17:56 with about a flash every couple of minutes. Saw one bolt of lightning, which was IC. Nice to see even if now heading Reef's way. Most of the activity passed just to the south so heading for Hedon?
  5. Yep, really, really weird this year with the easterlies. There was a period last spring too but never at the right time it seems and not as long as this one. This year we kinda missed all the good weather too due to the fret as the N Sea was still sooo cold with warm air coming across it. Even Doncaster was sunny but around here the fret and low cloud that develops from it were the order of the day. Hopefully the change in direction we have just experienced, will mean a change in weather luck!
  6. Yep! Not been great here this year so far: too many easterlies...
  7. Eat crow time for me perhaps.... Lots of sferics on am and according the the radar, lots of storms approaching... Would have bet against this an hour ago. Just goes to show....
  8. No fog at the mo: first day this week without it! I suspect it will be rolling in from the N Sea again shortly now that the sun has set.....
  9. @viking_smb Yep, another cell has gone up East of Neath. You guys might do well soon
  10. New cell gone up NE of Brynamman: no sferics yet but looks quite intense on radar.
  11. @Evening thunder that might well be the Carmarthen cell, which is dissipating now... New cell going up near Camelford so there is hope in your part of the world.
  12. Cell E of Carmarthen with a couple of sferics now...