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  1. Snowing in Beverley now.
  2. Seen that here today but I think its sublimation in dry air. have seen it in the States, although there it's quicker and the air is warmer but the same effect: snow disappears and no slush.
  3. Been watching the 'Yorkshire Hole' all morning. That's not you Pit! Slowly filling-in from the South but I do wonder why it's actually there? Interesting. though.
  4. In Aberdeenshire they'd be queuing in their shorts and tees!
  5. I think the radar is at Ingham, just North of Lincoln and it looks like the range is about 100 miles or do, so probably 80 miles off the cost. Showers do seem to be pepping up and getting beefier, although the ones off Scotland look to be humdingers. I wonder if similar ones can develop and come ashore here in response to the slight change of wind direction?
  6. It's called Murphy's snow!
  7. In Aberdeenshire they'd be queuing in their shorts and tees!
  8. Hey Reef, for once they are pepping up as they approach (one has just turned yellow) and the wind is now slightly North of East so looking promising for the first decent snowfall here since 2010. Last blizzard I experienced was in 1982, don't think that will happen now but at least people are getting a flavour of some real severe weather eh?
  9. Looks to be filling-in to the east in the North Sea now, due to the 'tail' of that system over Scotland extending southwards. This filling-in on the radar extends out to the edge of the coverage so it might be a long night. Nice to have an ice day too - been a few years since that happened. Don't think I'm going to work in the morning (again), however there is no escape as I have a PC....
  10. Good 'ole rain here. Off to bed, another bust and I reckon that's it for this winter with the southwesterlies reappearing next week. Night night all.
  11. Starry sky here with a bright moon to the south. Away to the SE distant lightning is lighting up the clouds over Lincolnshire. I love nights like this, sadly not coming our way but a nice hurrah to summer!
  12. Yep got caught in that one working in a field in Egham Hythe. Colleagues in Datchet got it worse though!
  13. It's a shelf cloud or arcus. A wall cloud is a different phenomenon associated with a mesocyclone. This is an outflow feature pushing the warm air up ahead of it. Spectacular either way. I love them!
  14. Ha! Such is the way sometimes! Maybe we'll get something overnight but I'm off to bed now. Found it interesting everyone was saying how muggy it is - certainly not here eh? Oh well, hope you see sommet while your over here