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  1. First lightning and it's to to the NNE. More coming this way from Lincs in a wee while methinks. Might be a goo night
  2. Wonderful skies with lots of accas and what appears to Altocumulus undulatus. Towers building to the SW and to the NE. Sky looks primed and it's very humid. Won't be long now I feel.....
  3. Thunder here now: nice little storm approached from the SW and just skirting the town and passing over Hull. Another one to the NW too. Bonus!
  4. Getting dark here now and the wind is getting up and the echos to the SW are getting stronger. Maybe we will get something here today after all. We had five separate storms yesterday(!), no direct hits and most of the rain evaporated before it hit the ground. All finished off with a lovely light show as it got dark as the last storm of the day moved away northwards, back-building on its SE side did so. We watched each pileus grew, developed a cap, glaciated and generated lightning: it was gorgeous and lovely and warm. Pity it wasn't from my back garden then I could have sat out with a beer and watched the show!
  5. Monster just gone up in minutes near Brigg. Can't see it out my window due to lower level cumulus obscuring but has very heavy reflections already and should be a direct hit... Edit: Barton - not showing sparks yet but can't be long before there are a few in Lincs now.
  6. Rewind on the radar and see how it's all changed in 45 mins: it's amazing how this happens.....
  7. I'd stay whee I am: there are no services on the Westbound M62 although there are some places to stop with open views (only one junction between the M18 and the A1) but you need to know where they are and they are on back roads. There is a generally good view from the services where you are and you should get a direct hit.
  8. This constant storm rebuilding is in issue in those parts: Boscastle and Lynmouth being examples of when this has happened over a long period causing excessive runoff from the steep hills. Hopefully nothing like this today.
  9. Horncastle cell seems to be dying now, no doubt undercut by the cold N Sea onshore breeze. Oh well tomorrow is another day but this has been the story of the week... Night night!
  10. Am I allowed to show this? Apols if not but exciting shape on this cell now.
  11. Horncastle storm appears to have a 'flying eagle' shape to it now!
  12. The N Sea mizzle has been blowing here now for the last couple of hours - the last sunshine was around 5pm. But wait, there is a brave little storm near Horncastle fighting the cold N Sea air and making a valiant attempt to head North towards Hull, rather than joining its friends further West. Remember the little storm that did all those years ago?
  13. Lightning strikes showing up to 30 miles off the Dutch coast now... Will it last or fizzle out, that's the question...
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