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  1. Outflow band headed North and now developed into a cell that's now dropping bolts over Cottingham. Been dry in Bev prety much all day, except for first thing although I have heard thunder and seen lightning for the last few 2.5 hours or so. Might pop into the back garden and see if I can see anything....
  2. Storm over the S Bank of the Humber at the mo looks interesting. Lots of lightning on Blitzortung and some outflow bands showing up on radar. Can see the top of the Cb from here.
  3. John, the person who runs the group lives in....Hull :-) I'd give it a try.
  4. In a private group here if you can work out how to access it: Facebook Groups WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire has 16,806 members. Photos of Beverley old and new, family history requests and stories. Discussion about local issues, local politics and community notices.
  5. Another one was reported at 15:20 on the other side of the town near Tickton: that's two today and I did notice TC over that way at the time.
  6. I saw it coming from that direction, on the ground, at 16:30 or so...
  7. Yep all over local FB with this nice video: which I took this still from
  8. Must be the cell the produced the tornado West of here: great catch.
  9. Tornado lasted for nearly 10 minutes just west of Bev half an hour ago or so. Phone pics and vid are useless (wide angle...) but here is a radar screenshot at the time in precisely the right location and direction of travel (zoom in on NW radar and you'll see it). Very unusual radar signature. Nice crowd watching it from here. Will check local twitter/ FB and see if anyone has some better pics
  10. The heaviest radar returns are along the large showers heading into NE Scotland: these have moved a bit South in the last couple of hours. Down here you can still see the remains of the cloud shield from the depression but this is beginning to move away East and now you can see the streamers better. They are not as strong as the brute coming into Moray, however, they are pronounced and the one coming in towards Flamborough seems to have some pep (cloud height) to it, some 50 miles off shore. Interesting to see how this develops.... Credit: Netweather Radar v.8 (vis radar overl
  11. The local bat population might have something to say too! Pips like them though 😉
  12. I think mid to high level as it is clearly overlying the showers (tC would say as opposed to Cb) so not so sure. I agree though, they are a bit lumpy but are clearly by their orientation linked to the low rather than the N Sea streamers. Altocumulus perhaps? We have had low level stratocumulus clouds all day here with no sun so structure of sky (other than bits of scud) impossible to discern. Hope you're right about the streamers: my daughter has sledge fever!
  13. We have these too, however, the next street over still has some (six) of the orange sodium lights and, during the very heavy snow with the big flakes last night, I could see that effect from 100m or so away. Brought back fond memories.... Might need to move streets!
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