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  1. Most of the storms are yet to form, but around 9pm we might see them kicking-off in France.
  2. Looks like an interesting couple of hours ahead for many in the region! Worth remembering that it looks like it will be a late night event, so we could be waiting till the early hours.
  3. I can enjoy warm/hot weather but I am not looking forward to the high humidity which looks to be inevitable next week.
  4. This rain definitely looks a bit further south than expected? Could inhibit those storms developing.
  5. Lots of heavy showers developing south of the band!
  6. A Lovely snowy morning in St Albans with around 4/5cm in places. Slow thaw has set in but I’m pleased with what we got, especially as a few days ago it looked like we would struggle to even get a dusting!
  7. Would just like to say that your updates throughout this week have been superb @kold weather, and are appreciated by everyone!
  8. Once we find the pivot will it somewhat stall before eventually sinking back south and east?
  9. Looks to me like some PPN is building as it passes over London/Thames atm.
  10. Fergie mentioning the risk of that circulation... Will be interesting to see if it materialises!
  11. Yup, definitely getting into nowcast territory... There’s going to be a lot of radar watching tomorrow!
  12. Being just north of London is like a rollercoaster at the moment!
  13. BA, keep the faith! I'm going to try to stay off here tomorrow and just let whatever happens surprise me!
  14. What's causing it? Also does the front get a bit of a kick/some energy explaining why there is a couple of cm's north of the M4?
  15. Sounds like to me it’s just going to be a wait and see situation most of tomorrow! Could go further north, might not, we’ll just have to hold on.
  16. Well at least these give hope of it not being a purely a south of the M4 event.
  17. Have seen video on twitter of a couple of cms at least there.
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