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  1. Crazy weather this afternoon here in St Albans! Thunder, lightning, flooded roads and power cuts sums it up, really unexpected!
  2. Some brilliant clouds out to the east from that storm in Essex!
  3. Sums it up for this little part of the world this evening!
  4. The last twenty minutes have seen a big increase in the amounts of thunder just down the road here in St Albans, with a couple of shotgun claps to go with it. Surprised you guys haven't heard more in Watford.
  5. Very close to the rapid developments north of London here, with one real boom of thunder just moments ago shaking the bed and myself! Unexpected!
  6. Wow! That was an unbelievable boom, several flashes and the thunder shaking my bed. Crazy.
  7. We seem to have storms rapidly developing over the top of us/not far away at the moment. Im meant to be up at 7am!
  8. Hi BA, It's a bit of a mix but the majority are getting towards a covering now. Although the road is actually doing better than parts of the pavements still, which is a new one. Could it possibly in part down to the wind again blowing the snow around?
  9. Looks like those of us in North London/Home Counties could be in for an interesting evening. Also, I was bloody frozen at football in Essex today!
  10. You're right! Could be foggy in the morning!
  11. Still some flakes in the wind but wow what a great snowy afternoon/evening. Conditions are very treacherous out, but it looks lovely. Guess who was asked to grit the hill into work?! A lovely 45 mins spent doing that! Haha..
  12. Also roads are looking a bit dicey out once again! Thankfully it seems most people have stayed at home this evening.
  13. Hi mate, its gaining moisture over the Thames so it's lasting a bit longer than expected. Should have finished by about 9 I think!