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  1. Hi BA, It's a bit of a mix but the majority are getting towards a covering now. Although the road is actually doing better than parts of the pavements still, which is a new one. Could it possibly in part down to the wind again blowing the snow around?
  2. Looks like those of us in North London/Home Counties could be in for an interesting evening. Also, I was bloody frozen at football in Essex today!
  3. You're right! Could be foggy in the morning!
  4. Still some flakes in the wind but wow what a great snowy afternoon/evening. Conditions are very treacherous out, but it looks lovely. Guess who was asked to grit the hill into work?! A lovely 45 mins spent doing that! Haha..
  5. Also roads are looking a bit dicey out once again! Thankfully it seems most people have stayed at home this evening.
  6. Hi mate, its gaining moisture over the Thames so it's lasting a bit longer than expected. Should have finished by about 9 I think!
  7. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it's falling!
  8. As you'd imagine given its the end of the school day, this snow is creating a fair few issues in the roads....
  9. @KoldWeather suggesting in the SE thread that it looks like the back edge is slowing down, possibly the system slowing as some models suggested?
  10. Looks like a good couple of hours to come with PPN stretching back to the channel. I'd suggest we all get out and enjoy it while we can!
  11. Snowing and settling pretty readily here, even on main roads now.