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  1. Still snow on the ground here and the rain has managed to make untreated paths absolutely lethal... Literal sheets of ice out there at the moment.
  2. Barely any snow melt here today, if any at all. The paths and side roads are practically sheets of compacted ice and very difficult to walk back home on this evening.
  3. Surprised by how icy it is already, our road which was gritted by neighbours yesterday so vehicles could get up it (a hill) already has a frost and sheen of ice on it, the iciest conditions I've known in a long time. Feels very cold out, especially with a slight wind. Not looking forward to the walk to work!
  4. Just popped out into the garden and have found a 15ft piece of guttering that has fallen off the back of the house under the weight of the snow!
  5. Herts council tweeting that the drop below 0c has come earlier than expected and are gritting from 7pm, while originally they'd planned to next go out at 4am. Be careful out there everyone!
  6. Just walked home from the gym and already the snow and snow melt on the ground is starting to freeze up, dripping from buildings has largely stopped too. Can see the stars so the cloud has definitely shifted!
  7. We've actually got some late sun as the cloud finally starts to break... I get the impression it's going to be like an ice rink out tomorrow morning!
  8. Looks like we have some light snow outside now.
  9. Have heard that it's changing to snow in N. London so maybe we can expect some here soon.
  10. What sort of timing are we looking at for tomorrow's possible snow, especially north of London?
  11. Snow plough's out and about here trying to clear the roads.
  12. What we expecting temperature drop away tonight? Much of a drop?
  13. Heavier snow back and falling after a bit of a break.
  14. Which part of the town?! None here just yet haha.
  15. Did somebody mention more snow tomorrow?!