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  1. They still do it. Last year, the village kids made me up like Harry Potter, took a photo and pasted my ugly mug on the guy. I made zero pennies and they burned me at the stake. Little buggers.
  2. That week can politely do one

  3. Did you just open that for our benefit Coast? Taking one for the team, eh
  4. Not a fan of Blandford Fly at all. Nothing against gingers, but it's far too sweet for me. I bought a couple of their Fursty Ferret and Golden Champion yesterday (there's a picture of a horse on it and it says 'Thirst Place'..brilliant). Got 'em in Waitrose, who are being a bit sneeky at the moment. 3 for £5, when most offers used to be 2 for £3. My favourite in there is Cornish Knocker, mostly 'cos I like saying it. Is our own Cornish Knocker aware that there's an ale named after him?
  5. So far, so good I think. The Mrs is moaning that the kitchen smells like a brewery, which has got to be a good thing, I reckon. Ruby would've been my choice but it's summer apparently. Why, thank you. And there's me spending 5 years living a mile away like an idiot. Never knew they were there.
  6. Well if this doesn't work out... ...they might get an emergency call.
  7. Where is this mecca? Google suggests 'Bitter Virtue'. Is that it?
  8. Just found one of the little beggars. Squished it and removed the offspring.Will keep a proper look out from now on. Cheers.
  9. The Face Painting has sold it for me.
  10. jtay

    Make us laugh

    It is very good. I have to stop myself linking to TDM on here several times a week. Thought better of it today, re: Home Working.
  11. Way over my head. I'm going to stick to the gardening and boozing threads I think.
  12. Reckon we've got 4 feet... however, so far, so good...Mind you, the bull's in there now so they're otherwise engaged.
  13. Attempting to light the bbq in this bloody weather.
  14. Good thinking Batgirl.I'll get on it right away. Edit - Just the job. Thank you.
  15. The rose protection device has been deployed. Chance of success ~ zero.
  16. Just been out for the weekly shop and looked out for that one. They only had the mild, IPA and ruby. They weren't on offer either, so went for a couple of Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted. Not had that before. I know this kit is a bit of a cheat to start with, but from small acorns and all that.
  17. Just removing the cap to take in the aroma, no doubt. Anyway, this is my job for Sunday. Just add water apparently. Of which they'll be no shortage, by the looks of it.
  18. Coast, I swear your posts in this thread are getting earlier and earlier. Just after 7am must be a record.
  19. He doesn't look like he would've starved.

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